Fanfiction Fridays: Boom by Soyna

After the abysmal catastrophe that was Final Fantasy XV, I found myself in need of Final Fantasy stories that didn’t suck. As VII’s remake won’t be released for quite some time, though, I decided to turn to fanfiction. Boom is a humorous Final Fantasy VII oneshot written by Soyna, featuring the characters Cid and Rude. Despite being former enemies, these two opt to test fly a new plane together for Rude’s employer, Rufus. Unfortunately, a dragon attacks mid flight, causing them to crash into a chocobo farm. Now in a fight for their lives, things look hopeless, at least until the dragon pisses off a chocobo and the bird takes that motherfucker down, successfully saving the day. Like a boss.

Out of the helicopter came one man wearing a pristine and pressed suit, and another man that was wearing a suit that looked like it was worn when he had rolled down a hill.

“Rude, what the hell happened, yo?!” yelled Reno as he walked over with his EMR in his hand in case they had to attack again. Cid figured that they were safe, as he was certain the reddish-grey lumps were dragon brains on the foot of the black-grey bird.

It was rather disgusting, actually.

“Crashed,” Rude said as he holstered his gun. “Got attacked by a dragon, too.”

Cid’s attention was turned to Tseng who was standing in front of him, holding an EMR at his side as he looked at him. “A little problem with the flight?”

“The big one that just got taken down by the chocobo there,” Cid said as he thought of asking Tseng for a smoke, but was pretty sure that he didn’t carry any. He was sure Reno had some good ones, though.

“Chocobo?” Tseng said with his eyes narrowing as he looked at the bird, which was illuminated by the flames on one side, and the spot light on the other. “I see.”

“Sorry about the plane, Tseng,” Cid said, “Kinda had a wing shorn off by a dragon, disturbed some chocobos, burned down a barn, and I can’t feel my left leg right now.”

Tseng, as he usually did, pulled out his phone and started talking into it. Cid’s attention was drawn to the farmer for a moment, as he was petting the large bird that seemed rather smug about its kill.

One of my favorite plotlines in any story is protagonists and their antagonists being forced to get along and/or becoming friends. In Final Fantasy VII’s canon, that becomes a reality for our main characters and the Turks, a group of hired assassins working for the Shinra company. Boom takes place after both Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, and it’s a story that continues the heroes’ relationship with the Turks. I don’t often read about Cid or Rude all that much, and to be honest, a story between these two characters interacting together is kind of rare. In canon, I can’t say that I was ever particularly interested in either of them, especially Cid, since he is an emotionally and verbally abusive asshole to his significant other. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed some of Soyna’s other fics and decided to go ahead and give this a shot as well, and I’m glad that I did.

This fic didn’t entirely rectify my problems with Cid, but he and Rude are two characters that I don’t see all that often, and Boom was a fun little way to get to know them better in an unfortunate and rather ridiculous situation. What really makes this story stand out, though, is that chocobo. There’s not a lot else to the fic other than what I just mentioned. Other than the dragon’s rather graphic death at the beak of a chocobo, it’s just a light-hearted adventure about two former enemies flying a plane. And despite the gore, a chocobo named Smoky taking down a dragon is pretty funny in and of itself.

Through Soyna’s other fics, I can tell that this author has a good grasp on the characters and a compelling premise that just draws me in every time, and it’s no different here. Boom is a fun little way to see them interact with each other, and as it’s only 3k words long you can blow through it really easily. Be sure to check it out here on AO3.

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