Web Crush Wednesdays: Procyon Podcast Network

Are you guys fans of speculative fiction podcasts but find it hard to actually find said podcasts? Me too! That’s why I’m so happy to be able to tell you guys about the Procyon Podcast Network, a largely female-led team of podcasters who are also concerned about the lack of good fictional podcasts. As they say on their Kickstarter:

Formed in November 2016, the Procyon Podcast Network began as the brainchild of several audio drama fans hanging out in a private Slack who wished there were more cool genre fiction podcasts out there with interesting and diverse characters. Eventually we figured, hey, here we all are. Let’s be the cool genre fiction podcasts we want to see in the world.

Procyon is the name of a star, but it’s also the scientific name for raccoons, thus leading to the adorable astronaut raccoon mascot you see above. Speculative fiction, diverse characters, and a cute animal mascot? What’s not to love? Find out more about them and how you can support them after the jump!

Procyon Podcast Network plans to fund three podcasts: The Strange Case of Starship Iris, Under Pressure, and Station to Station, the latter two of which will begin broadcasting later this year. Their current show, The Strange Case of Starship Iris, is a fascinating and suspenseful space mystery with a queer female protagonist of color, written and produced by the writer behind the unforgettable World Ain’t Ready. Violet Liu, a biologist, is the sole survivor after her ship, the starship Iris, suffers some kind of massive mechanical malfunction. The only person to respond to her distress signal is Kay Grisham, a presumed captain of another ship who definitely is not who she says she is. As Violet struggles with whether or not to trust Kay or her crew, she also has to figure out what happened to her ship and why her government sent the Iris on its mission to begin with…

The existing four eps of Starship Iris are a fantastic combination of science, hilarious banter, and found family, and it’s a great start for the network both in terms of storytelling and in diverse representation. Its cast largely matches the ethnicity of their characters, and for accessibility, the author has provided a written transcript of each episode. Under Pressure, about life at the bottom of the ocean, and Station to Station, about a research crew with dark secrets, both look to follow in Iris’s footsteps, and I can’t wait to hear them when they premiere. Creation for all of the Procyon podcasts are well underway already, and the Kickstarter money will go to pay the voice actors, sound editors, musicians, and other staffers of these podcasts, buy better sound equipment, and, hopefully someday, pay the authors of these podcasts.

Procyon Podcast Network just hit its funding goal a few days ago, but they’re still fundraising until this Friday the 31st! Definitely throw a few dollars their way so that they can hit some stretch goals, such as paying their actors and writers a little more money and giving us some awesome crossover and holiday episodes. Then go ahead and follow each podcast on their Tumblr (Starship Iris, Under Pressure, Station to Station) if you’re interested!

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