Web Crush Wednesdays: Jessica Marzipan

Back when I just started using Twitter again, I’d only followed a few people. However, using these very few folk, Twitter’s algorithm for people I should be following kept bringing up one person in particular. While I originally started following her because I wanted to see why Twitter kept recommending her to me (instead of, you know, actually looking up her work or something logical like that), I now fully understand why. Even if that reason was originally “wow, you sure like Geek & Sundry”, it’s changed into me being a pretty solid fan of her work. So today, readers, I introduce you to this week’s Web Crush: the ever-relatable Jessica Merizan (or Marzipan, as she’s more commonly known).

web crush wednesdays

Past community manager for Bioware, cosplayer extraordinaire, streamer, voice actress: if you’re a nerd in fandom, especially video games, it seems like it would be hard to go without at least hearing about Merizan. Somehow, I did. And I was lucky, it turns out, that Twitter was so intent on recommending her to me, because I find her incredibly relatable. While playing games on various Geek & Sundry shows, she has this dry sense of humor and quick wit that makes her a joy to watch. However, what I really appreciate about her is how open she is with her fans about the struggles she goes through.

While she herself uses no direct labels, Merizan has revealed that she lives with many mental illnesses, and has been diagnosed with things like BPD and anxiety. However, it’s more than her admitting that she lives with these, as do so many of her fans and viewers; Merizan encourages her fans to start an open dialogue about these things with her—or as dialogue-y as you can get over YouTube videos and Periscopes. While her YouTube hasn’t been updated for a while, it’s nice that she’s chosen to leave her videos talking about these personal aspects up, and that other people who may be struggling are able to come across them. While Periscopes aren’t so long-lasting, I would encourage those who wish to engage in these real-time discussions of coping and other mental illness issues to follow Merizan on her Twitter to see when she’s hosting them.

Outside of this, Merizan, alongside Jesse Cox, has just started hosting another show on the Geek & Sundry network: Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time, which I highly recommend if you like the nostalgia from those ‘90s board games, but are interested in seeing them played with a twist. Make sure to check out her YouTube, her Twitch (she’s currently going through Stardew Valley, which I am obsessed with), and her Twitter for all the times and dates of when she’ll be live. For a taste of what you could be experiencing, check out this episode of No Survivors.

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