Web Crush Wednesdays: Lady of the Shard

I can’t say that Twitter is exactly my favorite social media platform, but what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in making it easier for me to keep up to date with the artists and content creators I follow than I ever could on Tumblr. Thanks to this, I was able to quickly discover and devour Lady of the Shard, a new one-shot by artist Gigi D.G.. At this point, I’m definitely fashionably late making this post; however, if you’re a fan of cute comics about lesbians, aliens, and hope, sit a spell and listen to me for just a bit longer about Lady of the Shard.

web crush wednesdays

If the name doesn’t strike you as familiar, but the art style does, you may remember her better as hiimdaisy, popular for her parody comics on the Persona and Metal Gear series. If the name rings a bell, you may also know Gigi D.G. from her super cute adventure fantasy webcomic Cucumber Quest. Taking a brief swerve from the kid-friendliness of Cucumber Quest, she released Lady of the Shard back at the end of May, and her excitement at finishing her personal project was apparent. In reading the tale, you can feel how much love she put into it.

Lady of the Shard follows a young acolyte tending to the shrine of a Goddess who once saved the humans from a terrible evil. As the acolyte tends to her duties–cleaning, praying, cooking, cleaning some more—she finds herself slowly falling in love with the Goddess, and the feelings are exacerbated when she starts having dreams of being intimate with said Goddess. At first, the Elders believe that the acolyte has been blessed by her visions, but when the acolyte accidentally sounds a sacred bell and awakens the sleeping Goddess, it seems as though it may be the end for the young girl. However, the Goddess decides that rather than returning to divine slumber, she will take the opportunity to see how the world has grown in this time of peace and live among her followers. From there, it’s revealed that many of the surrounding planets have forgotten about the Goddess and no longer pay tribute to her, yet when a visitor from another planet arrives, it could be the start of something perilous: the beginning steps in the downfall of the all-powerful Goddess herself.

Lady of the Shard GigiDGIn the face of all these WLW dying in major media, it’s a relief to see something that allows its lesbians to be happy. (Yes, I might be spoiling a bit by saying that, but honestly the importance of letting y’all know you’re not walking into another “bury your gays” story outweighs the spoilers.) Lady of the Shard certainly doesn’t shy away from tragedy and tough situations—discussions about humanity and love, in addition to brainwashing, are all addressed—but it doesn’t rely on cruelty for shock value or allow itself to have a cynical outlook on the world. Though it is a one-shot, and thus somewhat short, Lady of the Shard is more than worth your time to read. Though if you do, please take note of the triggers at the bottom of the page, as some of the material can be a little uncomfortable later on.

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