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Magical Mondays


Magical Mondays

12/19/2016      Magical Mondays: Food as Comfort and Craft

12/12/2016      Magical Mondays: Avatar and the Unknown Key to Eternal Life

12/05/2016      Magical Mondays: The Problems with the American Magical Community in Fantastic Beasts

11/21/2016      Magical Mondays: Magic as Sacrificial Lamb

11/14/2016      Magical Mondays: Coming of Age in Daughters of the Moon

11/07/2016      Magical Mondays: Labyrinth Lost and Magic in Family

10/31/2016      Magical Mondays: Madoka, Magic, and Misery

10/24/2016      Magical Mondays: The Secret of Moonacre

10/17/2016      Magical Mondays: Death and True Sight

10/10/2016      Magical Mondays: Fluke and Talking Animals

9/26/2016        Magical Mondays: Romanticizing Danger in The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

9/19/2016        Magical Mondays: Linguistics in No Man’s Sky

9/12/2016        Magical Mondays: Time Travel in Storytelling

8/29/2016        Magical Mondays: Rick & Morty Break Magic

8/22/2016        Magical Mondays: Earth Has Magic Now? Source??

8/15/2016        Magical Mondays: Why Isn’t There More Multicultural Magic?

7/25/2016        Magical Mondays: Time Loops and Cheating Death in the Miss Peregrine Trilogy

7/18/2016        Magical Mondays: Rayearth and (Possibly) Zapping Tropes in Shoujo

6/27/2016        Magical Mondays: Sephiroth is an Aeon

6/20/2016        Magical Mondays: Beauty and the Beast & Magic and Morality

6/13/2016        Magical Mondays: Themes, Magic, and Hustle Cat

5/30/2016        Magical Mondays: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the Consequences of Alchemy

5/23/2016        Magical Mondays: Ella Enchanted Breaks the Curse of Subpar Worldbuilding

5/16/2016        Magical Mondays: The Little Mermaid & Magic

5/09/2016        Magical Mondays: The Magicians Versus Fun

4/25/2016        Magical Mondays: The Value of Magic in Miraculous Ladybug

4/18/2016        Magical Mondays: Shadowshaper and Cultural Conflict

4/11/2016        Magical Mondays: Kingdom Hearts and Worldbuilding

3/21/2016        Magical Mondays: Subtle vs. Unsubtle Magic

3/14/2016        Magical Mondays: What Makes a Retcon a Right… con?

3/07/2016        Magical Mondays: Magic and Physiology in Tales of Xillia

2/29/2016        Magical Mondays: Lightsabers and Color Association

2/22/2016        Magical Mondays: Lucifer, Magical Elements, and Worldbuilding

2/08/2016        Magical Mondays: If Magic Came With a Price, Would You Pay It?

2/01/2016        Magical Mondays: Transistor and Re-Birth

1/25/2016        Magical Mondays: Harry Potter and Foreshadowing

1/18/2016        Magical Mondays: Magic and Mythology in The House of Shattered Wings

1/11/2016        Magical Mondays: Magical Realism and Fantasy

12/21/2015      Magical Mondays: When in Doubt, Destroy Civilization

12/14/2015      Magical Mondays: Muggles, Science, and the Wizarding World

12/07/2015      Magical Mondays: Trigun and Lacking Exposition

11/23/2015      Magical Mondays: Science or Magic? Why Not Both?

11/16/2015      Magical Mondays: If We Don’t Understand It, It’s Definitely Magic

11/09/2015      Magical Mondays: Blurring the Lines between Magic & Science

10/26/2015      Magical Mondays: Dancing and Transformation

10/19/2015      Magical Mondays: Aladdin and the Future

10/12/2015      Magical Mondays: Sorcerer to the Crown and Magical Gatekeeping

10/05/2015      Magical Mondays: World War II in Fantasy Fiction

9/28/2015        Magical Mondays: Alphas, Werewolf Packs, Hunters, and More Problems with Teen Wolf’s Worldbuilding

9/21/2015        Magical Mondays: Fantasy Worlds Are Dystopias, but the Real World Is Boring

9/14/2015        Magical Mondays: Mage Rights!

8/31/2015        Magical Mondays: Non-Powered Worldbuilding

8/24/2015        Magical Mondays: Time Travel and Responsibility

8/17/2015        Magical Mondays: When Magical Education Is Lacking Part 2

8/10/2015        Magical Mondays: Prophecy and Plot

8/03/2015        Magical Mondays: The Problem with the Wise Old Man Archetype

7/27/2015        Magical Mondays: Tales of Vesperia and Magical Environmentalism

7/20/2015        Magical Mondays: A Darker Shade of Malevolent Magic

7/13/2015        Magical Mondays: That Time in The Inheritance Cycle when Elves Didn’t Steal Babies

7/06/2015        Magical Mondays: The Peculiar Magic of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

6/29/2015        Magical Mondays: The Stagnation of Undine in Modern Tales Games

6/22/2015        Magical Mondays: Concrete Magical Worldbuilding vs. Nebulous Magical Worldbuilding

6/15/2015        Magical Mondays: Using Magic to Punish Female Sexuality

6/08/2015        Magical Mondays: Final Fantasy VIII and Drawing Magic

6/01/2015        Magical Mondays: Appropriating Myth and Magic

5/25/2015        Magical Mondays: Purity and the Magical Girl Genre

5/18/2015        Magical Mondays: When Magical Education Is Lacking

5/11/2015        Magical Mondays: Faerie Food and Sexual Assault

5/04/2015        Magical Mondays: Deathless and Successful Worldbuilding in Revisionist Fairy Tales

4/27/2015        Magical Mondays: Really, Do Not Sign That Contract

4/20/2015        Magical Mondays: Stargate Universe, Switching Bodies, and Consent

4/13/2015        Magical Mondays: Legend, Labyrinth, and the Fae

4/06/2015        Magical Mondays: Vague Mythology and Pushing Daisies

3/30/2015        Magical Mondays: Storytelling and Animal Transformations

3/16/2015        Magical Mondays: Trading Magic and Disabilities

3/09/2015        Magical Mondays: Magic, Mutations, and Red Queen

3/02/2015        Magical Mondays: Tanuki 101

2/23/2015        Magical Mondays: Omniscience and Aladdin’s Genie

2/16/2015        Magical Mondays: Revisiting the Old Kingdom with Clariel

2/09/2015        Magical Mondays: Magic and Magicians in The Raven Cycle

2/02/2015        Magical Mondays: Dragon Ball Z, Raising the Dead, and a Lack of Consequences

1/26/2015        Magical Mondays: Fairies are Jerks and That’s Awesome

1/19/2015        Magical Mondays: Magical Characters in a Science-Minded World

1/12/2015        Magical Mondays: Baby, My Heart Could Still Fall As Hard in Every Soulbond AU

12/29/2014      Magical Mondays: It’s a Metaphor

12/22/2014      Magical Mondays: Teen Wolf Does Kitsune

12/15/2014      Magical Mondays: V from True Blood

12/08/2014      Magical Mondays: Mirror, Mirror

12/01/2014      Magical Mondays: Prince Lestat and Received Power

11/24/2014      Magical Mondays: Power, Privilege, and Morality in Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic Series

11/17/2014      Magical Mondays: A Song of Ice and Fire, Magic, and Science

11/10/2014      Magical Mondays: Beyond Good and Evil—Spirits and Demons in Dragon Age

11/03/2014      Magical Mondays: Magic and Disease

10/27/2014      Magical Mondays: The Problem with Illusions of Fate’s Magical Privilege

10/20/2014      Magical Mondays: Acts of True Love and Saving Yourself

10/13/2014      Magical Mondays: Teen Wolf Does Banshees

10/06/2014      Magical Mondays: Destiny and How Not to Write Magic

9/29/2014        Magical Mondays: Beauty, Morality, and Magic

9/22/2014        Magical Mondays: Making the Normal Abnormal

9/15/2014        Magical Mondays: Magical Beings and Their Relationships with Animals

9/08/2014        Magical Mondays: Artificial Life in Harry Potter

9/01/2014        Magical Mondays: Sirens and Pandora

8/25/2014        Magical Mondays: Magic is Illegal

8/18/2014        Magical Mondays: Beyond Harry Potter

8/11/2014        Magical Mondays: The Ancient Language in The Inheritance Cycle

8/04/2014        Magical Mondays: Tam Lin and Magic as an Oppressive Tool

7/28/2014        Magical Mondays: Kill Your Double?

7/21/2014        Magical Mondays: Otherbound’s Magical Mystery

7/14/2014        Magical Mondays: The Last Hope and the Virgin Sacrifice

7/07/2014        Magical Mondays: Conception by Love Potion

6/30/2014        Magical Mondays: Laughing at Death

6/23/2014        Magical Mondays: What’s In A Name?

6/16/2014        Magical Mondays: The Law of Conservation of Magic and The Legend of Drizzt

6/09/2014        Magical Mondays: Sleeping Beauty, Fairy Tales, and Inserting Magic Into Magic-less Narratives

6/02/2014        Magical Mondays: Magic as a Curse in Final Fantasy XIII

5/26/2014        Magical Mondays: The Inner Magic of Princesses

5/19/2014        Magical Mondays: Ghosts in Geek Culture

5/12/2014        Magical Mondays: Alternate Realities are Hard

5/05/2014        Magical Mondays: Magic and Stunted Technologies

4/28/2014        Magical Mondays: Dawn of the New World and A Different Brand of Magic

4/21/2014        Magical Mondays: Clariel and the Old Kingdom Trilogy

4/14/2014        Magical Mondays: Magic and Science

4/07/2014        Magical Mondays: Magic as a Coping Method

3/31/2014        Magical Mondays: Your Future Will Always Suck if You Can Predict It

3/24/2014        Magical Mondays: Hammer of Witches

3/17/2014        Magical Mondays: The Dragons of The Inheritance Cycle and Deus ex Machinae

3/10/2014        Magical Mondays: Religion and World Building in Teen Wolf

3/03/2014        Magical Mondays: Wands and Other Tools

2/24/2014        Magical Mondays: Vampires and Their Limits

2/17/2014        Magical Mondays: Does Frozen’s Magic Run in the Family?

2/10/2014        Magical Mondays: The Mundane and the Magical in Welcome to Night Vale

2/03/2014        Magical Mondays: Magic and Consent

1/27/2014        Magical Mondays: Magic as Allegory

1/20/2014        Magical Mondays: The Force

1/13/2014        Magical Mondays: The Mystical in Middle-earth

1/06/2014        Magical Mondays: Machination and Magic

12/30/2013      Magical Mondays: Rampant and Killer Unicorns

12/23/2013      Magical Mondays: World-Building and Magic in Fanfiction

12/16/2013      Magical Mondays: The Power of Three in Charmed

12/09/2013      Magical Mondays: That Duel That Never Happened

12/02/2013      Magical Mondays: Magic in The Night Circus

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Manga Mondays

Manga Mondays

11/25/2013      Manga Mondays: Oyasumi Punpun

11/18/2013      Manga Mondays: Read or Dream

11/11/2013      Manga Mondays: Alichino

11/04/2013      Manga Mondays: Gosick

10/28/2013      Manga Mondays: Plastic Girl

10/21/2013      Manga Mondays: Attack on Titan

10/14/2013      Manga Mondays: Green Blood (Revisited)

10/07/2013      Manga Mondays: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

9/30/2013        Manga Mondays: Buso Renkin

9/23/2013        Manga Mondays: Secret Stream

9/16/2013        Manga Mondays: Flow

9/09/2013        Manga Mondays: Read or Die

9/02/2013        Manga Mondays: Blank

8/26/2013        Manga Mondays: It’s Not My Fault That My Friend’s Not Popular!

