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Thor Loki FriggaI love the Thor movies, and largely, it was Marvel’s take on Norse mythology that really got me involved in their comics. I started reading the Thor comics before the movies came out, and I have found myself beyond excited at each installment featuring the god of thunder. My favorite part of the story has always been the uncertainty surrounding Loki’s relationship with the rest of the family—the biggest problem here was that comics almost always focuses on Loki’s relationship with both Odin and Thor, and while that’s fine and all, it leaves out another person in the family.

When the movies came out and Frigga had a much larger role than I had expected, I fell in love. It was interesting for her character to end up being a parental figure Loki doesn’t hate in some capacity. At least, I enjoyed Frigga until The Dark World came out and the franchise fridged her for some stupid stupid reason. Thankfully, fanfiction has always been here to save the day.

In Maternal Bonds, Loki breaks out of his cell when Malekith attacks, and instead of escaping right away, he goes to see his mother first. He arrives just in time to save Frigga’s life, and after attempting to ransom himself for his mother’s safety, Malekith decides to kidnap them both.

“Speak to me.”

Loki’s head twitched back toward her, but he did not look at her directly.

“Something goes on within you, Loki.” Frigga’s gentle voice coaxed the darkness of their cell. “I will not leave you to suffer it alone. Not while I am here.”

Loki turned, hands falling to his sides as his gaze was cast upon the sightless ground.

“There is nothing I desire to share with you.” He let out a heavy breath through his nose, looking to the ceiling, determined not to see her face. “Your sentiment is misplaced.”

There was the rustling of fabric as the Queen rose from the floor, stepping to cover the space between them. Her shoed feet made a comforting clack over the marble ground and when she came to stop before him a wisp of flourishing roses caressed his senses. It was a scent he had known even as a child, cradled to her bosom after running to her for comfort or love. How he craved to be held in those arms once again, untouched and naive to the cruelties of the harsh world.

Her hand came to rest on his cheek and Loki nearly flinched at the soft contact, lost in his mind.

“I know my son, Loki, do not try to hide yourself in the safety of your crude shell.” Frigga’s voice was tense, but true. “You have said I not your Mother, but your own actions contradict you. It was I who coddled you as a babe, little one, and you must know that your name is imprinted forever on my heart.”

Loki’s hand came slowly up to hers, pausing over her skin. It hovered there, unsure. He knew that what she said was truth, but he could not allow it. Already he had displayed too much to her. He had to cut the string before the knot was tied. No amount of love could justify what he would bring upon her if he enlightened her. Never did he wish for disgust to be directed upon him from the one person he held more precious than his own life.

Carefully, he clasped her hand in his, met her eyes evenly, and pulled it from his face with a cruel gentleness.

“Do not waste your affections on one such as me, Your Highness.” He brought her hand to his lips and delivered a formal kiss to her unblemished skin. “I could not let the wife of my captor die within my presence. We both know my death would have been long and filled with agony had I not intervened when possible. Do not think it an emotional attachment between us.”

“You deny your own actions?”

Loki smiled at her.

Thor FriggaMaternal Bonds is over 40k words and focuses on Loki and Frigga bonding during their time as Malekith’s captives. I’d hardly say that this is a happy story—there are a few scenes with torture, so I’d read at your own risk—but in the end both of them are saved and allowed to return to Asgard together. What I love about Maternal Bonds is that it’s a fix-it fic. Frigga should not have died, and watching the movie I found myself disappointed in the narrative multiple times over both her and Loki’s characters. As such, it was nice to just sit back and read about the two of them bonding, regardless of the shitty situation they found themselves in.

If you were disappointed by Frigga’s death in canon, then Maternal Bonds is the story for you. Check it out here.

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