Fanfiction Fridays: though it’s the end of the world by piggy09

If you’re all caught up with Orphan Black this season, you’ll know that the second episode of the current season featured the truly egregious death of one of our clones. Not only did said clone die, she was also killed in a dehumanizing manner that spoke to neither her narrative nor her personal agency, and after watching the episode, I was desperate for something to get the bad taste of it out of my mouth. Fortunately, I found a great fanfic for today by another similarly-aggrieved Clone Club member.

Spoilers for the current (fifth and final) season of Orphan Black after the jump.

The clone above mentioned, is, of course, M.K., otherwise known as Veera Suominen. In a backstory featured in the comics Orphan Black: Helsinki, Veera grew up in Finland,  eventually finds out she’s a clone, and meets close friend and fellow clone Niki Lintula. However, the European clones are being attacked by the twin forces of Helena, who at this point believes herself to be the one true clone and is killing the others as “abominations,” and Dyad, who is killing the clones for becoming self-aware. Only Veera escapes the attacks that later come to be known as just “Helsinki,” and she later surfaces in the TV series as M.K., a mysterious hacker with more information than Sarah, our main protagonist.

As I said in my review, M.K.’s death seemed largely unnecessary: we already know the stakes are high for Clone Club, and there was no way that M.K. would just walk into Felix’s loft to die with no exit plan. But more than that, her death didn’t even end up being about her. Ferdinand, the cleaner responsible for Dyad’s Helsinki attacks, wasn’t able to kill M.K., and he’s later ignominiously dumped by Rachel, the clone and Dyad CEO who tells him he’s no longer sexually necessary to her needs. Furious, Ferdinand hunts down Sarah, and to buy Sarah time, M.K. volunteers to stall him. Ferdinand’s delighted to see the clone that got away from him and kills her gruesomely and violently, all while calling her by Rachel’s name. M.K.’s death didn’t lead to anything and certainly wasn’t a fitting send-off for one of our most traumatized clones. That’s why I was so glad to find though it’s the end of the world by piggy09.

Veera’s heart kicks once against her ribs; she drops Niki’s hands, puts a hand to her chest. It doesn’t feel like a symptom of anything, but perhaps she should take some—

Oh, that doesn’t matter. She’s dead. Years and years of careful preparation, clockwork habits, meticulous planning for the possibility of an ending – wasted, gone. She’s dead. Out in a blaze of glory. You should have seen me, Niki, she thinks. I gave Sarah time. You’d like her. She’s one of our sisters, and she’s braver than any of us. Except maybe you.

And then she remembers Niki is right there, looking at her with a soft fondness Veera doesn’t understand. “I’m sorry,” Veera says. “I went away.”

In this fic, author piggy09 gives M.K. the peaceful conclusion that she deserved. Though I’d rather she hadn’t died, her death is at least ameliorated by ensuring her happiness post-death. After Ferdinand’s attack, M.K. wakes up in the afterlife to find herself healthy, with all her fellow clones, who tell her that she fought valiantly for them and she did everything she could. For M.K., who’s always taken the weight of all the clone problems solely on her own shoulders and who beats herself up when she hides for some much-needed self-care, this is hard for her to hear and harder still to accept. But her closest friend, Niki, is able to convince her that she did do a good job and she does deserve to rest. It’s emotional hurt/comfort at its best, and it goes a long way towards soothing the wound of her death.

You can read though it’s the end of the world here on the AO3! It’s a short, sweet, and very necessary coda for a very unnecessary episode.

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