Fanfiction Fridays: Misconceptions and Truths About Vampires by glassteacup

“I believe what Yuuri is trying to convey is ‘Excuse me, Viktor. Did you say you’re a vampire?’” Phichit translates with grim cheer.

Yuuri’s squawk of distress confirms Phichit’s interpretation.

Viktor wrinkles his forehead, mystified. “Well, yes,” he says slowly.

Phichit hops up from the armchair to perch on the sofa’s arm, pulling Yuuri in protectively to his side. Yuuri tucks himself in and turns to gape at Viktor again.

It’s Viktor’s turn to boggle. “Wait. You mean you didn’t know, Yuuri?”

“No,” Yuuri snaps, eyes glittering and chin stuck out in the air.

Viktor’s jaw drops. Even the youngest newborn should be able to recognize their own kind. Has the state of turned vampires gotten to be so dreadful? Well, no. That can’t be it either. Phichit sensed him from at least three blocks away when they were stopped at the red light. “When were you turned?” he inquires. “If you don’t mind me asking,” he adds hastily for avoidance of risking any additional misunderstandings on this point.

Phichit points to himself. “1950s,” he says and then ruffles Yuuri’s hair, “And this one was around the 1900s.”

“Amazing,” Viktor murmurs. “How are you still alive?”

Now that October is properly upon us, my spooky loving heart is constantly begging for every vampire, ghost, magic, and every seasonal etcetera that I can get my eye globes on. I’d almost lost hope at finding a suitable fic for my Fanfiction Fridays post this month, but thankfully the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom was there for me, and among its multitudes of AUs I knew I could find the good vampire content I crave. glassteacup’s Misconceptions and Truths About Vampires wasn’t exactly what I was expecting–in only good ways–but what glassteacup is missing in perhaps more aesthetically vampiric characterization, they more than make up for with modern vampires just trying to get by and intriguing snippets of much deeper lore.

Misconceptions and Truths starts out with this fact: everyone’s favorite ice skating (in this AU, a teacher, not an award winning figure skater) katsudon boy is terrible at being a vampire. And by normal standards, he is — Yuuri refuses to drink any sort of blood, human or otherwise, leading his vampire powers to wither from lack of nourishment. Is it any surprise, then, that when Viktor signs on as his newest ice skating student, Yuuri is drawn to him? However, he quickly finds out that it may not simply be the forced closeness that makes Yuuri single Viktor out; after all, the Nikiforovs are one of the oldest and most powerful vampiric bloodlines in the world.

Intrigued by his new teacher, Viktor makes an offer: in exchange for Yuuri’s ice skating lessons, Viktor will, in turn, teach Yuuri all about vampires. Flustered by this unexpected situation, Yuuri takes Viktor up on his offer, but is surprised to find that maybe this olde timey vampire isn’t as spooky as his best buddy Phichit has implied.

I will admit, when I started this fic I was a little worried about how it was going to handle the vampire thing–especially when it seems to be hinted at that Phichit partakes in the typical modern vampire-ing idea of feasting on unsuspecting people through dating apps. It’s not necessarily a bad thing (you don’t really read about vampires for their upstanding morals), but in this more light-hearted setting, the idea of non-consensual blood drinking came off as more uncomfortable than usual. I became even more worried when Viktor first showed up. I, very much like Yuuri, had no idea Viktor was a vampire and since I didn’t sign up for an angsty fic, I didn’t exactly want to read chapters of Yuuri fighting his urges to feast upon defenseless human Viktor. Luckily, that’s not a thing given that Viktor is also a vampire, and he and Phichit are more than supportive of Yuuri’s decision to never drink blood. Though so far nothing has been brought up about Viktor’s vampire-y habits that may more closely resemble Phichit’s lackadaisical and modern hunting strategies, I almost hope that Yuuri is allowed to keep his reasoning against hunting at a vague statement about morals. Not everyone has to have a deep, trauma-laden reason for what they do, after all. It would, however, be interesting if Yuuri’s opinion on what “real” vampires do in concerns to this are explored further through discussions with Viktor, or even Yuri (who just showed up in the most recent chapter).

Yuri On Ice Viktor Instagram

If vampire!Viktor doesn’t already have an Instagram, I’m going to be so disappointed. (via Twitter)

What keeps this fic going is not your typical vampire problems, but instead the intrigue between Yuuri and Viktor’s mutual lessons. When Viktor finds out how much Yuuri truly doesn’t know about what he thinks being a vampire is about, how will he react? Will Yuuri be surpassed in ice skating skill by Viktor, and how will Yuuri deal with that? From Phichit wondering if he can find the Nikiforovs, or any other vampire family, trending on Twitter, to Yuuri wondering if Viktor putting strawberry squeeze jelly into his tea is some secret of the ancient vampires, all the problems in this fic feel wonderfully and fantastically mundane. Personally, this is exactly what I want in a YOI fic.

At just over 12k words so far, Misconceptions and Truths About Vampires is a quick and fun read. Though not yet completed, I have full faith that glassteacup will bring this story to a satisfying and adorable close. If you’re looking for something short, sweet, and not too spooky, make sure to check this fic out here at AO3!

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