Web Crush Wednesdays: Podcasts Collected

As technology has progressed, much of it has fortunately become less expensive and easier to obtain. Now, anyone with a smartphone can take a picture, film a short video, and chat with friends across the world. Similarly, recording gear has also become cheaper and more accessible. The good thing about this: it’s way easier to make your own podcast now. The bad thing about this: there are now… so many podcasts. So many. How can I, a discerning podcast listener with a limited amount of time, even begin to figure out where the good podcasts are?

Me @ my friends: Hey, you got any of that good stuff?

Me @ my friends: Hey, you got any of that good stuff?

Today’s web crush, Podcasts Collected, is a website that’s trying to solve that exact problem.

Created by three Tumblr folks, Podcasts Collected is, as its FAQ page says, “like a fanfiction library. But for podcasts!” If you, like me, are lost in the sea of possible podcasts to listen to, Podcasts Collected is an invaluable resource. It reviews podcasts by genre, length, and general thoughts, and though it’s very new, it has tags set up not just for genre or format but also for LGBTQ+ characters, female characters, and various feminist issues. Hopefully it will add some racial categories as it goes along!

I’m a fairly new listener in the world of podcasts, and though I’ve found some good ones, without some kind of central podcast collection, it’s difficult to know where to look for your next fav. I can only imagine that it’s harder for newer podcasts to get their product out there, particularly if they don’t have a strong social media presence. That’s why I hope Podcasts Collected takes off—it’s new, but it certainly fills a need, because both consumers and creators do need a podcast library in an increasingly digital age. I’ve already found some interesting podcasts through their recs and hope to find many more.

You can find Podcasts Collected here on its Tumblr! If you’re an avid podcast listener yourself, go on and recommend some to them so that we can collectively add more entries to this digital library!

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