8/19/2013        Manga Mondays: Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World

8/12/2013        Manga Mondays: Prism

8/05/2013        Manga Mondays: Juvenile Orion

7/29/2013        Manga Mondays: Like a Cinderella

7/22/2013        Manga Mondays: Yu-Gi-Oh! R

7/15/2013        Manga Mondays: Hideout

7/08/2013        Manga Mondays: Kono Sora ni Hibike

7/01/2013        Manga Mondays: Dragons Rioting

6/24/2013        Manga Mondays: Dangan Ronpa

6/17/2013        Manga Mondays: Legend of Chun Hyang

6/10/2013        Manga Mondays: Durarara!!

6/03/2013        Manga Mondays: Tale of Nezha

5/27/2013        Manga Mondays: Trigun

5/20/2013        Manga Mondays: Lament of the Lamb

5/13/2013        Manga Mondays: The Enigma of Amigara Fault

5/06/2013        Manga Mondays: It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular

4/29/2013        Manga Mondays: Ibitsu Special

4/22/2013        Manga Mondays: Fruits Basket

4/15/2013        Manga Mondays: Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth

4/08/2013        Manga Mondays: Wild Ones

4/01/2013        Manga Mondays: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist

3/25/2013        Manga Mondays: Diabolo

3/18/2013        Manga Mondays: Trapped in a Terrible Manga

3/11/2013        Manga Mondays: Scissor Sisters

3/04/2013        Manga Mondays: 3×3 Eyes

2/25/2013        Manga Mondays: The One Piece Journey Continues

2/18/2013        Manga Mondays: Ouran High School Host Club

2/11/2013        Manga Mondays: Valentine Lovers

2/04/2013        Manga Mondays: Green Blood

1/28/2013        Manga Mondays: SA

1/21/2013        Manga Mondays: Naruto

1/14/2013        Manga Mondays: D.N.Angel

1/07/2013        Manga Mondays: Magical Pokémon Journey

12/31/2012      Manga Mondays: Yu-Gi-Oh!

12/24/2012      Manga Mondays: Spiral (Suiri no Kizuna)

12/16/2012      Manga Mondays: How to Melt/Break Rin’s Heart

12/10/2012      Manga Mondays: Darker than Black

11/26/2012      Manga Mondays: New Policewoman Kiruko-san

11/19/2012      Manga Mondays: Centaur’s Worries

11/12/2012      Manga Mondays: How Have We Not Talked About FMA Yet?

11/05/2012      Manga Mondays: The Pini’s Legacy

10/29/2012      Manga Mondays: Mail

10/22/2012      Manga Mondays: Rurouni Kenshin Restoration

10/15/2012      Manga Mondays: Blue Exorcist Chapter 39

10/08/2012      Manga Mondays: Kon Kon Kokon

10/01/2012      Manga Mondays: Gensomaden Saiyuki

9/24/2012        Manga Mondays: Rin-Ne

9/17/2012        Manga Mondays: Hana-Kimi

9/10/2012        Manga Mondays: A Dash of Brotherly Love (For Real)

9/03/2012        Manga Mondays: Saint Dragon Girl Miracle

8/27/2012        Manga Mondays: Love Isn’t for the Weak-Hearted (pt. 2)

8/20/2012        Manga Mondays: Love Isn’t for the Weak-Hearted (pt. 1)

8/13/2012        Manga Mondays: Grave of the Fireflies

8/06/2012        Manga Mondays: Wolf’s Rain

7/30/2012        Manga Mondays: What Do You Do With a Rubber Sailor?

7/23/2012        Manga Mondays: Death Note

7/16/2012        Manga Mondays: Legend of Zelda

7/09/2012        Manga Mondays: The Portrayal of Masculinity and Femininity in Manga and Anime

7/02/2012        Manga Mondays: Kare Kano

6/25/2012        Manga Mondays: Onani Means WHAT?!

6/18/2012        Manga Mondays: Why Junjou Romantica makes this fujoushi uncomfortable

6/11/2012        Manga Mondays: Honey and Clover

6/04/2012        Manga Mondays: Fate Stay-Night

5/28/2012        Manga Mondays: Spirited Away

5/21/2012        Manga Mondays: Trinity Blood

5/14/2012        Manga Mondays: Saint Tail

5/07/2012        Manga Mondays: Did Someone say Boobs?

4/30/2012        Manga Mondays: Dragon Ball Z

4/23/2012        Manga Mondays: Magic Knight Rayearth

4/16/2012        Manga Mondays: Yu Yu Hakusho

4/09/2012        Manga Mondays: More vampires, more problems.

4/02/2012        Manga Mondays: Bitter Virgin

3/26/2012        Manga Mondays: Rurouni Kenshin

3/19/2012        Manga Mondays: Doubt

3/12/2012        Manga Mondays: Silver Spoon

3/05/2012        Manga Mondays: Ibitsu

2/27/2012        Manga Mondays: Let’s 5 with Hikaru no Go!

2/20/2012        Manga Mondays: Ranma 1/2

2/06/2012        Manga Mondays: Fall in Love Like a Comic

1/30/2012        Manga Mondays: Blue Exorcist

1/23/2012        Manga Mondays: Do the Mario

1/16/2012        Manga Mondays: Black Butler

1/09/2012        Manga Mondays: The Return of Takeuchi and A Taste of Sailor Moon Feminism

1/02/2012        Manga Mondays: What even is a combat butler?

12/26/2011      Manga Mondays: Jingle All the Way

12/19/2011      Manga Mondays: Time for a vampire-filled love polygon…

12/12/2011      Manga Mondays: Waving the White Flag of Love

11/21/2011      Manga Mondays: The Pervasive Queer Stereotypes of the Manga World

11/14/2011      Manga Mondays: Seasons of Love

11/07/2011      Manga Mondays: Exorcists, Akuma, and Innocence, oh my!

10/10/2011      Manga Mondays: I’m 22 and What Is This?

10/03/2011      Manga Mondays: Soul Eater by Okubo Atsushi

9/26/2011        Manga Mondays: Doujin 101 & Beauty is the Beast

9/19/2011        Manga Mondays: Fairy Tail by Mashima Hiro

9/12/2011        Manga Mondays: Club 9

9/05/2011        Manga Mondays: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

8/29/2011        Manga Mondays: Tomie

8/23/2011        Manga Mondays: Return to Labyrinth

8/08/2011        Manga Mondays: Call Me Princess

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Trailer Tuesdays

Trailer Tuesdays

12/20/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: Assassin’s Creed Trailer 3

12/13/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: The Mummy 2017

12/06/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: Hirune Hime

11/22/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: Kong: Skull Island

11/15/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: The Northlander

11/08/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: Koe no Katachi

10/25/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: Rogue One Redux

10/18/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: Power Rangers 2017

10/11/2016      Trailer Tuesdays: Marvel’s Iron Fist

9/27/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Channel Zero: Candle Cove

9/20/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: The Assassin’s Creed Movie

9/13/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Arrival

8/30/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Timeless

8/23/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Sing

8/16/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Justice League

8/09/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: The Great Wall

7/26/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars Rebels Season 3

7/19/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Movie

7/12/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Doukyuusei

6/28/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Big Fish & Begonia

6/21/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Pete’s Dragon 2016 Official Trailer

6/14/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Moana

5/31/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Beauty and the Beast Teaser Trailer

5/24/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Mass Effect: Andromeda

5/17/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Final Fantasy VII Remake

5/10/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Cleverman

4/26/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Finding Dory

4/19/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars: Rogue One

4/12/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Cupid

3/29/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

3/22/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

3/15/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Orphan Black Season 4

3/08/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Pete’s Dragon 2016

3/01/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Daredevil Season 2

2/23/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Tales of Berseria

2/16/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Independence Day: Resurgence

2/09/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Suicide Squad

2/02/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars Rebels Mid-Season 2

1/26/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns

1/19/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Alice Through the Looking Glass

1/12/2016        Trailer Tuesdays: Agent Carter Season 2

12/22/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: Kubo and the Two Strings

12/15/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Revisited

12/08/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: Captain America: Civil War

11/24/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: The Huntsman: Winter’s War

11/17/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: Shadowhunters TV Series

11/10/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: Indivisible

11/03/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: Hustle Cat

10/27/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

10/20/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: The X-Files

10/13/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: Teen Wolf Season 5 Part B

10/06/2015      Trailer Tuesdays: Little Door Gods

9/29/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Flash Season 2

9/22/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Jungle Book

9/15/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Fifth Wave

9/01/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Heroes Reborn

8/23/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Walking Dead Season 6 and Fear the Walking Dead

8/18/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: We Happy Few

8/11/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Deadpool

8/04/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Good Dinosaur

7/28/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: A Minority Report TV Show?

7/21/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Hitman: Agent 47

7/14/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

7/07/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

6/30/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Lucifer

6/23/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Terminator Genisys

6/16/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Earthbound Beginnings

6/09/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Fantastic Four

6/02/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Teen Wolf Season 5

5/26/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Last Witch Hunter

5/19/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Supergirl

5/12/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Tomorrowland

5/05/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Prophet

4/28/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Little Prince

4/21/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

4/14/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

4/07/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: The Book of Mojo

3/31/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Batman: Arkham Knight

3/24/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Digimon Adventure Tri

3/17/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Crimson Peak

3/10/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Story of Seasons

3/03/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Bilal

2/24/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Game of Thrones Season 5

2/17/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies

2/10/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Hannibal Season 3

2/03/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Inside Out

1/27/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Ant-Man

1/20/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Strange Magic

1/13/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Life Is Strange

1/06/2015        Trailer Tuesdays: Cinderella

12/30/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Orphan Black Season 3

12/23/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Pan

12/16/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Cibele

12/09/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Jurassic World

12/02/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Galavant

11/25/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Agent Carter

11/18/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Jupiter Ascending

11/11/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Avengers: Age of Ultron

11/04/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

10/28/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

10/21/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Big Hero 6

10/14/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: What We Do in the Shadows

10/07/2014      Trailer Tuesdays: Arrow Season 3

9/30/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Supernatural Season 10

9/23/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Tusk

9/16/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Gotham TV Series

9/09/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Horns

9/02/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Sleepy Hollow Season 2

8/26/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Battleborn

8/19/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Walking Dead Season 5

8/12/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

8/05/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Firefly Online

7/29/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: When Marnie Was There

7/22/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Boxtrolls

7/15/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Home

7/08/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Teaser

7/01/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Book of Life

6/24/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Legend of Korra Book 3

6/17/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

6/10/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Giver

6/03/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Transistor

5/27/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Flash

5/20/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Civilization Beyond Earth

5/13/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Never Alone

5/06/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Lucy

4/29/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars Rebels

4/22/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Penny Dreadful

4/15/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

4/08/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: The Maze Runner

4/01/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Orphan Black Season 2

3/25/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Transformers: Age of Extinction

3/18/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Zombillénium

3/11/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: 300: Rise of An Empire

3/04/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Guardians of the Galaxy

2/25/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Game of Thrones Season 4

2/18/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: RoboCop

2/11/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: New, Exciting Worlds to Explore

2/04/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Divergent

1/28/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Justice League: War

1/21/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Godzilla (2014)

1/14/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: Tales From the Borderlands

1/07/2014        Trailer Tuesdays: I, Frankenstein

12/31/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: The Legend of Hercules

12/24/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: How to Train Your Dragon 2

12/17/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: Rocky on Broadway

12/10/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: 47 Ronin

12/03/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

11/26/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: Fun Home

11/19/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: Maleficent

11/12/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: The Tale of Princess Kaguya

11/05/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: X-Men: Days of Future Past

