Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Yoooooooooooooo!!!!!! Yo, the gat dang Last Jedi trailer is here. Are you hype? I’m hype.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the plot of this movie, especially given that until about ten days ago, we only knew the title. Even that was the cause of speculation, as foreign translations made it appear that “The Last Jedi” was plural, a seed for theorizing that was promptly shot down at Star Wars Celebration. The trailer lends extra credence to this: if Luke is the singular only Jedi, and he thinks it’s time for the Jedi order to be done with, then he’s the last Jedi. (The title does then fit the “on-the-nose” naming conventions of previous films.)

However, if Luke is soooo over the Jedi, what is he training Rey to be? My working and completely unvalidated theory, based on the trailer’s discussion of a third option between Light and Dark—balance—is that we’re going to see the re-introduction of the Gray Jedi. According to Wookieepedia, the term Gray Jedi…

…was used by Jedi and Sith to describe Force-users who walked the line between the light and dark sides of the Force without surrendering to the dark side, and second, it described Jedi who distanced themselves from the Jedi High Council and operated outside the strictures of the Jedi Code. However, those who were considered to be true Gray Jedi met both qualifications and did not belong to any particular Force tradition.

If she is going to balance the light and dark sides of the Force, then this poster is ALSO super on the nose. (via ign)

I don’t have any firsthand experience with the Gray Jedi (wow, I almost typed Gay Jedi there, and that’s a Freudian slip/wishful thinking for the ages), but it seems like a valid direction for the story to take. Plus, if Rey does become a Gray Jedi, she will have to at least become familiar with the dark side, and it could make for some interesting character development to see her struggle with the allure of the dark side given her own troubled past. (Still, let’s not go too far down that path. #NoReylo2k17 plzthxbai.) And also plus, it would satisfy the deep-set disdain I have for a group of people who think “balance” means “put all the weights on one side” by eliminating their entire order. Seriously. Who thinks “bringing balance to the Force, a binary magic source with light and dark poles” means “get rid of all the dark stuff ew gross”?

I will say that it’s nice to see that this trailer (unlike… any of the merchandisers for The Force Awakens) appear to know who the protagonist of this movie is. Rey is front and center throughout the teaser. However, Finn, our co-protagonist, gets literally a second of screentime, as it appears that he’s still in some sort of bacta stasis thing following his end-of-TFA wounds. Poor precious Poe Dameron gets a slightly longer shot, but it’s only longer because it includes his poor X-Wing getting blown up, again. We don’t even get a brief glimpse of Kelly Marie Tran’s new character Rose, or any hint at what her role in the movie will be. It’s kind of a bummer to see that all of the fantastic characters of color that the creators have finally seen fit to include in their universe are totally sidelined in this trailer.

Other than being incredibly hyped for this movie, I am also dead certain I will sob like a baby during Carrie’s scenes. I haven’t felt a celebrity death like hers… maybe ever, and I’m still so heartbroken that she’s gone. Not because of her plot importance to the franchise, but because of who she was as a person, and what she brought to the Star Wars universe from her experiences. Cash me inside the theater murdering a family-size box of Puffs, is all I’m saying.

Oh god, now I’m sad. All of that said, it’s pretty certain that I cannot wait for December 15th to arrive. Hopefully the next trailer will give us more to speculate on and more of the other two thirds of this trilogy’s golden trio, not to mention more deets on the new characters. In the meantime, we can at least keep reading fanfic and checking How Many Days Until Star Wars dot Com to pass the time.

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2 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

  1. This is the first I’ve seen the trailer (so thank you!)…


    I was going to see it anyway, but it looks like it might actually be not just “a good Star Wars movie,” but perhaps even “a good movie.” (I found Rogue One to be in that category as well…even though it entirely depends upon knowledge of all the other films.)

    And, well discussed on the matter of “Grey Jedi” and how “balance” does not mean eliminating one side of a binary, etc. It’s like the word “temperance,” which doesn’t mean “never drink alcohol EVER!” (like it was taken to mean in the 1800s), but instead to be moderate, not too indulgent but not too ascetic. (Are all Grey Jedi not “Gay Jedi” but instead bisexual, therefore? Hmm…!?!)

    We can hope. 😉

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