Fanfiction Fridays: I and Love and You (You Plural) by yasaman

sense8News about Sense8 Season 2 is trickling slowly out onto the interwebs, but we now know that Season 2 will be divided into two parts, the first of which will be out in December of this year. Despite some mixed feelings about the first season, I’m looking forward to seeing more of the show—and I’m most excited to see more of Sense8’s fantastic interracial lesbian couple, Amanita and Nomi.

It was really only when they were no longer on the run from Whispers and BPO, and as safe as they were going to get, that Amanita realized, shit, I’m sharing my girlfriend with seven other people. Or my girlfriend is also seven other people? Am I in a relationship with eight people? She paused in her book shelving and frowned as she considered the best way to conceptualize the whole sensate, part of a cluster thing. A patron looking for the latest YA hit about “mermaids or vampires, or maybe it was mermaid vampires?” interrupted her musing, and from there the rest of her day was taken up with the daily trials of working retail.

Going back to working in a bookstore was something of a comedown from taking on an evil global conspiracy, but Amanita had to admit she was grateful for it now. She’d had more than enough excitement for the year, and she knew how lucky she and Nomi were to be able to return to some semblance of their pre-Whispers life. They’d been living in one of those schlocky airport conspiracy thrillers, or no—a superhero comic. Her girlfriend had goddamn superpowers, and they’d gone up against a full-on evil supervillain. Amanita couldn’t help but grin to herself as she imagined the whole crazy situation as a comic book. Daydreaming up superhero outfits for the cluster got her through setting up the new bestsellers display, and then she spent her MUNI ride home coming up with increasingly outlandish possible superhero names that she was definitely going to regale Nomi, and by extension the rest of the cluster, with as soon as she got home. The comic book analogy only went so far though. The thing was, superpowers didn’t disappear when you were finished fighting a supervillain.

I and Love and You (You Plural) is the sort of cluster-family-hanging-out fic that I love to read from the Sense8 fandom. The show is graphic and dramatic enough; some found family shenanigans is just the sort of supplement I want from supplementary fanfic.

Nomi-and-Amanita-Sense8However, though much of the fic is given to cluster shenanigans, Amanita and Nomi’s relationship is the primary focus of this fic. Amanita isn’t part of the cluster, but as Nomi’s girlfriend, she’s very familiar with how the cluster operates. Despite this, though, she’s not a sensate, and she can’t hear the other side of Nomi’s conversations or see a sensate when they’re visiting. For some people, like Will’s cop partner Diego, this is pretty alienating. So Nomi goes out of her way to make her girlfriend comfortable with the cluster. Kala cooks an Indian dinner one night, the karaoke-loving Wolfgang sticks around to snark on reality TV, and in one memorable scene, when Amanita’s stuck in O’Hare for the evening (because O’Hare is a shit airport), she stays over at Will’s for the night. The cluster becomes more than the weird psychic people sharing Nomi’s brain: they’re family. And though it takes her a little time, Amanita gladly accepts the fact that Nomi has family who, frankly, are way better than her biological family. Amanita comes to love the sensate relationship, and our sensate friends get a person who loves them for all that they are, weirdness and all.

You can read I and Love and You (You Plural) here on AO3! Make sure to give it a go before Sense8 Season 2 comes to a computer near you!

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