Trailer Tuesdays: Logan

This is the most awesome trailer I’ve seen in ages. I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that I haven’t been this excited for a strictly X-Men movie in a while now, especially one that has Wolverine as the main character. But this? This is all I have ever wanted in a new X-Men movie, and it sets things up for hopefully diverse X-Men movies in the future.

For those of you who may not realize, the reason I am so excited is that the little girl in the trailer is Laura Kinney. Also known as X-23, Laura was cloned from a damaged copy of Wolverine’s genome and made to be the perfect killing machine. She has all of Wolverine’s abilities, along with the same adamantium claws in her hands and feet. So yep, a little girl with all of Wolverine’s powers! Sign me the fuck up for that! X-23, like Wolverine, is an extremely complex and interesting character, but unlike Wolverine, her character hasn’t been used to death, so I’m so excited to see her in the movie.

I love the idea of Wolverine playing father to a little girl who he feels is way too much like him, and adding in Professor X as the snarky backseat driving grandpa, we have a recipe for success right here. That this seems to be more of a road trip movie than an action movie just adds to the awesomeness. But I suspect a potentially sad ending to this movie that may have me wishing I never complained there was too much Wolverine.

There have been rumors over the years that Hugh Jackman no longer wants to play Wolverine. And honestly, even if he did still want to play the character, he is starting to get old, which, while usually is not a problem, is a problem for Wolverine because he is never supposed to age. It could be that this movie is called Logan and not Wolverine: Something or Other because Logan will no longer be taking on the title of Wolverine. Whether this means he retires or somehow dies at the end of the movie is anyone’s guess, though. It could be just because the last couple of solo Wolverine movies were terrible, but it’s more likely because Logan is no longer going to be Wolverine. X-23 in the current Marvel Comics is an adult and has taken on Logan’s mantle as Wolverine. So it is likely that X-23’s presence is an indication of a new generation of X-Men, with X-23 as the new Wolverine.


However, in the comics, X-23 becomes Wolverine when she is an adult after being trained and having more experience. In the trailer, X-23 is really young. So we might get to see a little girl become the new bad-ass Wolverine! It would certainly be a brave move from the Powers That Be to take a very male-centric character like Wolverine and replace him with a little girl. Admittedly. having a little kid fight bad guys isn’t exactly great no matter how powerful she is… but it isn’t exactly ethical to let teenagers do that either and the X-Men do that all the time, so we’ll have to see what happens.

The Marvel comics have become more and more diverse as of late, while the movies still have mostly several white guys played by guys named Chris. While movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel will add some diversity, the movies are still lacking compared to the comics. And yes, I know the X-Men and MCU movies aren’t in the same universe, but if X-Men starts becoming more like the comics, maybe the MCU will get the hint as well. If, after this movie, we get a X-23 movie, this could potentially pave the way for other young female superheroes to get their own movies—like finally getting a Ms. Marvel movie.

Overall, I think the trailer looks great and I can’t wait to see this movie when it comes out in March. What do you think of the trailer? Are you as excited as me? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: Logan

  1. I have not been able to get excited about this movie because I am confused as to where it is in the continuity. They’ve rebooted the universe in Days of Future Past so is it in the future of the reboot or is it in the old universe, but then how is the Professor there? I am very much confused and this blocks me I think. :/
    Other than that, I do agree with what you said and look forward seeing the future of this film and later film.

  2. I’m stoked about it. Not sure where it fits in the ‘verse, but I like the idea of a new Wolverine, if that’s the route they’re going. It also looks like a darker emotional film, which I like. Note the “R” rating on it, which is different than other X-Men and Wolverine fare. So that tells me we’re gonna be getting some pretty violent content, I’m guessing. Not sure how I feel about that. Regardless, I’m looking forward to it for all the reasons you are. Let’s see where it goes!

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