10/29/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

10/22/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: Entity

10/15/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: Frozen

10/08/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: Dangan Ronpa Another Episode

10/01/2013      Trailer Tuesdays: Final Fantasy XV

9/24/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Supernatural Season 9

9/17/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Battle of the Year

9/10/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: The Wind Rises

9/03/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Teaser

8/27/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

8/20/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Thor 2 Official Trailer

8/13/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: The LEGO Movie

8/06/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Jack et la Mechanique Du Coeur

7/30/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Catching Fire Comic-Con Trailer

7/23/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: The Walking Dead Season 4

7/16/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Saving Mr. Banks

7/09/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Brave New World

7/02/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: The Wolverine

6/25/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: The Lone Ranger

6/18/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Equestria Girls

6/11/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Monsters University

6/04/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: After Earth

5/28/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

5/21/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Animal Crossing—New Leaf

5/14/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Pippin on Broadway

5/07/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Thor 2: The Dark World

4/30/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Carrie 2013

4/23/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: So Much Ado

4/16/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Catching Fire

4/09/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Jurassic Park 3D

4/02/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Knights of Badassdom

3/26/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Despicable Me 2

3/19/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Ore to Omae no sa o Oshiete Yaru yo

3/12/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Epic

3/05/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Man of Steel (Again)

2/26/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: The ABCs of Death

2/19/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Jack the Giant Slayer

2/12/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: From Up On Poppy Hill (English)

2/05/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: World War Z

1/29/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Oblivion

1/22/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Girls Against Boys

1/15/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Pacific Rim

1/08/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: Identity Thief and The Heat

1/01/2013        Trailer Tuesdays: After Earth

12/25/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Warm Bodies

12/18/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Les Misérables

12/11/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Star Trek Into Darkness

12/04/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: City of Bones Teaser

11/27/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Beautiful Creatures

11/20/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Some more Hobbit

11/13/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: More Rise of the Guardians

11/06/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Silent Night

10/30/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Rise of the Guardians

10/23/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Iron Man 3

10/16/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: The Walking Dead Video Game

10/09/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

10/02/2012      Trailer Tuesdays: The Host

9/25/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Pitch Perfect

9/18/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Star Wars Season 5

9/11/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Looper

9/04/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Deadpool the Game

8/28/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: The Adventures of Merlin Season 5

8/21/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Once Upon a Time Season 2

8/14/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Oz, the Great and What Now?

8/07/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: The Walking Dead

7/31/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Tekken Tag Tournament Two’s Girl Power Trailer

7/24/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Man of Steel

7/17/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Wreck-It Ralph

7/10/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Revolution

7/03/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Continental Drift

6/26/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Honest Trailers

6/19/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

6/05/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Breaking Dawn Part 2

5/29/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Snow White and the Huntsman… Again.

5/22/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Prometheus

5/15/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Dokapon Kingdom

5/08/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: The Amazing Spider-Man… Again

5/01/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: G.I. Joe 2

4/24/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Ni no Kuni

4/17/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Jack the Giant Killer

4/10/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Pride and Prejudice and Ouran High School Host Club

4/03/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

3/27/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Doctor Who Series 7!

3/20/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: The Avengers… again.

3/13/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Frankenweenie

3/06/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Wrath of the Titans

2/28/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: The Legend of Korra

2/21/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Static Shock Blackout

2/14/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Resident Evil Retribution

2/07/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

1/31/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: Underworld Awakening

1/24/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: From Up On Poppy Hill

1/17/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: The Woman in Black

1/10/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: The Hunger Games

1/03/2012        Trailer Tuesdays: The Amazing Spider-Man

12/27/2011      Trailer Tuesdays: The Hobbit

12/20/2011      Trailer Tuesdays: The Dark Knight Rises

12/13/2011      Trailer Tuesdays: Men in Black 3

12/06/2011      Trailer Tuesdays: Cabin in the Woods

11/15/2011      Trailer Tuesdays: Snow White and the Huntsmen

11/08/2011      Trailer Tuesdays: Inheritance

10/11/2011      Trailer Tuesdays: The Avengers

10/4/2011        Trailer Tuesdays: Once Upon a Time

9/27/2011        Trailer Tuesdays: Final Fantasy XIII-2

9/21/2011        Trailer Tuesdays: In Time

9/13/2011        Trailer Tuesdays: Arkham City

9/07/2011        Trailer Tuesdays: Brave

8/30/2011        Trailer Tuesdays: Breaking Dawn

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Web Crush Wednesdays

Web Crush Wednesdays

12/07/2016      Web Crush Wednesdays: Are They Gay?

11/30/2016      Web Crush Wednesdays: The ‘Other’ Love Story

11/23/2016      Web Crush Wednesdays: Superheroes in Full Color

11/16/2016      Web Crush Wednesdays: Queerly Represent Me

11/09/2016      Web Crush Wednesdays: Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross

10/26/2016      Web Crush Wednesdays: Character Reveal

10/19/2016      Web Crush Wednesdays: Check, Please!, the Internet’s Most Adorable Soft Bro Webcomic

10/12/2016      Web Crush Wednesdays: Kitty Horrorshow

9/28/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: VirusComix

9/21/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Namesake

9/14/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Order of Belfry

9/07/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: All For One

8/24/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Siren’s Lament

8/17/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: A Tale of Two Rulers

8/10/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Kamikaze

7/27/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Love Is Strange

7/13/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Ikenfell

6/29/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Lady of the Shard

6/22/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Podcasts Collected

6/15/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Bad Bad Things

6/01/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Setup Wizard

5/25/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Speculate!

5/18/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: “The Secret Illness” Project

5/11/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Illus Seed and Asagao Academy

4/27/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Daughter of the Lilies

4/13/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: ASL Stew

3/30/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Jessica Marzipan

3/23/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Rent-A-Minority

3/16/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Rise of the Guardians Comic

3/09/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Starling

3/02/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Trans Girls of Myth and Legend

2/24/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Fan Bros Show

2/17/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Fat Safe Medical

2/10/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Princess Love♥Pon

2/03/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Finite Incantatem

1/27/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Shugs & Fats

1/20/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tavern

1/13/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Oglaf

1/06/2016        Web Crush Wednesdays: Always Human

12/23/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Healthy Roots

12/16/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Kiro’o Games

12/09/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Sammus

12/02/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: A:TLA Annotated

11/18/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Yangyang Mobile and The Letter

11/11/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Star Trek Novelty Twitter

11/04/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Low Spoons Food

10/28/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Black Girl Nerds

10/21/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Sketchy Panda Games and Aberford

10/15/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Twife or Death

10/07/2015      Web Crush Wednesdays: Edge of Normal

9/30/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Shit People Say to Women Directors

9/23/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color

9/16/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Strong Female Protagonist

9/02/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Satrians

8/25/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Indie Game Website—

8/19/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Halosche Two More Eggs!

8/12/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Heartless, a Promising New Webcomic

8/05/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Nerdy Nummies

7/29/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Autistic Life Hacks

7/22/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Match 3

7/15/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Carmilla the Webseries

7/08/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Fanmixes

7/01/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Triggering TV

6/24/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: #GamingLooksGood

6/17/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: @ProBirdRights

6/10/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Wayward Daughters

6/03/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Cute Demon Crashers

5/27/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Unconsoleable

5/20/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Alice Grove

5/13/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: 15 Below LGBT+

5/06/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Book Dragon

4/29/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: PBS Idea Channel

4/22/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

4/15/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Bisexual Books

4/08/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: OC Survey

4/01/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Feminist Jabberwocky

3/25/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Games Writing at Offworld

3/18/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Pixelles

3/11/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Witchy

3/04/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Blindsprings

2/25/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Fifty Shades of Understanding (Hopefully)

2/18/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Olympus Overdrive

2/11/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Baker Street

2/04/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Spawn On Me Podcast

1/28/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Pop Culture Happy Hour

1/21/2015        Web Crush Wednesday: Kat Blaque

1/14/2015        Web Crush Wednesdays: Isometric Gaming Podcast

1/07/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: What’s Normal Anyway?

12/31/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Feminist Hacker Barbie

12/24/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Let’s Play Social Justice

12/17/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Millennial Gospel

12/10/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Mystery Ben and the Ghost Fandom

12/03/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Eat, Game, Live

11/26/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Chubby Cosplay

11/19/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: FemHype

11/12/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: #cosbymeme

11/05/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: carohoku and Welcome to Night Vale in ASL

10/29/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Comics Survival Kit

10/22/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Cindy

10/15/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Adam Warrock—Pop Culture Hip-Hop

10/08/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: MisSpelled

10/01/2014      Web Crush Wednesdays: Yes Even Accountants

9/24/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Manfeels Park

9/17/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Game Phobias

9/10/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Emma Approved

9/03/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Depression Quest

8/27/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Bara Demon and Guy

8/20/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: #iftheygunnedmedown

8/13/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Disability in Kidlit

8/06/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: MediAvengers

7/30/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Shoomlah

7/23/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Rejected Princesses

7/16/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Diversity Cross-Check

7/09/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Extra Credits—Because Games Matter

7/02/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Hillywood Show

6/25/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Nerdy and Quirky and Elise

6/18/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Hogwarts is Here

6/11/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Superfruit

6/04/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Laser Girls

5/28/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Fangirl Quest

5/21/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Source Code in TV and Films

5/14/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Satan and Me

5/07/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Franchesca Ramsey

4/30/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Femslash Revolution

4/23/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Tales of Cooking

4/16/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Repair Her Armor

4/09/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Mya Gosling

4/02/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Fandom Grammar

3/26/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Oh Joy, Sex Toy

3/19/2014        Web Crush Wednesday Addams?

3/12/2014        Web Crush Wednesday: Cosplaying While Black

3/05/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Con or Bust

2/26/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Not in the Kitchen Anymore

2/19/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: transclothesswap

2/12/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: IRIS

2/05/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Stupid Boys Hit Each Other with Sticks and It’s Amazing

1/29/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: bettersupes

1/22/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Sherlock: The Game

1/15/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: haterfreewednesdays

1/08/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Yu+Me Dream

1/01/2014        Web Crush Wednesdays: Lose the F*$#ing Misogyny

12/25/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: The Show

12/18/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: ColeenaWu

12/11/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: Big Bang Press

12/04/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: Mamrie Hart

11/27/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: The Season of Giving

11/20/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: Evan MacIsaac

11/13/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: Is This Feminist?

11/06/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: The Princess

10/23/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: Letters to an Asexual

10/16/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: Hark! A Vagrant

10/09/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: Blinky500

10/02/2013      Web Crush Wednesdays: The Doubleclicks

9/25/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Operafantomet

9/18/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Fifty Shades of Green Completed

9/11/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Ask A Slave

9/04/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Colleen Ballinger

8/28/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Meekakitty

8/21/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: “We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

8/14/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Video Games Awesome

8/07/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: An Eldritch Horror for the Third-Wave Net Feminist.

