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The Justice League trailer looks pretty sweet: we get to see Wonder Woman and Batman try to work together to build a team, we get to see Flash in all his hilarious glory, and we get some memorable scenes with Aquaman and Batman. Yep, the new Justice League trailer seems to be depicting a movie I would love to watch, but I have been burned before.

The trailer makes the movie seem like it’s going to be interesting as well as funnier than some of the previous DC Comics movies, which have tended to have a darker tone. I suppose that’s to be expected with characters like Cyborg and Flash in the mix who have generally been younger, funnier, and more lively characters. But even on top of the comic relief characters, we have scenes that are clearly being played for laughs, even with our more stereotypical brooding characters like Batman and Aquaman. Their whole exchange in this trailer is hilarious. Aquaman in more recent incarnations tends to care less about human concerns and worries more about Atlantis, where he is King. So in many versions, he tends to be more resistant to joining the team. Seeing the strong personalities from a lot of these heroes collide tends to be pretty amusing and it seems that DC Comics is rolling with that and allowing for more of the humor that really should be a more natural part of superhero movies.

So while this trailer only reveals a little of what or who the Justice League will be battling, we get a look at some of the new members of the Justice League joining alongside Batman and Wonder Woman. The main thing that gets me stoked about this movie is the diversity. With actors like Jason Momoa who is Samoan, Ezra Miller who is Jewish and queer, and Ray Fisher who is Black, all joining the superhero lineup as Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg respectively, this movie is a step above other superhero team movies already. The trailer follows Batman as he attempts, with varying success, to recruit other superheroes to the Justice League. The Flash joins up right away, while Aquaman seems standoffish and not very interested, which is very in character for both heroes. At least it doesn’t seem like DC will be straying away from their source material in this particular case.

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However, I was disappointed with how little screen time Cyborg was given in the trailer. We don’t even see Batman approach him to join the team or learning anything about Cyborg. The most we are given is Cyborg saying to Batman that he thought he was a myth. So no info about Cyborg, but we have him comment about Batman? I mean, it’s a funny line, but I still require more Cyborg in this trailer. Perhaps it implies that Cyborg is not recruited by Batman but decides to fight on his own and meets up with the rest of the Justice League; I’m not sure. But I still think he should have been in the trailer more. I suppose that’s because this is the first trailer and Cyborg is maybe considered less well-known, but I don’t really buy that. Cyborg is well-known thanks to the Teen Titans cartoon, and even if the Powers That Be still worry most people won’t know who he is, then they should play up how cool he is in the trailer so people get hyped. I was also disappointed by how little Wonder Woman was in this trailer, but again, this is just the first trailer. We already know that Superman will return in this movie and there was no hint of that either; I’m assuming it will be a “big reveal”, even though it’s pretty obvious.

The problem with all of this, of course, is that even if this trailer gets my heart pumping and makes me excited for the movie, there is now always going to be a part of me that is not excited. The Suicide Squad trailer seemed really sweet too, and I was actually more excited for that movie than any other comic book movie that was coming out, and look how that let me down. Suicide Squad was also diverse, but was blatantly racist and killed off some of its characters of color. While Justice League doesn’t really have that option, considering how big these characters are and how their mistreatment would probably cause more outrage from fans than any of the issues in Suicide Squad, I’m still worried. I’m worried about the whole DC Extended Universe. I worry that characters I love will get shitty movies or ultimately never have a movie made again because of how DC Comics has been handling their movies recently.

I guess all I can say right now is that the trailer looks good, but at this point that doesn’t mean much of anything.

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  1. I’m so stoked for Justice League, too, and a part of me is also afraid it’ll be like Suicide Squad – there was pre-screening hype, but the movie was a bit too vanilla for what I expected. I’m super excited for Wonder Woman’s movie, though. I love that they cast Gal Gadot for the role, and in the WW trailer, she looked larger than life. Despite her being quite lithe, she was like big – like looming over everyone and it gave me goosebumps. I was near tears.

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