Web Crush Wednesdays: Daughter of the Lilies

Usually I have some idea where my web crushes come from, but I’ve had Daughter of the Lilies in my to-read bookmarks for so long that I’ve completely forgotten where I first saw it or who might have recced it to me. (Please tell me if it was you, I wanna thank you.) I’m terrible at cleaning anything, digital or otherwise, and last month when I was once again futilely clicking around my bookmarks trying to get rid of some of them, I ended up procrastinating by reading this.

I make great life choices. Totally worth it. (via Daughter of the Lilies)

I make great life choices that are totally worth it every time. (via Daughter of the Lilies)

The story starts with Thistle, a nervous, anxious mage who hides her whole body for reasons that we don’t yet know. Due to mysterious circumstances in her past, she’s on the run, changing names and taking odd jobs as she travels. Eventually, she meets the rest of our protagonists—a band of mercenaries looking to hire a mage. They pinged my found family weakness pretty hard from the get-go: we have Orrig, the orc leader with an adorable pseudo-Russian accent, Lyra, the abrasive elven archer, and Brent, the part-human, part-orc fighter who has a serious crush on Thistle. Together, they fight crime, while the rest of us try to solve the mystery of Thistle.

Daughter of the Lilies’s intro page states pretty strongly that the comic is definitely not based on D&D, which is fine with me, because the only things I know about D&D have come through several layers of pop culture osmosis. What I do know is that for a comic about cannibalistic elves, demon summoning, homophobia, and what it means to be a human or a monster, Daughter of the Lilies has a seriously cute art style. I love the way you can still see Thistle’s shocked expressions despite her lack of a visible face, and the bold colors do a lot to anchor the comic in its fantasy realm.Thistle is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen yet in a webcomic, and I can’t wait to learn more about her past and to see how she and the mercenaries work together.

You can check out Daughter of the Lilies on its site, and follow the creator on Tumblr, Twitter, and deviantArt! If you really like the comic, you can also support the team on Patreon. Chapter 5 starts tomorrow, so go catch up today!

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  1. I’m still worried about where all the Christian stuff is going. The negative portrayal of homophobia was a nice touch, but the way it shows Hell still makes me worry that it’s going to turn into one of those stories that think there’s only one right way to live your life in order to avoid getting punished.

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