7/24/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Nimona & Necropolis

7/17/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: 50 Shades of Green

7/10/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: MoonSticks

7/03/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: FeministTaylorSwift

6/26/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Alexandra Douglass and ‘The Cloud Factory’

6/19/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Sailor Moon Collectibles

6/12/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Sex Positive with Laci Green

6/05/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Dysfunctional Family Circus

5/29/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Imagine Your OTP

5/22/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Diversity in YA

5/15/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Feminist Ryan Gosling

5/08/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Recycled Movie Costumes

5/01/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: A Game of Thrones Supplement

4/24/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Smart Girls Channel

4/17/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Robot Unicorn Attack

4/10/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: okaynate

4/03/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: OC Remix

3/27/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Tee Turtle

3/20/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

3/13/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Rantasmo

3/06/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Beth Hoyt

2/27/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Gourmet Gaming

2/20/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Feminist Disney

2/13/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Tim Helbig

2/06/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Food Network Humor

1/30/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Garfunkel and Oates

1/23/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: The YUNiversity

1/16/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Onion

1/09/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Vi Hart

1/02/2013        Web Crush Wednesdays: Escher Girls

12/19/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: Albinwonderland

12/12/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: Geeking Out with Kerri Doherty

12/05/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: Two Whole Cakes

11/28/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: xkcd

11/21/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: Big Time Reason to Smile

11/14/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: Groupon Says

11/07/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: James Bond Lifestyle

10/31/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: All Hallow’s Read

10/24/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: Adam The Woo

10/17/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: BAMF Girls Club

10/10/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: Mr. Creepy Pasta

10/03/2012      Web Crush Wednesdays: Fallen London

9/26/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: People Who Pull Pranks at Stores

9/19/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson

9/12/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Broadway Abridged

9/05/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Horizon

8/29/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Tom and Lorenzo

8/22/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Curiosity Landing Team!

8/15/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: MyMusic

8/08/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Bioware According to Mom

8/01/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Spider-Man

7/25/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Meanwhile Misha

7/18/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: GakiFiles and Downtown

7/11/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Bunnimation

7/04/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Carlos Pena Jr.

6/27/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Batman and Sons

6/20/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Sporkings and Completely Random Videos I Found

6/13/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Grace Helbig

6/06/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: This One is for All the Streamers Out There

5/23/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: The More I Arty

5/16/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Flutiebear

5/09/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: How It Should Have Ended

5/02/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: #whatshouldwecallme

4/25/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Geek and Sundry

4/18/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Kaiser Mony

4/11/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Hannah Hart

4/04/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Big Picture

3/21/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Asexuality Visibility an Education Network (AVEN)

3/14/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Hyperbole and a Half

3/07/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Skottie Young

2/29/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Amy Mebberson

2/22/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Tim Schafer and Double Fine

2/15/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Cooler Steve Martin

2/08/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Zero Punctuation

2/01/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Geek Therapy

1/25/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Pagan Perspective

1/18/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Internet

1/11/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: Not Literally

1/04/2012        Web Crush Wednesdays: The Geek Ideologies

12/28/2011      Web Crush Wednesdays: Sarah Haskins

12/21/2011      Web Crush Wednesdays: Mike Maihack

12/14/2011      Web Crush Wednesdays: ItsJustSomeRandomGuy

12/07/2011      Web Crush Wednesdays: Top 10 Fan Videos

11/23/2011      Web Crush Wednesdays: DC Women Kicking Ass

11/16/2011      Web Crush Wednesdays: Joker Blogs

10/12/2011      Web Crush Wednesdays: The Guild and Pancake, Pancake, Pancake

9/28/2011        Web Crush Wednesdays: “Feminist Frequency”

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Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays

12/15/2016      Throwback Thursdays: Spindle’s End

12/08/2016      Throwback Thursdays: The Langoliers

12/01/2016      Throwback Thursdays: Disney’s Mulan and Representation

11/17/2016      Throwback Thursdays: A Horrifying Vision of the Present from Final Fantasy VII

11/10/2016      Throwback Thursdays: Chrono Crusade

10/27/2016      Throwback Thursdays: The Pagemaster

10/20/2016      Throwback Thursdays: A Series of Unfortunate Events

10/13/2016      Throwback Thursdays: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

9/29/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Fox and the Hound

9/22/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Sailor Moon S

9/15/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Batman: The Animated Series, “Harley and Ivy”, and Feminism

9/08/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Brothers Grimm

8/25/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Masters of the Universe

8/18/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Sword of Shannara

8/11/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Oliver & Company

7/28/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Cardcaptor Sakura

7/21/2016        Throwback Thursday: Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

7/14/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Batman & Robin

7/07/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Jet Force Gemini

6/23/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Book of Night with Moon

6/16/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Gargoyles

6/02/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Magic Users Club

5/26/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

5/19/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Growing Wings

5/12/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Congo

4/28/2016        Throwback Thursdays: A Wrinkle in Time

4/21/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Return of the Jedi

4/14/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Alias

3/31/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Spy Kids

3/24/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Dragon Flyz

3/17/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Eragon Movie

3/10/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Independence Day

3/03/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Jumanji

2/25/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Phantom Tollbooth

2/18/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Sky Dancers

2/11/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Matrix Broke the ’90s

2/04/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Empire Strikes Back

1/31/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Patricia C. Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles

1/21/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Galaxy Quest

1/14/2016        Throwback Thursdays: Star Wars: Yoda Stories

1/07/2016        Throwback Thursdays: The Mummy

12/24/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Blade

12/17/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Yes, I Am Only Just Now Watching The X-Files

12/10/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Which Witch?

12/03/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

11/19/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Men in Black

11/12/2015      Throwback Thursdays: The Dragonriders of Pern

11/05/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Tithe by Holly Black

10/29/2015      Throwback Thursdays: The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Autonomy of Creations

10/22/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Spoopy Halloween Movies to Revisit this Week

10/15/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Time Cat

10/08/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Ella Enchanted

10/01/2015      Throwback Thursdays: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

9/24/2015        Throwback Thursdays: The Witches

9/17/2015        Throwback Thursdays: 16-Bit Final Fantasy

9/03/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Pete’s Dragon

8/27/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

8/20/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Disney’s Hercules

8/13/2015        Throwback Thursdays: StarCraft

8/06/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

7/30/2015        Throwback Thursdays: The Fifth Element Holds Up to the Test of Time

7/23/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Bulma and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z

7/16/2015        Throwback Thursdays: The Last Unicorn

7/09/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Goosebumps: A Night in Terror Tower

7/02/2015        Throwback Thursdays: World’s Finest

6/25/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Dinosaurs!

6/18/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Zoo Tycoon

6/11/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Pokémon: The First Movie

6/04/2015        Throwback Thursdays: The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy

5/28/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Invader Zim

5/21/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Pharaoh + Cleopatra

5/14/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Voyage of the Basset: Islands in the Sky

5/07/2015        Throwback Thursdays: DBZ, Imma Let You Finish, but Yu Yu Hakusho Was the Best Shounen Anime of the 90’s

4/30/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Digimon Adventure

4/23/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders

4/16/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Star Wars Animated Adventures: Ewoks

4/09/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Gemstone IV

4/02/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Changing Character Roles With Style in Princess Tutu

3/26/2015        Throwback Thursdays: The Rumpelstiltskin Problem

3/19/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Sky High

3/12/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

3/05/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home aka “The One with the Whales”

2/26/2015        Throwback Thursdays: 1996’s The Phantom

2/19/2015        Throwback Thursdays: The Blue Crown

2/12/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Babylon 5

2/05/2015        Throwback Thursdays: 80s Storm

1/29/2015        Throwback Thursdays: Sonic the Hedgehog

1/22/2015        Throwback Thursdays: The Perilous Gard

1/15/2015        Throwback Thursdays: You Mattered, Animorphs

1/08/2015        Throwback Thursdays: The Justice League Animated Series, Wonder Woman, & Sexism

12/25/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

12/18/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

12/11/2014      Throwback Thursdays: A Troll in Central Park

12/04/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Jean-Luc Picard, Last of the Great White Men

11/27/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Addams Family Values

11/20/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Meet The New Mutants

11/13/2014      Throwback Thursdays: FLCL

11/06/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Tamora Pierce is Better than Your Faves

10/30/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Help, It’s 2014 and I’ve Only Just Discovered Xena: Warrior Princess

10/16/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Stargate SG-1

10/09/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Jet Set Radio

10/02/2014      Throwback Thursdays: Josie and the Pussycats

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Theatre Thursdays

Theatre Thursdays

9/25/2014        Theatre Thursdays: How I Learned Representation Matters

9/18/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Theatre of the Oppressed

9/11/2014        Theatre Thursdays: The Last Five Years Film Ready for Release

9/04/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Is Race Lifting in Theatre a Lie?

8/28/2014        Theatre Thursdays: A Character Study of Christine Daaé

8/21/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Diversity, Obligation, and Storytelling

8/14/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Movie Musical Do-Overs

8/07/2014        Theatre Thursdays: My Heart Loves the View, But My Head Doesn’t; or, Girls in the High School Musical Franchise

7/31/2014        Theatre Thursdays: MC Andrew Lloyd Webber

7/24/2014        Theatre Thursday: Holler If Ya Hear Me, Part Trois

7/17/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway and Questions of Multiethnic Casting

7/10/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Evita National Tour Review

7/03/2014        Theatre Thursdays: These Characters Are Really Nice Guys

6/26/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Sondheim Discusses Into the Woods Changes

6/19/2014        Theatre Thursdays: If/Then

6/12/2014        Theatre Thursdays: A Pirate’s Tale Interview

6/05/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Prove Your Worth! Women in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

5/29/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Peter and the Starcatcher

5/22/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Sailor Moon Musical 2014

5/15/2014        Theatre Thursdays: La Traviata and the Shadowbox

5/08/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Blood Ties (As Seen on Orphan Black!)

5/01/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Broadway in Black

4/24/2014        Theatre Thursday: Holler if Ya Hear Me Redux

4/17/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Villains in Musical Theatre

4/10/2014        Theatre Thursdays: La bohème

4/03/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

3/27/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Norm Lewis Set to Star in The Phantom of the Opera

3/20/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Life is a Cabaret, and Cabaret is Life

3/13/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Coriolanus (Again)

3/06/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Swan Lake

2/27/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Lady Day

2/20/2014        Theatre Thursdays: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

2/13/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing

2/06/2014        Theatre Thursdays: King Kong, the Ape’s Alive!

1/30/2014        Theatre Thursdays: A Frozen Musical?

1/23/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Death Note the Musical

1/16/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Chicago

1/09/2014        Theatre Thursdays: Coriolanus

1/02/2014        Theatre Thursdays: tick, tick… BOOM!

12/26/2013      Theatre Thursdays: A Potter play is on the way!

12/19/2013      Theatre Thursdays: Hairspray

12/12/2013      Theatre Thursdays: The LotR musical lives again!

12/05/2013      Theatre Thursdays: Pirira

11/28/2013      Theatre Thursdays: Musical TV Show Episodes

11/21/2013      Theatre Thursdays: The Princess Bride on Broadway… Yay?

11/14/2013      Theatre Thursdays: Knights in Waiting

11/07/2013      Theatre Thursdays: Location, Location, Location

10/31/2013      Theatre Thursdays: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

10/24/2013      Theatre Thursdays: A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do; or Masculinity and Dr. Horrible

10/17/2013      Theatre Thursdays: Rebecca The Musical

10/10/2013      Theatre Thursdays: The Doctor’s a Psycho

10/03/2013      Theatre Thursdays: High School Musical

9/26/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Haters Gonna Hate

9/19/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Is Dr. Horrible Sexist?

9/12/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Notre-Dame de Paris in English

9/05/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Holler If Ya Hear Me

8/29/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Star of Ethiopia Pageant

8/22/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Sex Work as Portrayed in Musicals

8/15/2013        Theatre Thursdays: The New Cinderella is the Best Cinderella

8/01/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Gender, Masculinity, and “The Creation of Man”

7/25/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Is First Date worth a second call?

7/18/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Rest in Peace Cory Monteith

7/11/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Bullets Over Broadway

7/04/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Top Ten Musical Adaptations

6/27/2013        Theatre Thursdays: The Hollow Crown’s Henry V

6/20/2013        Theatre Thursdays: The Imitation Game

6/13/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Select 2013 Tony Performances

6/06/2013        Theatre Thursdays: A Love Letter to Judi Dench

5/30/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Rebecca Hall moving to the stage

5/23/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Celebrating Female Friendships on Stage

5/16/2013        Theatre Thursdays: ‘Into the Woods’ and Onto the Screen!

