Fanfiction Fridays: Words To Me by SolarMorrigan

It being the month of Halloween, with the actual day right around the corner, I decided I would go looking for something from a spooky fandom to rec for this particular Fanfiction Fridays. Of course, I realized shortly thereafter that I’m not in any particularly spooky fandoms, being a certified scaredy-cat and all. So instead I turned to a fandom that, while not too spooky in practice, is, in fairness, flush with ghosts and monsters in canon. Yes, I’m talking about Scooby-Doo.

I’d never ventured into the smallish Scooby-Doo section on AO3 before, but I was pleased to find a wide variety of fics there, especially fic supporting the Velma/Daphne pairing. Words To Me is one of those, and imagines a world where the Mystery, Inc. gang regularly hunt for-realsies monsters rather than capitalists in masks. Nothing particularly scary happens in this short, sweet fic, unless you consider that the real monster was facing your feelings all along.

“Why can’t you sleep?” Daphne asked finally.

“Hm?” Shaggy hummed around a mouthful egg, swallowing before he tried to speak, “Like, that’s what I asked you.”

“Well the way you said it made it sound like you can’t sleep, either.”

Shaggy sighed, somewhere between exasperated and fond, or maybe just tired, and shrugged. “Why do I ever have trouble sleeping? I’m an anxious guy, sometimes I just don’t sleep. Not like I don’t like sleeping. Sleep is great,” Shaggy dropped his head into his hand and shoveled in another mouthful of omelet, “But it doesn’t always happen.”

Daphne nodded. Sleep didn’t always happen. It was more of a problem for some of them, but it wasn’t like they didn’t all have nightmares. She’d like to dare someone to stare down a demonic clown bent on murdering anybody who entered the damned big top and be able sleep soundly afterwards. Still, her reasons for being awake had less to do with clowns and more to do with feelings, which were considerably harder to banish- and the clown hadn’t gone down without a fight. Daphne sighed.

“Okay, now you tell me why you’re awake. You’re sitting over there sighing like you don’t have the world’s best omelet in front of you.” Shaggy waved his fork at her.

“Okay, Mr. Modesty,” Daphne grinned, “It just so happens that I feel… restless. I guess. Can’t stop thinking.”

“About what?”

“Oh, you know…” Daphne hedged, “Things?”

“Right… Don’t you usually talk about things with Velma?” Shaggy questioned as he scraped up the last of his omelet.

Harold…. (via pugswillforeverrule)

I knew I wanted to rec this one as soon as I finished reading it, and not just because it’s got a sweet, happy ending. SolarMorrigan does a great job in capturing the voices and personalities of the characters without sounding too cheesy or, well, cartoony, getting Shaggy’s goofball foodie characteristics and Daphne’s perfectionism spot-on. I love the sense I get from it that she and Shaggy are such close platonic buds that they can have middle of the night feelings-chats, and obviously the sweet awkwardness that ensues when Velma overhears Daphne lamenting the crush she presumes is unrequited. And while the slight AU-ness of it — the fact that their monsters are really real and they fight them not just with hijinks and Scooby Snax but with banishing powder and crossbows — is little more hinted at than on the page, that world feels fleshed out enough by the details SolarMorrigan works in that it feels like a slice of life from a much larger universe rather than a standalone fic.

This is a quick and enjoyable read at less than 2k words, so there’s really no reason not to go check it out. Cap off your pre-Halloween weekend with this great little story here at the AO3!

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