Trailer Tuesdays: American Gods

I must say that, after reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, I found that I didn’t totally love it. It didn’t leave me as bursting with excitement about the upcoming TV adaptation as I had hoped. However, I decided to check out the trailer anyway, and it actually got me pretty pumped for the show!

American Gods, the book (and presumably the show), is about a war between two kinds of gods: the “old” mythical gods and the “new” gods who are born from aspects of modern society, such as television and celebrity. Most of it is told from the perspective of a man named Shadow, who is thrust into the midst of the conflict he doesn’t understand.

The main thing that’s got me excited about this trailer is that it looks simply stunning, which is probably to be expected given that the show is created by Bryan Fuller, who gave us Hannibal and Pushing Daisies. Many scenes in the trailer look like the pages from the book come to life, which should appeal to fans of faithful adaptations. Along with the music, it captures the mood of the book perfectly. Some of the visuals are even grander than I imagined from the book, which, if anything, makes me even more excited because I’m a sucker for beautiful shows. It also looks like it’s going to be quite gory at times in that stylized Bryan Fuller signature way, and I’m really looking forward to that.

We get glimpses of many cast members and most of them seem to capture the characters from the book, although we only get a brief look at them and I’m curious to see how they will come to life. The only characters we see more of are Shadow and Wednesday. I love the casting of Ricky Whittle as Shadow. From the trailer, I feel like he perfectly captures that “removed from the world” look I imagined Shadow to have. Also, in the book, it’s often hinted that Shadow might be mixed-race, although he seems to be white at first glance. However, Shadow himself doesn’t know if he is or not. I’m happy that the show got rid of this ambiguity and cast a Black man as the lead. Wednesday (Ian McShane) might not look how I imagined him to, but he also seems to capture the nonchalance and a certain level of creepiness I associate with the character.

This trailer just looks really good, you guys. I love the stylized visuals and the cast appears to capture and bring the book characters to life really well, based on the few glimpses we get of them. American Gods is supposed to premiere on Starz in April, although we don’t know the precise date yet. Are you excited? Tell us in the comments!

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