Web Crush Wednesdays: Marry Me, Jaehee!

You may recall earlier this year when I spoke of Mystic Messenger, the mobile dating sim game created by Korean company Cheritz that blew up in certain circles on the internet. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the game, I lamented that Jaehee’s route—the only woman on the datable cast—left off on a wholly unsatisfying note. To that effect, not too much later I recommended a fic that I hoped would soothe the pangs left by Cheritz. This time, I aim to do the same, but through a different medium. Though the fandom has quieted, if you’re like me and still eagerly, but silently, waiting for more Mystic Messenger content, I bring to you this fan-made game starring none other than the queen of the RFA: Jaehee Kang.

web crush wednesdaysSpoilers for Mystic Messenger below!

Marry Me, Jaehee! is exactly what it sounds like. Presented by JLMKart and using the additional artistic talents of gelatobear, megaloshoon, CafeFluffii, and chadolbaki7, this fan game gives players a chance to experience the After Ending we honestly should have had all along. Taking place after Mystic Messenger’s actual After Ending, the player wakes up next to their (business) partner, Jaehee, and decides that this is the day they should propose to Jaehee, to let her know that they’re serious about the relationship and that they love her so, so much. The game takes the player through a typical day as they—through the usual visual novel mechanics—decide when, exactly, is the right time to propose while navigating through a few other choices that may sour the day a bit if dealt with incorrectly.

I’m absolutely digging the soft gay aesthetic that seems to be permeating the end of this year in fandom; what with healthy queer relationships being presented with no unnecessary drama, and no one here to try to bring down the mood with homophobia. Marry Me, Jaehee! fits in as snugly as a warm holiday sweater. Not only is the art beautiful and inviting, the boys of the RFA still totally support you and Jaehee being more than just really close gal pals and you don’t really have to worry about getting a “bad end” (a staple of visual novels and dating sims). While the game does technically have a “bad end”, it’s not soul-crushingly bad. I don’t want to give it away, but consider the bad end more of the player character chiding themselves over something that they, inwardly, were frustrated with, and don’t let it sour your thoughts of playing.

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.

Another thing that I can appreciate about this game is that the player character’s gender is never defined. The game utilizes the main character design from the original game; however the character is addressed as Jaehee’s “partner”—or “life partner” if you play your proposal cards right. It’s a small thing, but these kinds of small touches really do work towards including everyone who may have enjoyed the game.

Marry Me, Jaehee! is quite short, so don’t worry about having to set aside hours to finish a playthrough. Even if you haven’t played Mystic Messenger, it’s still a cute little game about proposing to a cute girl and the future of your jointly-owned coffee shop, and as it requires very little knowledge about the original game to enjoy, I still suggest you play it. You can find it for yourself here on JLMKart’s itch.io page, and if you do choose to support the artists and the game monetarily, they mention that all of the money they earn goes towards supporting LGBTQ+ organizations such as The Trevor Project. If you enjoy the game as much as I did, make sure to let the creators know!

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