5/09/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Musical Love Triangles

5/02/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Tony Time!

4/25/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Stop Putting Money In The Jukebox

4/18/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Pippin Broadway Revival

4/11/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Once

4/04/2013        Theatre Thursdays: The Book of Mormon

3/28/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Racism in the Audience

3/21/2013        Theatre Thursdays: A Very Potter Senior Year

3/14/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Matilda the Musical

3/07/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Grease is the Word (and the Word is Sexism)

2/28/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Moulin Rouge

2/21/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Re-staged Les Mis to play Broadway

2/14/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Aladdin Broadway Musical and a salute to Kevin Gray

2/07/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Where My Sketch Comedy Ladies At?

1/31/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Spice Girls Musical

1/24/2013        Theatre Thursdays: The Les Mis Touring Show

1/17/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Repo! The Genetic Opera

1/10/2013        Theatre Thursdays: Flashdance US Premiere

1/03/2013        Theatre Thursdays: The Tempest

12/27/2012      Theatre Thursdays: I Have Heard the People Sing

12/20/2012      Theatre Thursdays: Wicked News Round-Up

12/13/2012      Theatre Thursdays: The Show Must Go On…

12/06/2012      Theatre Thursdays: The Devil’s Carnival

11/29/2012      Theatre Thursdays: Seussical the (Flopped) Musical

11/22/2012      Theatre Thursdays: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

11/15/2012      Theatre Thursdays: Flashdance to Premiere at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Hall

11/08/2012      Theatre Thursdays: Giselle

11/01/2012      Theatre Thursdays: Broadway Back on Track!

10/25/2012      Theatre Thursdays: It’s Just a Jump to the Left

10/18/2012      Theatre Thursdays: Halloween-y Musicals

10/11/2012      Theatre Thursdays: Fiorello!

10/04/2012      Theatre Thursdays: ‘Carrie’ Premiere Cast Recording

9/27/2012        Theatre Thursdays: The Online Musical

9/20/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Amateur ‘Carrie’ Productions

9/13/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Allegiance the Musical

9/06/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Bring it On: The Musical

8/30/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Dinner and a Show

8/23/2012        Theatre Thursdays: A Very Potter Threequel

8/16/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Potted Potter

8/09/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Honoring Marvin Hamlisch

8/02/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Princess Mononoke, the play?

7/26/2012        Theatre Thursdays: ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at the Pittsburgh CLO

7/12/2012        Theatre Thursdays: ‘Evita’ New Broadway Cast Recording Review

7/05/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Disney’s Technical Greatness

6/28/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Magic Mike… the Musical?

6/21/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Tony Performances

6/14/2012        Theatre Thursdays: The Tonys!

6/07/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Evita and the Legend of La LuPone

5/31/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Do You Hear the Trailer Sing?!

5/24/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Beauty and the Beast

5/17/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Holy Musical B@man!

5/03/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Body Image in Ballet

4/26/2012        Theatre Thursdays: A Trip to the Ballet

4/19/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Corbin Bleu stepping into ‘Godspell’ revival

4/12/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Les Miserables – THE MOVIE!!1

4/05/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Christina DeCicco Appreciation Post

3/29/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Evita 2012 Revival

3/22/2012        Theatre Thursdays: Introduction

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Fanfiction Fridays

Fanfiction Fridays

12/16/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: The Wise Man’s Tree by CurrieBelle

12/09/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: Cho Chang and the Jasmine Code by xenokattz

12/02/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: drown on dry land by fairymascot

11/18/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: The Exchange by Goddess of Birth

11/11/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: Second Time Around by wimblydonner

10/28/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: Would You Like Some Lightning With Your Soup? by alyoraShadow

10/21/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: How Kiki Brought Home Every One of Ursula’s Paintings by sorcerous_encampment

10/14/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: but do i want to know? by iswearitt

10/07/2016      Fanfiction Fridays: Light in Oblivion by TheSlytherinRose

9/30/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: this feeling i have towards you by practics

9/23/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: The Chuck Writes Story by lettered

9/16/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Coronation by Lirillith

9/09/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Dumbledore’s Army

8/26/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Maternal Bonds by Ireland_Ranger

8/19/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Bird in a Cage by etothepii

8/12/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Little Rebellions by CompletelyDifferent

7/29/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Fifteen Friends Mukuro Ikusaba Never Had by Miss_Prince

7/23/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: The Problem with Only Conventionally Attractive Women in Video Games

7/22/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Child of the Sea by Nightfoot

7/15/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: I and Love and You (You Plural) by yasaman

7/08/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Human Decency by crowsnest

6/24/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Parental Figures by Jellycho

6/17/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Where My Thought’s Escaping by snorkfics

6/10/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Hollow and Honeycomb by antistar_e

6/03/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: From Out Of Your Soul by hyperion flare

5/27/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Inspired by Actual Documented Accounts… by Selenay

5/20/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Behind the Mirror by Rosage

5/13/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Upside Down by redbrickrose

5/06/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Buried Alive by youmeandthehurricane

4/29/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: how… did you tell your friends by sburbanite

4/22/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: people, not places by kinneys

4/15/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: A Family of Trees Wanting To Be Haunted by Duck_Life

4/08/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Time Flows Ever Onwards by Soundone

4/01/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Earthbound Spook by cest_what

3/25/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: #BringHimHome by MelRows

3/18/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On by Vera

3/11/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Bellus et Bestia by CandidCantrix

3/04/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: here comes the fighter by peppermintcas

2/26/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: White Knight, Burning Bright by blackkkat

2/19/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Preludes and Recollections by nolandsman

2/13/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Creating vs. Consuming Problematic Media: The Fifty Shades of Grey Effect

2/05/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: have you heard by peradi

1/29/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Behind Doors and Masks by dragonwriter24cmf

1/22/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: SMOF by hollimichele

1/15/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Nobody Needs to Know by selenedaydreams

1/08/2016        Fanfiction Fridays: Rey Day

12/18/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: and as I recall you used to be mine by likebrightness

12/11/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: Drag by Pikachumaniac

12/04/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: Broadway Musical by Griftings

11/20/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: In Defiance of All Geometry by idiopathicsmile

11/13/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: Looking Glass by Feynite

11/06/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: i wouldn’t leave you, i would hold you when the last day comes by tragickenobi

10/30/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: Howling Commandos HQ by rageprufrock

10/23/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: Vocabulary by Genuinelies

10/16/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by hannanotmontana

10/09/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: A Long and Weary Way by Canafinwe

10/02/2015      Fanfiction Fridays: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by delicfcd

9/25/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Zen and the Art of Infinite Pizza Maintenance by gyzym

9/18/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: W is For Wordless by misaffection

9/11/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: i do not ask for any crown by Damkianna

8/28/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: A Settlement Between Enemies by quaquaquaqua

8/21/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Those walls I built didn’t even put up a fight by Azalee

8/14/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Saving Victoria Chase (again and again and again) by cinnamonsnaps

8/07/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Living Arrangements by Netgirl_y2k

7/31/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Felix Culpa by Ninjagrrl

7/24/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Envoi by fandomsandcake

7/17/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Seven Nights With Malachite by BlakeLocked

7/10/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: إن سرقت، اسرق جمل، وإن عشقت، اعشق قمر by Lexie

7/03/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: So Many Vows by MotherofFirkins

6/26/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Transitions by Zethsaire

6/19/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: The Hustle by anamatics

6/12/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Fio, Fieri, Factus by oneshycrow

6/05/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: The Pirate Bachelorette by Scribe

5/29/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: It’s In His Kiss by ladyofpride

5/22/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Water and Earth by ssstrychnine

5/15/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Baccano! Double Feature

5/08/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Devil of Mercy by KouriArashi

4/24/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile

4/17/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: see me now by seventhswan

4/10/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: The Cat Problem by raven_jem

4/03/3015        Fanfiction Fridays: The Right Person by sheepybaa

3/20/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves) by MellytheHun

3/13/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) by fallingvoices and radialarch

3/06/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: A Flag That Bears the Name by Chash

2/27/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: To Deliver Grief by nire

2/20/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: The Good Shepard by Wifeofbath

2/13/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: What Spring Does by thrace

2/06/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Things Hidden, Gifts Given by Senri

1/30/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: A Mountain You Scale Without Thinking Of Size by annemari

1/23/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: Bella Figura by basset_voyager

1/16/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: One of the Crazy Ones by starandrea

1/09/2015        Fanfiction Fridays: For Adversity’s Sake by Bug Ugly

12/26/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: one equal temper by hairgel

12/19/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: Brand New Empire by pyrodynamo

12/12/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: No Words Left by RedSkittleQueen

12/05/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: Team 8 by S’TarKan

11/28/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: If Wishes Were Poppy by todisturbtheuniverse

11/21/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: Whoever You Are, Wherever You’ve Come From (This Is Where You Belong) by scribblybits

11/14/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: Cover Up the Sun by Mikkeneko

11/07/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: Rick Macy and the Blue Whistling Thrush by Iphys

10/31/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: The Ace Thing by NoBrandHero

10/24/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: The mixtape Series by verity

10/17/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles ) by proudhousewife

10/10/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: let the girl go by dirgewithoutmusic

10/03/2014      Fanfiction Fridays: The Way Forward by AllTheBellsInVenice

9/26/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Experimental by hotskytrosky

9/19/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Mad Friends by Lauralot

9/12/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: A Sure Thing by thingswithwings

9/05/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Ishara by Madame Mush

8/29/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Out of the Dead Land by emilyenrose

8/22/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: So we all are growing young by CherryIce

8/15/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Asexuality and Dragon Age

8/08/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: The Treaty by MotherofFirkins

8/01/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Of the Devil’s Party by Mermaiddrunk

7/25/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Rebuild by owlmoose

7/18/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Possibilities, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bananas by rosa_acicularis

7/11/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Misunderstood by Quill of Molliemon

7/04/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: A Short-Learned Lesson by Phoenixflame88

6/27/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Her Master’s Words by Defira

6/20/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Ambivalence by Ashley Rabbit

6/13/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Coffee by JackVelvet

6/06/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: How Sweet the Sound by MoreThanSlightly

5/30/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Searching for Remus by ForgottenMoonbeam92

5/23/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Maggie Fitzgerald and the Saltwater Drip by antistar_e

5/16/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Of Sand and Snow by lj_todd

5/09/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: miles to go before i sleep by Avelera

5/02/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: And Thundering Hearts by Rebbe

4/25/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Speak until the dust settles in the place light refused to go by fifthnorthumberland

4/18/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: There is Always Time for Pai Sho by Etienne_Bessette

4/11/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: love is for children and other lies by Fahye

4/04/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: The Queen’s Eyes by underoriginal

3/28/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Show the Lights by partingxshot

3/21/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Faultlines by Luc Court

3/14/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: know and be known by raven_aorla

3/07/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: The Changeling by Silver Spider

2/28/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: The Sad Orphan Kissing Society by Solshine

2/21/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime by owlmoose

2/14/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: It’s Not Always About the Romance

2/07/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: stick with me baby by FreshBrains

1/31/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Family Affairs of the Busybody Sort by aquamarine

1/24/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: There’s No Spark On A Dampened Floor

1/17/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Inky Physics

1/10/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: (i’ll go) wherever you will go by fadeoutin

1/03/2014        Fanfiction Fridays: Seeds

12/27/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: A Strange Adventure with Mrs. Nakamura the Safety Consultant

12/20/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: A Lopsided Symmetry of Sin and Virtue

12/13/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: Enough

12/06/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: seperis’s Reboot Series

11/29/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful

11/22/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: The Serendipity Gospels

11/15/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: Second Generation Roll Call

11/08/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: You’ll Wish You Hadn’t by convexity

11/01/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: Never Getting Over The Walking Dead

10/25/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: The Courtship of Mr. Bond

10/18/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: Iron Grip by Sydelle Rein

10/11/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: Blood and Iron

10/04/2013      Fanfiction Fridays: This summer vacation story is better than yours.

