Self-Care & Geeky Shows to Help You Deal with the Rise of Facism

I don’t know about you all, but I have been struggling a bit recently. It’s hard to deal with life when you wake up every day trying to figure out what damage the current administration has done to your country and the rest of the world. During times like these, self-care is really important. Yes, we need to stay proactive and keep fighting, but we also need to remember to take a break and recharge ourselves once in a while. I always turn to my favorite geeky shows to help me recharge. A lot of geeky media is about fighting the government/powers that be, which is great, and sometimes, that is exactly what I need. But other times it’s nice to just forget about fighting the good fight. So here are some of my go-to favorite geeky self-care shows that’ll let you relax, at least for a little while.

Gravity Falls:

I tend to suffer from some seasonal depression. When you add to that the current state of the world, winter can be difficult, so watching a TV show about what appears to be an epic summer vacation is certainly a great pick-me-up. The story of Mabel and Dipper going to stay with their Great Uncle Stan is one that is filled with mysticism and mystery, but also a lot of lighthearted humor and fun. I like this show for self-care because it is just the fun epic summer vacation that I always wanted as a kid—yes, even with the world-bending magic triangle apocalypse! It has that nostalgic element to it despite being a relatively recent show. It also shows family members who may not always get along but who ultimately really love each other, and that may be comforting if your family has been torn apart by politics.

DBZ Abridged:

If I am looking to laugh, there is one show I know I can go to that will cheer me up without fail. DBZ Abridged is a YouTube series that spoofs the classic anime Dragon Ball Z. Even if you haven’t seen Dragon Ball Z, I would still highly recommend DBZ Abridged. The YouTube series pokes fun at all the characters from the original show and mocks some of the show’s inconsistencies. It also critiques the racism and sexism from the original show in a humorous way. If you are feeling especially angry and need to laugh or need to watch characters solve all the world’s problems by either punching things or making wishes, then this is probably a good self-care show for you.

Ouran High School Host Club:

via Hulu

(via Hulu)

Oh Ouran, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

But seriously, this show is beautiful, sweet, and fucking hilarious. It’s about a normal girl who attends a school full of rich aristocrats and is forced to join the school’s host club while she pretends to be a guy. While very funny, this show can be problematic at times—it’s almost a feminist show, and then it does something stupid like introduce straw feminist characters. However, despite some of its issues, I still think this is a great self-care show. The troubling elements are few and far between, and ultimately, it is about a girl who breaks gender norms and is fawned over by rich men and women. It’s lighthearted, goofy, and there are cute anime guys!


Okay, I may be cheating on this one a little. Community isn’t entirely a geeky show, but it spoofs enough geeky things for me to consider it geek. Community is about a diverse group of people who attend a community college and get into a wild number of shenanigans. There is a zombie spoof episode, a Star Wars spoof episode, a DnD episode, and much more. It is also one of the more progressive shows that was ever on TV. It mocks white activists who care more about animal rights than racism, critiques those who claim they can’t see race, and pokes fun at Christians who are unaccepting of others. It also shows that a group of very different people with very different beliefs can work together and be friends, and that’s really nice to see these days.

*~Special Bonus Show~*

The Joy of Painting:

Okay, this one isn’t geeky at all, but Bob Ross is a surefire way to help anyone with self-care. Just let the nice man’s calm voice soothe your soul while he paints a happy little tree. And remember, there are no mistakes—just happy accidents!

These shows may not have a lot in common, but the one thing they do all share is that they help me forget, for a brief time, the nonsense in the outside world. Which shows help you with your self-care when life is stressing you out? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I always go back to the original Perry Mason. Knowing that the bad guy gets in the end always makes me feel better.

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