Web Crush Wednesdays: Superheroes in Full Color

As we Americans slog on toward Thanksgiving, it sometimes feels like there isn’t a whole lot to be thankful for this year, what with politics, celebrity deaths, and natural disasters coming one after the other in one big avalanche of awful. Even though Tumblr is often not great as well, I tend to use my malfunctioning blue hellscape of a dashboard as a handy mental escape, particularly this month. So today, I’d like to rec a site I’ve followed on Tumblr for a long time called Superheroes in Full Color.

webcrush picThough we often bemoan the lack of characters of color and works created by people of color in our mainstream media, the fact remains that the content we seek is likely out there somewhere, just sorely under-hyped. Our major franchises are things like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, all universes created by white people and all of which feature few, if any, characters of color. So if you’re the type of person who wants to read a more diverse, inclusive story, where should you start looking for this type of content? Today’s web crush is going to be a handy resource for you.

Despite its name, Superheroes in Full Color isn’t solely about superheroes, at least not in the comic book or superpower sense. While it does recommend many comics, its real focus is on characters of color and creators of color, regardless of genre. The site has a “Creator Spotlight” section, in which it highlights a creator of color and reviews both their works and their life story, as well as an “Interesting Reads” section, in which it collects and discusses issues that relate to geeks of color, like representation, diversity in Hollywood, and even makeup and lighting for people of color. It’s a truly invaluable resource for those who are looking for something new to read or for life experiences which better reflect their own.

Superheroes in Full Color stands at the same intersection of geekdom and social issues that we at Lady Geek Girl do, and as a woman of color myself, I’ve truly enjoyed following it and reading along. I learned about comics writer Gene Luen Yang from this blog before he won his MacArthur Genius grant, and I’ve read some fascinating essays, such as this one on how ethnicity influences video game design. The site is created and run by a Latino guy from South America, and though he doesn’t give his name, I’m happy to be able to spotlight him and his site here as he’s done for so many other creators of color through the years.

If Superheroes in Full Color sounds like something you’d like to see more of, feel free to check it out on its Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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