9/27/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Libra by Razor Athane

9/20/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: The Complex Art Of Playing House

9/13/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: non-definitive acts by lymricks

9/06/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Let’s Draw Sherlock’s Culture Challenge

8/23/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Lying is such a Weakness

8/16/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: all the choirs in my head sing, no

8/09/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Explanation by WriteOnForever

8/02/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Project REDWOOD

7/26/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Salt Boy by dornfelder

7/19/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Tessellation

7/12/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Promstuck

7/05/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Whirr and Click by GhostwriterSyo

6/28/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Force over Distance by cleanwhiteroom

6/21/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: They Say of Elves

6/14/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin

6/07/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: An Unexpected Reward

5/31/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Inside the Wallpaper by Queen of the Red Skittle

5/24/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: It’s Quiet Now by inthe_redshirt

5/17/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Anyone up for some old-school slash?

5/10/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: A Villain State of Mind by Mikkeneko

5/03/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Did you need some Dirk Strider feels?

4/26/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Loophole by SaccharineSylph

4/19/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Pokélight

4/12/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Ironsides

4/05/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: To Want Wrong Things

3/22/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: A Fickle Heart

3/15/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: That Which We Are

3/08/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Becoming Pandora

3/01/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: “Grounded”

2/22/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Femslash and ‘Hetalia’

2/15/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: What is Forbidden by EsmeAmelia

2/08/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Femslash February Fairy Tales

2/01/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: “Stupid” by disorient-me

1/11/2013        Fanfiction Fridays: Lunch and Other Obscenities

1/04/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Light and Shadow by rufftoon

12/28/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: When the Music Stops

12/21/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: A Reason for the Season

12/14/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: Shackled By Blood by purplehairedwonder

12/07/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: The Miserable Diaries by Framboise

11/30/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: How to Do Satire Right

11/23/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: The Houseguests by MaybeIfI

11/16/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: All Kidding Aside by Kihin Ranno

11/09/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: The Secret Room

11/02/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: A Higher Form of War by gdgdbaby

10/19/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: The Death of Narcissa Black

10/12/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: Hanging On (At the End of the World)

10/05/2012      Fanfiction Fridays: Home in Motion by nomdeplume13

9/28/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: No Kidding by Curious

9/21/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Always Summer by Ghosty

9/14/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Persistence by Xie

9/07/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: No Strings Attached by Out-Of-Control-Authoress

8/31/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Heart of Stone

8/24/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: The One Where the Master is an Octopus(!)

8/17/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: As a Rose Blooms by kiss-the-thunder

8/10/2012        Fanfiction Follies: Where’s All the Femslash?

8/03/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Shattered by CWBasset

7/27/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Gospel of Deception by thereisafire

7/13/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Why I’m Glad Ginny Is Dating Draco Malfoy by Sarea Okelani

7/06/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: The Irony of Bubblemates by Brodad

6/29/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Over-identifying with Sam Winchester

6/22/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: A Pause in the Air by The Angst Guy

6/15/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Secret Keeper by ermalope

6/08/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: True Love is Arguing about Go

5/25/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Ready, Fire, Aim by gyzym

5/18/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Break Me Open (Cut Out My Heart) by Astrild

5/11/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: ‘Arrivederci’ by Cherry chain

5/04/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Howabout a crossover?

4/20/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Are You There, God? It’s Me, Canada by Jekaro

4/13/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: The unfinished Gilmore Girls fanfic of my dreams

4/06/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Point of no Return by niteryde

3/30/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: The Choice of Family (And It’s Sequels) by Silver Spider

3/23/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: PTSD by raequiem

3/16/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: The Uninvited by oinvu

3/09/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: A Traditional Family Road Trip by Kantayra

3/02/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Kiss or Kill by Mortalus

2/24/2012        Fanfiction Fridays: Training Day by quirkysmuse

9/08/2011        Fanfiction Fridays: Semper Victoria by Katkiller-V

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Sexualized Saturdays

Sexualized Saturdays

12/17/2016      Sexualized Saturdays: “Is Themyscira Even a UN Member Anymore?” A Retrospective Examination of Wonder Woman’s Ambassadorship

12/10/2016      Sexualized Saturdays: What It Means to Be a Girl in Lumberjanes

12/03/2016      Sexualized Saturdays: Choosing Monsters Over Women

10/29/2016      Sexualized Saturdays: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Gender Dichotomy

10/22/2016      Sexualized Saturdays: Teaching Consent to Kids

10/15/2016      Sexualized Saturdays: “I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way” or the Art of Demonizing Women

10/08/2016      Sexualized Saturdays: Even the Devil’s Masculinity Isn’t Safe from Women

9/24/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Spotlight on Bisexual Characters

9/17/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: “The Answer”, Fairy Tales, and Heteronormativity

9/10/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: More Happy Than Not and the Dangers of Compulsory Heterosexuality

8/27/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Worthy of the Name—Thor and Representation

8/20/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Oklahoma! A Sexist Classic!

8/13/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Criticizing Masculinity through Magic in Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

7/30/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: How Saga Fixed a Cliché (with Sex!)

7/23/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: The Problem with Only Conventionally Attractive Women in Video Games

7/16/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Gambit Was Almost Bisexual & the Fear of Queer Characters

7/09/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Tropes and the Bytegeist, an Analysis of Gender in Sunspring

6/25/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: The Problem with Twilight and Gender Roles

6/18/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Finding Solace in #queerselflove

6/11/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: The Dead Lesbian Trope Needs To Die

5/21/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: BDSM Universes in Fanfiction

5/14/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: The Hidden Oracle and Diverse Sexuality for Kids

5/07/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Game of Thrones Still Sticking to Gendered Stereotypes

4/23/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: A Non-Furry’s Defense of Furries

4/16/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Supergirl and a Friendzone Done Right?

4/09/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Hamilton and the Importance of Explicit Queerness

3/26/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Who Run the World? Girls… Er, Witches… Er, Girl Witches—Charmed’s Final Season

3/19/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: BDSM in Fanfiction and Pop Culture

3/12/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Is It Gay if It’s in Space? Queerbaiting and Marceline Gone Adrift

3/05/3016        Sexualized Saturdays: Magnus Bane, the Lovable Freewheeling Bisexual

2/27/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: James Potter, Rape Culture, and Unhealthy Relationships

2/20/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Deadpool, Pansexuality, and LGBTQ+ Issues

2/13/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Creating vs. Consuming Problematic Media: The Fifty Shades of Grey Effect

1/30/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Droids and Gender in Star Wars

1/23/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Jessica Jones as Female Character Study

1/16/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: Comic Book Movies Fail to Portray Queer Characters

1/09/2016        Sexualized Saturdays: The Force Awakens Crushes Gendered Storytelling Stereotypes

12/19/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Bisexuality in Lost Girl

12/12/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Double Standards in Hatred

12/05/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Rape, Agency, and Marvel’s Women

11/21/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Good Women Aren’t Like Other Women

11/14/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: The Elusive, Mysterious Bisexual Male

11/07/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Teen Sex! Teen Sex?

10/31/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Where Are My Butch Queer Heroines?

10/24/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Weaponized Femininity

10/17/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Charmed and the Decline of Female Agency

10/10/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: Rick Sanchez, Unity, and Sexuality

10/03/2015      Sexualized Saturdays: The Curious Case of Transferable Sexuality in iZombie

9/26/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Fathers Raise Sons, but Only Protect Daughters

9/19/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Male Fighters, Loss of Agency, and Masculinity

9/12/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Motherhood vs. Fatherhood in Geek Media

8/29/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Fanfiction, Porn, and the Bigger Story

8/22/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Raised Female Killers and Pursuit of Autonomy

8/15/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Take That, Bembridge Scholars! The Brilliance of The Mummy’s Evelyn Carnahan

8/08/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Sex is Magic! …Or Not: Teen Wolf’s Surprisingly Low-Key Take on Sex

8/01/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Queerness Is for Grownups (or at Least Teenagers)

7/25/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Girls Want To Be Chosen Ones Too

7/11/2015        Sexualized Satudays: Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. Engender Performative Play

6/27/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Suicide Squad and the Harley Quinn Problem

6/20/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: More LGBTQ+ Characters in Fantasy!

6/13/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Powerful Women and the Men Who Love Them

6/06/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Imposed Gender and Asari

5/23/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Game of Thrones and the Sansa-Theon-Ramsay Atrocity

5/16/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Captain America & Male Virginity

5/09/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Childbearing and Womanhood

4/25/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Wait, Are You Saying I Accidentally Bestiality?

4/18/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Noodle’s Top 10 Headcanon Bi Characters

4/11/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Steven Universe and Soft Masculinity

4/04/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Challenging Sexism in the Tortall Universe

3/28/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Winona Kirk, Sexism, & Motherhood

3/14/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Twilight and Fifty Shades of Abusive Relationships

3/07/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: How Gravity Falls Dropped the Ball

2/28/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: The Importance Of LGBTQ+ Heroes

2/21/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Pairings Between Black Women & White Men and the Lack of Acceptance in Fandom

2/14/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Ace’s Top 10 Headcanon Asexual Characters

2/07/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Orphan Black and the Patriarchy

1/31/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: The Sexist & Racist Themes Portrayed Through the Orion Slave Girls

1/24/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Immortal Men and the Mortal Women Who Love Them

1/17/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: So Pumped about Female Friendships

1/10/2015        Sexualized Saturdays: Deconstructing Rape Culture through The Will of the Empress

12/27/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: The Not-So-Charmed Love Lives of the Charmed Ones

12/20/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Starring People or About Them?

12/13/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: “Not Your Angel” or Gender and Morality in Teen Wolf

12/06/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Challenging Inappropriate Affection

11/29/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: On the Tragic Shortage of Queer Elves

11/22/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Man Tears, Female Desires, and Supernatural’s 200th Episode

11/15/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Gendered Powers in the X-Men

11/08/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Bolin and Eska’s Relationship Is Not Funny

11/01/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Subverting the Lolita Trope in Interview with the Vampire

10/25/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Innocence and Sexual Maturity in His Dark Materials, Part 2

10/18/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Innocence and Sexual Maturity in His Dark Materials, Part 1

10/11/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Does Anyone Care About Coming Out Anymore?

10/04/2014      Sexualized Saturdays: Is My Queerness Distracting You?

9/27/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Single Queer Characters Are Still Queer!

9/20/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Attack the Block’s Performance of Masculinity

9/13/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Teen Wolf Doesn’t Have a “Girlfriend Character” Problem

9/06/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Loveless and Virginity

8/30/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Kieren Walker—Unlabeled But Extraordinary

8/23/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Heteronormativity and High School Musical

8/16/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Yet More Mystical Pregnancies

8/09/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Then I Saw Her Face, Still Not a Believer

8/02/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: The Future is (Not) Now

7/26/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Want Queer Characters? Don’t Go To The Movies—Watch TV

7/19/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Queer Stories are Tragic Stories

7/12/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Who Will Watch the Watchmen? or The Unfortunate Case of Ubiquitous Male Oversight

7/05/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Female Chefs in the Media

6/28/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: A Genderqueer Take on Slash Fanfiction

6/21/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Nonexistent Gender and Sexuality in The Giver

6/14/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: The Path, an Indie Horror Game about Women

6/07/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: “I’ve Never Done This Before”

5/31/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: The Price of Existing While Female

5/24/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Ward, Fitz, and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Ideal of Masculinity

5/17/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Polyamory in the Media

5/10/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: The Myth of Virgin Rape in Fanfiction

5/03/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Sirens and the Men Who (Are Forced To) Love Them

4/26/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: The Difference Between Sexy and Sexualized

4/19/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: “It Was Just A Phase. I Didn’t Think It Would Count”: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Kinsey Scale

4/12/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Magical Obligatory Queer Dating

4/05/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Fear of the “Unfeminine”

3/29/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: The Crystal Gems

3/22/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Could Meghan Wallaby Be Considered a Transgender Character?

