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Near the end of Pride Month, it’s more than a little easy to feel down about returning to the rest of the year where the world around you is a little less, well, proud. (Although given the shittiness of the police and of other white queer folk this year, it’s definitely been business as usual for many.) And unlike with most other events, it may be difficult during this period to find a game that brings the lightheartedness and fun that’s needed when trying to decompress. Sure, there are games where you can be queer, but many of these games are also filled with dramatic events that aren’t exactly made to let you have a chill time. Strangely enough, the Game Grumps (a team of YouTube Let’s Players), of all people, are trying to fill this void with a cute-looking gay dad dating sim aptly titled Dream Daddy.

I’ll admit, when I first heard about this game, I wasn’t too excited. First of all, in general the term “daddy” has become so weirdly unappealing that I just don’t want it near anything I ever partake in with any amount of seriousness ever again. Secondly, the Game Grumps haven’t exactly had the best track record of being socially aware and not being racist and gross—they’re trying, sure, but sometimes they’re definitely not trying at all, which puts the previous statement under question. Still, I’m willing to give this game a chance because they seem to have a whole team working on this—a team not affiliated with the Game Grumps brand—that is determined to give Dream Daddy a respectful queer experience.

Dream Daddy stars you, a new dad on the block (your “dad-sona”, if you so wish to call him), trying to raise your adorable teenage daughter Amanda. As you grow accustomed to your new life, you also start growing closer to the other dads around you: Hugo, the librarian-looking fellow; Damien, the goth vampire guy whom I’m pretty sure they designed just to make sure I played the goddamned game; Brian, the redhead who looks like he has a heart of gold; Mat, another glasses character who could definitely be the artsy type; Craig, the poppa with a faux-hawk, but somehow pulls it off without looking totally douchey; Robert, the bad boy type who definitely has a motorcycle somewhere; and Joseph, straight from the country club and looking like he wants to take away my healthcare. Much like developer Vernon Shaw (formerly of Hot Pepper Gaming) strove for, the characters looks extremely diverse and I’m hoping he was more than serious about hiring people for the work team to check and check again that the game was inclusive.


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Unfortunately there’s not that much more info about the game currently, and with a July 13th release date, they may just be waiting for players to discover more on their own time. I’m not sure I’ll buy the game right away—it’s not exactly my niche—but I am very interested in seeing how it develops and what the fan reaction to it will be. If this project sounds like something up your alley, or you’re just looking for some cute gay times to momentarily mask how shitty the world is (or looking for a game full of enough terrible dad jokes to bring a smile to your face) make sure to check out Dream Daddy’s Twitter page, and keep an eye on that ol’ Steam page too! 

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