Fanfiction Fridays: how… did you tell your friends by sburbanite

“Do you honestly think he hasn’t figured it out by now?”

Karkat looks pointedly at Egbert, who’s talking animatedly to Roxy on the other side of the clearing. With the light filtering prettily through the leaves, they look a picture of heterosexual bliss. It’s the final shot of dozens of Karkat’s terrible Rom-coms, a textbook “happily ever after” pose with the couple giggling contentedly at each other’s jokes. Knowing those two they’re probably dirty jokes, shit you’d never say in polite company, but somehow that’s even more perfect. You want that. You want to sit with Karkat’s head in your lap and talk about bullshit until the sun sets, but you can’t because you’re a fucking coward.

It’s been a week since the dust of creation finally settled over your new paradise, and you still haven’t had ‘the talk’ with John. The ‘I like dudes as well as ladies, and that information is kinda pretty relevant since I’ve been dating Karkat over a year’ talk. A part of you wishes Egbert had the social skills to put two and two together and come up with the bright-red number four that’s been under his nose this whole time, but he obviously hasn’t. Even though you practically haven’t let Karkat out of your sight for the whole time you’ve been here, he just. Doesn’t. Get it.

“Are you kidding me?” You reply, flopping backward in a show of frustration. “Unless we start making out right in front of him, he’s not gonna notice a damn thing. He honest to God gave me a noogie yesterday and was all:

‘Jimeny jillikers, Dave! It’s great that you and Karkat are such awesome pals! I’m sorry I’ve been spending so much time with Roxy, but I’ll come hang out with you guys soon and we can have a bropalfriendfest and build a pillow fort’ or some equally dumb charming bullshit.”

You sigh, brushing your fringe out of your eyes and wondering how long the stupid victory message is going to be branded onto the sky.

“I have no idea how he’d feel if he knew what kind of shenanigans usually go down in one of our pillow forts, but I sincerely doubt he’d want to join in.”

When I went looking for a Homestuck fic to write about this week, I was just hoping to find something good. I wasn’t expecting to find one that hit me quite as personally as this one did.

act 7 davekat

Dave Strider has always been my favorite character. For whatever reason, I loved his awkward posturing, his pretensions at irony, and his desperate need to be seen as cool when he was pretty objectively not. When Terezi and John reset the timeline late in Act 6 and it was revealed that, in a world where Vriska survived, Dave and Karkat eventually started a romantic relationship, I was beside myself with glee. Not only had my fave grown out of his awkwardness and hypermasculinity, he was also 100% canonically bisexual!

However, while Dave does get a chance to come out to his bro Dirk, the whole mess that is saving the universe means that he never gets the chance to tell his best buddy John that he’s bi or that he’s with Karkat. This fic, which impressively appeared just five days after the final upd8 and is compliant with the canon Homestuck ending, follows Dave as he tries to remedy this. While a patient Karkat keeps their interactions in public at just-friends level, Dave angsts, because coming out to your best friend in the world when you don’t know how they’ll respond is kind of terrifying.

karkat dave

how… did you tell your friends develops the settlement on the new planet into something Elysian but also very Homestucky, and gives us a look at what life there is like for the universe-saving teens. It also gives us a peek into all the other coming out experiences Dave has had, none of which were as important to him as this one. In fact, while I did love this fic, I also feel like it kind of came for me personally. I felt a little queasy, honestly, reading Dave’s nervousness, because it’s a nervousness that I am intimately familiar with. Coming out to your loved ones is, in my experience, way harder and more frightening than telling a stranger, and there are still a few important-to-me people that I haven’t had that conversation with yet. I was actually sitting and angsting about doing so while I was looking for a good fic, and to have this one land in my lap feels a little like the universe reaching out to me and telling me that, while their reactions might not be what I expect, they’re not going to think less of me or love me less.

how… did you tell your friends is a quick read at less than eight thousand words, and while it made me squirm, that’s just a sign how much it resonated with me. It’s definitely worth a read, and you can check it out here at the AO3.

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  1. Thank you so much for rec! I’ve been needing some recovering!Dave DaveKat fluff since the Strider Bros had their awkward rooftop bonding moment. I just read the whole thing and ASDFGHJK SO GOOD. Exactly what I need to soothe the cravings for The Epilogue.

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