Web Crush Wednesdays: All For One

webcrush picWith Ghostbusters blessing our screens this year and the announcement of Ocean’s 11 all-female cast reboot, I’m really hoping that this is the beginning of a wonderful new trend—one that will let girls and women see ourselves in the stories we already enjoyed but which severely underrepresented us. In this spirit, I introduce to you this week’s web crush—All For One, a webseries by KindaTV, which is a reimagining of Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers. Instead of being part of the French royal guard, the musketeers are a sorority at a fictional college.

But let me tell you all about it below, with some mild spoilers.

The three Musketeers in this story are three sisters from the MST sorority at the fictional Dumas college—Ariana, Portia, and Alex. Our heroine is Dorothy, who is very excited to pledge MST. The antagonists are the guys high up at the student council with a guy named Miller manipulating everyone to achieve his ends. I don’t want to spoil the whole story (I’m also not sure how closely it mimics the source material), but it involves blackmail, leaking of a girl’s nude photos, and girls protecting girls.


From left to right: Portia, Ariana, Dorothy, Alex, and Connie.

One of the most amazing things about this series is the camaraderie among girls who are very different from one another. There is zero “I’m better than other girls” or similar themes. Dorothy is a tomboy and a brawler, Portia is cute and girly and organizes sleepover activities, and Alex is the serious “mom friend”, but they respect each other and work together to help other girls in trouble.


Portia and Ariana are so adorable, they just need to learn how to communicate better.

Equally wonderful is the fact that the show is also full of female queerness. Dorothy is bisexual, her roommate Connie is a lesbian, Portia and Ariana are in a relationship. No one makes a big deal about it, it’s just something they are. Their romantic arcs are part of the show, but no one is anguishing about being queer or coming out. There is even a mention of the bi word, coming from Dorothy herself, and it’s wonderful to see a character explicitly self-identify like that.

One more nice thing about All For One is the racial diversity of the characters. Another KindaTV show, Carmilla, which I recommended a while back, had one notable problem: all the main characters were white. They did introduce characters of color later on, but All For One introduces three young women of color from the get-go: Ariana, Alex, and Treville (their sorority mentor).


Connie and Dorothy are the “will they won’t they” pairing of the show, and they’re also super cute!

The only thing I perhaps don’t totally love about All For One is how they set up the filming of Dorothy’s life. Instead of the usual video diary format, Dorothy is livecasting and her internet friends comment on what’s happening at the corner of the screen. I like the idea of this Greek chorus of sorts and love how meta it is, but I found it rather difficult to follow both the action and the comments and in the end I gave up on the latter.

All For One concluded its first season a few months ago, but I just finished watching it and it ended on a bit of cliff-hanger, so I’m really hoping we’ll get to see a second season. At thirty short webisodes, it’s the perfect weekend or weeknight binge that will give you a lot of warm queer girl-solidarity fuzzies. Go on and watch it! And then come back and tell me who is your favorite character in the comments!

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  1. Dorothy is my favorite, for a variety of reasons. First of all, that heart and fists first attitude is something I find /immensely/ compelling in fictional characters; second, a self-identified bi character played by (I believe) a self-identified bi actress is the most amazing thing ever and also career goals.

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