Orphan Black: “The Redesign of Natural Objects” Review

orphan black season 4The title of this episode seemed like the episode would get into some serious genetics shop talk, but fortunately, last night’s Orphan Black wasn’t big on the body horror at all. In fact, we seem to be moving forward on several plot points in several different ways.

Spoilers after the jump.

alisonAlison’s the whole A plot this episode, and she takes to it with aplomb. Donnie’s in jail and failing at it pretty badly; he brags about his drug-moving prowess to another prisoner and is quickly cornered by a Neolution prisoner who threatens to shank him if Alison doesn’t tell Duko where Sarah is. Like Stinekey thought last episode, she’d have to make a deal—however, despite being squeezed on all sides, Alison is able to think her way out of things. She tells Duko that Sarah will be at the Rabbit Hole; then, when Duko arrives there, Siobhan, Art, and Sarah corner and capture him. All the while, Alison is facing her demons, staring down a bottle of vodka and successfully pulling off a rehearsal of Jesus Christ Superstar in which she is, fittingly, playing the part of Judas. Rather than Alison’s usual comedic plotlines, her scenes in this episode are extremely suspenseful and show a different, though no less determined, side of her.

We get a little bit of Duko’s backstory in this episode—he started out being blackmailed by Neolution and continued working for them to protect his niece—but it’s too little, too late, and I couldn’t help but feel vindicated when S killed him. Art, who’s furious at Duko because of Beth, and Sarah, who’s mad at Duko for any number of reasons, leave S to it; however, Duko was a cop, and his death will almost definitely cast suspicion on our crew. As a fellow cop, Art could be questioned because he had asked about Duko before Duko was mysteriously killed, and I’m not sure how much longer everyone can stay in the Rabbit Hole given that the police will probably end up there sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere, Cosima and Scott link up with Susan thanks to M.K.’s hacker skills and the three of them decide to work together to salvage what they can of a cure. Rachel and Ira originally want to work with them as well, but in deference to Scott’s feelings (finally), Cosima refuses to work with Susan at all if Rachel and Ira are around. All the clones want to find a cure for their own futures, but the only one thus far actively dying is Cosima. This episode, though, we see that M.K. might not have come back to Clone Club just because she wants to help them out of their bond of sisterhood. She’s also coughing up blood.

mkEventually Cosima, Susan, and Scott have a breakthrough moment: perhaps if they fertilize a Leda egg with a Castor sperm, they can, rather incestuously, recreate Kendall’s genome. Ira’s all too eager to donate some sperm to the cause, and Cosima talks Sarah into it, but she doesn’t have the technology to do the science she wants to do in their basement lab at the Rabbit Hole. When the episode ends, she and Sarah’s eggs are en route to Susan’s island hideout.

For her part, Rachel seems to want to switch places with Cosima. She wants to restore her mother as head of Neolution, or perhaps to put herself there, and next episode looks like she’ll be back on the mainland with the rest of the clones. We’ll also, finally, see the return of Helena. In the preview for next episode, she appears in Felix’s apartment, looking extremely pregnant. While there may not be much that a pregnant Helena can do, action-wise, we’ve had a severe lack of Helena this season, and I’m hoping that her reintroduction into the plot can finally show us some more depth to her character, like the other clones have gotten in other episodes. What has Helena been up to? Has she been able to rest and recover from many mental and physical ailments? Will her babies help in finding a cure for Cosima and the other sick clones? (Probably not, since Kira’s DNA was deemed too “tainted” by her father’s genes, but there’s always a hope.) I can’t wait to find out.

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