3/15/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: If the Bechdel Test Isn’t Feminist, What Is?

3/08/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Discussing Gender and Genre within Portal 2

3/01/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Trans, Intersex, and Non-Binary Headcanons

2/22/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Teen Wolf and the Turmoils of Male Puberty

2/15/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: The Double Standard of the Friend Zone

2/08/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: UQ Holder and Genderqueerness

2/01/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Friendship and Femslash

1/25/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Twilight’s Vampires and Children

1/18/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Femslash and Fandom

1/11/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Orphan Black, Genetics, and Sexuality

1/04/2014        Sexualized Saturdays: Derek Hale

12/28/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: The Failings of Reddit

12/21/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: “Stereotype” Doesn’t Always Equal “Bad”

12/14/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: “It’s totally canon now!”

12/07/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: Stiles Stilinski

11/30/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: The Doctor Who Issue

11/23/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: Asexuality in Fiction and Fanfiction

11/16/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: Holy Gender Roles

11/09/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: Queer Representation or Ship Representation?

11/02/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: It’s Getting Medieval Up In Here

10/26/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: Sexism Against Men and Male Stereotypes

10/19/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: Representation and Historical Sexuality

10/12/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: Twincest

10/05/2013      Sexualized Saturdays: Non-Human Characters Outside the Gender Binary

9/28/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Crossplay and Gender

9/21/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: All I Need to Know I Learned From GTA V

9/14/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Sexy Costumes, Slut-Shaming, and Female Superheroes

9/07/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Fruits Baskets

8/31/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: A Petition to Stop Using “Bro-” As a Prefix

8/24/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Transgender People in Comics

8/17/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Which Characters Would You Queer?

8/10/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Camile Wray

8/03/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: The Non-Homophobic Utopia

7/27/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Sex Worker Rights and Inara Serra

7/20/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Women in Game of Thrones

7/13/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Teen Wolf and Consent

7/06/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: On Sterek, Shipping, and Selfishness

6/29/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Oversexualization of Female Villains

6/22/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Is Slash Fanfiction Degrading or/and Homophobic?

6/15/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Girl-Bashing in Yaoi Fics

6/08/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: LGBTQ Characters in Children’s Television

6/01/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Playboys and Fluid Sexuality in Fanfiction

5/25/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Sexualities in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

5/18/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: On Shipping Questions and Questionable Ships

5/11/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: River Song

5/04/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: The Doctor and His Many Companions

4/27/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Star Wars and Interspecies Relations

4/20/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: The ‘Everyone is Gay’ Trope in Fanfiction

4/13/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: A Little Less Penetration, A Little More Action

4/04/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Gay Characters in Children’s Cartoons

3/30/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Queerbaiting

3/23/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Hunter Gathers from The Venture Bros.

3/16/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Rape Culture

3/09/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Why Trigger Warnings are Important

3/02/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: BMO Versus the Fembots

2/23/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Underage Sex in Fanfiction

2/16/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Using sex as a “fix” in fanfiction

2/09/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Serial Killers Are Sexy

2/02/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Cross-Dressing

1/26/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: When Gay Guys Play It Straight

1/19/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: The Over-Sexualized Teenage Girl

1/12/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Don’t hate on pink!

1/05/2013        Sexualized Saturdays: Tops and Bottoms

12/29/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: My 2013 Wishlist

12/22/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: Where are all my dwarf ladies at?

12/15/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: I Want To F*** You Like An Animal

12/08/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: “Straight guys don’t do that!”

12/01/2012      Sexualized Saturdays, or why Christmas is apparently only celebrated by straight couples

11/24/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: Badass Ladies Can’t Have Romance?

11/17/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: Oh, Mr. Bond!

11/10/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: All Women Want is a Date and Nothing Else

10/27/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: Non-Con, Dub-Con, or Just Rape in Fanfiction

10/20/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

10/13/2012      Sexualized Saturdays: Male Pregnancy in Fanfiction

9/29/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Willow Rosenberg

9/22/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: The Sam/Frodo Slash Pairing

9/15/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Priest (1994)

9/08/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Men and Women Can Never Be Friends—And Neither Can Anyone Else

9/01/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: The Doctor is…?

8/25/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Socially Immoral Fanfiction Pairings

8/18/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: I’m not gay, I just love you!

8/11/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Data’s Gender

8/04/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Strong Women are Lesbians

7/28/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Gender Bending

7/21/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: “The Outcast”, aka Rick Berman is an idiot

7/14/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Dean Winchester

7/07/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Captain Jack Harkness

6/30/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Xavin

6/16/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Poison Ivy

6/09/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: The Sims

6/02/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: That cape is fabulous!

5/19/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Lucy Heartfilia

5/12/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Aziraphale and Crowley

5/05/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Peeta Mellark

4/28/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: The Joker

4/21/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Dumbledore

4/14/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman

4/07/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Soifon

3/31/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: The Jedi

3/17/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: The Angels of Supernatural

3/10/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Eragon from The Inheritance Cycle

3/03/2012        Sexualized Saturdays: Sherlock

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Oh, My Pop Culture Religion

Oh, My Pop Culture Religion

Oh, My Pop Culture Religion

12/18/2016      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Legacy of Christian Paternalism in the Harry Potter Universe

12/11/2016      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Scrooge’s Real Sin

12/04/2016      Oh, My Pop Culture Gnosticism: What if God Isn’t God?

11/13/2016      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Rick and Morty and the “No Atheists in Foxholes” Trope

10/30/2016      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Worship the Bomb

10/23/2016      Oh, My Pop Culture Summon: Ifrit from Final Fantasy

10/16/2016      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Possibilities of Digital Religion

10/09/2016      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Problem with Exorcisms

9/25/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Faith and the Romantic Child in The Little Prince

9/18/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Theodicy and The Sparrow

9/11/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Superman: Gnostic Christ Figure or Jewish Prophet?

8/28/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Praying the (Metaphorical) Gay Away: Internalized Religious Homophobia in Genre Fiction

8/21/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Orphan Black and Missing Religious Voices

8/14/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: When Christian Fairy Tales Aren’t So Christian

8/07/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Women, Sexuality, and the Devil

7/24/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Souls in Doctor Who

7/10/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: To Love a God or the Ethics of Mortals & Gods Together

6/26/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: WASPs and Clone Club

6/12/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Faust, the Devil, & Welcome to Night Vale

5/29/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Discrimination in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

5/22/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The 100 and False Religion

5/15/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Lucifer Season Finale & Feminist Theology

5/08/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Faith in Fantasy

4/23/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Apocalypse of Westeros

4/17/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Trickster Gods and Pop Culture

4/10/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The 100 and That Old-Time Religion

3/20/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Faith-Fueled Gods in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Sandman

3/13/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Bad News—The Anti-Gospel of Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist

2/06/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Shadowhunters, Faith, and Prejudice

2/28/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Lucifer and Ethics

2/21/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Theological Gameplay

2/07/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Do Droids Have Souls?

1/31/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Is it Ethical in the Star Wars Universe to Use Droids as Servants?

1/24/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Unitive Mysticism and Digestive Deification in Hannibal

1/17/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Force: Why Christians Love Star Wars (a bit too much)

1/10/2016        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Angel and the Queer God in Rent

12/20/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Sacred Trust

12/13/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Church: Criticizing Organized Religion Doesn’t Have to Be Anti-Religion

12/06/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Gods of Egypt & the Problem with a White God

11/22/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Christian Initiation and Geeky Coming of Age

11/15/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Nam-Shub: Snow Crash and Religion as a Virus

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10/25/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Monks: The Jedi Order and Monasticism

10/18/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Nightmare Before Religious Syncretism

10/11/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Leftovers Season 2

10/04/2015      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Virgin/Whore Dichotomy, & Christianity

9/27/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Hermeneutic of Geek Culture

9/20/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Christianization: Disney’s Hercules as Christ Figure

9/13/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Welcome to Night Vale & Left-Handed Paths

8/30/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Summon: Shiva from Final Fantasy

8/23/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Shintoism, Death Spirits, & Totoro

8/16/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: God is in the Rain?

8/09/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Hebrews and Moneylenders

8/02/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Redemption or Lack Thereof

7/26/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: A Tale of Two Tails

7/19/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: A Deity Field Guide to The Wicked + The Divine Part 3

7/12/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Do Robots & Androids Have Souls?

6/28/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Religious But Not Spiritual

6/21/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Sparrows from A Song of Ice and Fire, Christianity, and Women

6/14/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Faith of Fury Road

6/07/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Firefly and Diversity of Belief

5/31/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Jesus Christ Superstar 2012 Live Arena Tour Review

5/24/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Sky Doll’s Spin on Institutional Religion

5/17/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Judaism: King Solomon the Superhero

5/10/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Mary Sue Spirituality

4/26/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Devil of Hell’s Kitchen: Is Daredevil the Religious Hero We’ve Been Waiting For?

4/19/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Science-Minded Characters & Religion

4/12/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Judaism: Jewish Erasure & Discrimination in the X-Men & Marvel Movie Adaptations

4/05/2015        Oh My Pop Culture Religion: Dune and the Making of a Messiah

3/29/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Satan is Literally a Dark Wizard

3/15/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Complexity of Faith in Dumbing of Age

3/08/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Villainy and Hope

3/01/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Zeus, Hera, Male Power Fantasies, & Female Demonization

2/22/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Pantheon: Sailor Moon and Greco-Roman Mythology

2/15/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Between Prudishness & Abuse: Feminists, Christians, & Fifty Shades of Grey

2/08/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Monks in Geek Culture

2/01/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Star Wars, Prophecies, and Bringing Balance to the Force

1/25/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Superman, Christianity, & Syncretism… Maybe?

1/18/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: When Villains Repent

1/11/2015        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Rape Culture

12/28/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Romani and Notre Dame

12/21/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Goa’uld: When Our Gods are Aliens

12/14/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Theodicy, Dystheism, and Moral Complexity on Hannibal

12/07/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Airbenders and Religious Traditions

11/30/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Prince of Egypt & Acceptable Biblical Storytelling

11/23/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Charmed’s Confusing Afterlife

11/16/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Avatar, Eywa, and Faith

11/09/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Indiana Jones and the Neutered Belief Systems

11/02/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Who Needs an Afterlife, Anyway?

10/26/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Satan: Let’s Talk About Satanism

10/19/2014      Oh My Pop Culture Religion: Job, The Leftovers, and a God Who Does Not Answer

10/12/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Christianity and Wicca/Paganism in Pop Culture

10/05/2014      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Can Religious Violence Ever Be Good?

9/28/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Religious Colonialism in Welcome to Night Vale

9/21/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: A Deity Field Guide to The Wicked + The Divine Part 2

9/14/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Power of Taboo

9/07/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Fandom as Religion?

8/31/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Pantheon: Differences between Marvel’s Thor and Norse Mythology

8/24/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Old Gods and the New

8/17/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Unchristianity: Sandman’s Humanizing Subversion of Common Christian Tropes

8/10/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Authenticity and Doctor Who’s Papal Mainframe

8/03/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Spiritual, but not Religious

7/27/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Lilith: Vampire Religion in True Blood

7/20/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: A Deity Field Guide to The Wicked + The Divine

7/13/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Devil: Prince of Lies, Speaker of Truth?

7/06/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Buddha: The Path Toward Enlightenment in Naruto, Part 2

6/29/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Buddha: The Path Toward Enlightenment in Naruto, Part 1

6/22/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Religion is Not a Joke

6/15/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Believe in a Smiling God

6/08/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Extremist: The Fellowship of the Sun Church from True Blood

6/01/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Nuns in Geek Culture

5/25/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: “It’s Not a Religious Show”

5/18/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Witchcraft: When is a Witch Not a Wiccan? (Quite Often, It Turns Out)

5/11/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Deities: Religious Diversity and Game of Thrones

5/04/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Catholic Ethics & Sex Between Humans and Non-Humans

4/27/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Resurrection: Who Gets to Come Back?

4/20/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Consumerism and Geek Culture

4/13/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Orphan Black’s Missed Opportunity for Faith-Based Redemption

4/06/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Power of Belief

3/30/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Why Are There No Female Religious Leaders in Geek Culture?

3/23/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Protestant Theology in the Divergent Trilogy

3/16/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Religious Purity

3/09/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Top 5 Female Religious Figures That Should Be On TV

3/02/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Vodou: Loa Misrepresentation in American Horror Story: Coven, or Will the Real Papa Legba Please Stand Up?

2/23/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Not-Jesus: How Harry Potter Ceases to be a Christ Figure

2/16/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Goddess: Transgender Issues in Wicca and Paganism

2/09/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Steven Moffat, the New Feminist

2/02/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Pantheon: The Dwarf Gods from Inheritance Cycle

1/26/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Brother vs. Brother in Supernatural

1/19/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Authority: The Problem of God in His Dark Materials

1/12/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Whitewashing of Christianity

1/05/2014        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Religion and Culture in Inheritance Cycle

12/29/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Warrior Priests and Armies of God

12/22/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Real Meaning of Christmas

12/15/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Geek Nativity Scenes

12/08/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Mary: The Patriarchal Feminine

12/01/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Jewish Representation

11/24/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Fallen Angels and Redeemed Demons

11/17/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Where are all the Orthodox Christians?

11/10/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Native American Religion in Pop Culture

11/03/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Excelsior: Where Are The Religious Superheroes, Marvel?

10/27/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Wicca: Magic/Witchcraft is Evil (It’s Not Really)

10/20/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Supernatural Beings: Angels in Pop Culture

10/13/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Exorcisms in Pop Culture

10/06/2013      Oh, My Pop Culture Speaker for the Dead: Orson Scott Card and Ender’s Universe

9/29/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Religious Practice in the Potterverse

9/22/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Zealotry: Religious Fanaticism in Fiction

9/15/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Positive Portrayals of Catholics

9/08/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Voodoo: The Princess and the Frog

9/01/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Case for a Genderqueer God

8/25/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Religion-Inspired Character Names

8/18/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Deity: The Gods Do My Bidding!

8/11/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: You’re Doing It Wrong

8/04/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Allah: The Burka Avenger

7/28/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Where are the Religious Feminists?

7/21/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Harry Potter and the Code of Canon Law

7/14/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Pantheon: Syncretism in Pop Culture

7/07/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Morality of Murder in Superman

6/30/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Religious Reversals

6/23/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Jesus the Man of Steel

6/16/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Rules of the Universe

6/09/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Jesus and the Twelfth Doctor

6/02/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Limbo: I’ll just… wait here, then.

5/26/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Rebirth: Reincarnation in Fiction

5/19/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Hell: Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

5/12/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Knows Two Gods, Still a Christian

5/05/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Paradise: How Far is Heaven?

4/28/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Pinkie Sense: Science versus Faith in My Little Pony

4/21/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: vocation, Vocation!

4/14/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Catholic Clergy and Pop Culture

4/07/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Elder Gods: The Cthulu Mythos

3/31/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Women & the Good News of Easter

3/24/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture God Tier: The Price of Godlike Powers

3/17/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Tactical Advantage: Gods + Kings

3/10/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Iluvatar: Tolkien’s Mythology

3/03/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Devil Went Down to Disney

2/24/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture… Devil? Doctor Who’s Impossibly Confusing Planet

2/17/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Universal Salvation, The Devil, and Fanfiction

2/10/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Christian Social Justice and Les Misérables

2/03/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Jesus in Musicals

1/27/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Deities: The gods are aliens?

1/20/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Myth that Atheism Will Fix the World

1/13/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Jean Valjean, Javert, and Theology

1/06/2013        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Manny (Man in Moon)

12/30/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Religion in Battlestar Galactica

12/23/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: It’s Almost Religious

12/16/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Aerith (aka Aeris)

12/09/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Religion in Star Trek

12/02/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: “Girl on Fire”

11/25/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Disney’s Divine Intervention

11/18/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Emperor’s New Groove

11/11/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: If Chuck is God

11/04/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Holy Mother of God!

10/28/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Mr. Deity

10/21/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Deity: The God-Doctor

10/14/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Free Will and Personal Responsibility

10/07/2012      Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Fate vs. Free Will

9/23/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Princess Celestia

9/16/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Dear Fandom, It’s Not Always the Catholics

9/09/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: An Examination of Clergy in Anime

9/02/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Savior is Missing

8/26/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Power of Christ Compels You!

8/19/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Sympathy for the Devil

8/12/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Deity: Judaism in Anime

8/05/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Shinigami: The Gods of Death

7/29/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Devil is Totally Evil

7/22/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Religion in Harry Potter

7/15/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Trickster: Loki in Pop Culture

7/01/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Devil

6/24/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Christian Objects Are Magic

6/10/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Pantheon: Gods Alive!

6/03/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Vishnu: Hinduism in Pop Culture

5/27/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Let’s Make a Deal!

5/20/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Warning for Blasphemy in Fanfiction?

5/06/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Christianity in Anime

4/29/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Humanity at the End of the World

4/22/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Antichrist

4/08/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: It’s Easter

4/01/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Evil Woman or the Whore of Babylon

3/25/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The End is Here

3/18/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: O Death!

3/04/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Divine Feminine

2/26/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Christ Figures

2/12/2012        Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus!

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1/19/2016        Sexism in the Future and Female Representation in Dark Matter

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12/09/2015      The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: Nowhere Near as Good as I Remembered

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9/23/2015        Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Padmé Amidala, and the Lack of Focus

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7/20/2015        The Ant-Man Movie We Could Have Had

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9/12/2014        Revisiting Bleach: The Rescue Episodes 42–63

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6/14/2013        Man of Steel

6/11/2013        Ace plays Final Fantasy VII: The Religion

6/05/2013        After Earth

6/04/2013        Teen Wolf Season Three Premiere

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3/29/2013        Teen Wolf and Feminism: Is It This Generation’s Buffy or Does It Need to Be Slayed?

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2/28/2013        War of the Arrows

2/26/2013        Ace plays Final Fantasy X-2: The Sexism

2/21/2013        Ace plays Final Fantasy X: A Response

2/20/2013        Ace plays Final Fantasy X: The Sexism

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1/27/2013        Ace plays Final Fantasy X: The Oppressive Religious Plot Hole

1/21/2013        Ace plays Final Fantasy X: The Religion

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12/28/2012      Aliens Did It!

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11/23/2012      Ace and Saika watch Rise of the Guardians

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Lady Saika

Lady Saika

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9/25/2012        This is an Avengers Appreciation Post.

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8/31/2012        RIP Neil Armstrong

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8/28/2012        Today is Read Comics in Public Day!

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8/26/2012        On Galactic Pretty Boys and Too-Busy Storylines

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1/21/2012        Homophobia and Slash Fanfiction

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7/23/2011        Anime Review: Gosick

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9/16/2014        “In the Streets It’s Getting Hot”: Attack the Block and Racial Inequality

9/03/2014        Five Reasons You Should Read The True Meaning of Smekday

6/26/2014        A Scandal in Chinatown: Elementary, Sherlock, and Modern-Day Yellow Fever

5/01/2014        It’s Asian-American Heritage Month! So how is TV looking?

4/03/2014        Did You Geek Out This April Fools’ Day?

3/28/2014        The Devil Made Me Do It: Possession as Plot Device

3/20/2014        You Can’t Take The Sky From Me: Racebending the Firefly Universe

3/17/2014        Is It Time For Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow Yet?

2/24/2014        Will You Be Watching the Supernatural Spinoff?

1/30/2014        Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero Gets Nine Out of Ten

12/18/2013      Doctor Who? Your Guide to the Newest Doctor

12/01/2013      Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Roundup

11/12/2013      Why Is There So Much Slash Fic?: Some Analysis of the AO3 Census

8/30/2013        The Mako Mori Test—A Good Alternative to Bechdel?

8/16/2013        On Coverflipping and Perceived Intent

7/30/2013        Reactions and Responses to Doctor Who and Race

5/06/2013        Ink and Luce Talk About Racial Issues: “Following the Plot”

5/01/2013        It’s Asian-American Heritage Month! So how’s it looking out there for Asians on TV?

3/07/2013        Martha Jones and the Culture of Casual Racism

2/05/2013        Book Review: “The Curse Workers” Trilogy

1/27/2013        The Less White You Are, The Less Visible You Are—Wait, What?

1/24/2013        Let’s Put the “Gender” Back in Genderbending

12/30/2012      Can We Have More Minority Representation in the New Year?

12/11/2012      Colbert and Back Again: “Hobbit Week” with Stephen Colbert

12/05/2012      So You Want to Be a Strong Empowered Female Character? The Hawkeye Initiative Can Help

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12/02/2016      Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Nature, and Community

11/20/2016      Sailor Moon R: The Movie: Does the “R” Stand for “Really Gay”?

11/11/2016      Rin Plays: Style Savvy: Fashion Forward

10/28/2016      Season of the Witch: Halloweentown Still a Blessing Twenty Years Later

10/25/2016      Season of the Witch: Charmed By Little Witch Academia

10/18/2016      Season of the Witch: Sabrina the Teenage Witch Doesn’t Exactly “Harm None”

10/10/2016      Season of the Witch: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Should Be Banished

9/16/2016        Fandom, Fujoshi, and Free!

9/09/2016        Rin Plays: Mystic Messenger

8/30/2016        Reality into Dreams, then Back Again: Paprika and Male Entitlement

8/15/2016        Character Development Doesn’t End at Marriage: Ore Monogatari’s Yuriko and Older Female Characters

8/08/2016        Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Business with “Bismuth”

6/26/2016        Black the Beast: Looking At RWBY Season 3

6/21/2016        Gender Identity, Expression, and Harvest Moon

6/18/2016        A Long, Slow Climb: E3’s Tentative Chips at Breaking the Mold

5/31/2016        Re-Exploring My Love for Red Ring Rico

5/26/2016        Rin Plays: Hustle Cat

5/21/2016        Defying Gravity: Faith “Hollywood & Vine” Oughta Be in Pictures

5/09/2016        Back to the Drawing Board: Whitewashing in Current Media

4/28/2016        You’re Never Weird on the Internet: Embracing Weirdness in a World that May Not Understand It

4/18/2016        Rin Plays: Fire Emblem Fates

4/12/2016        Gamer Complaints Reach the “Bottom” of the Barrel

3/24/2016        White Is Cold: Looking at RWBY Season 2

3/15/2016        Nobody Learns without Getting It Wrong: A Zootopia Review

3/10/2016        Sing with Me a Song of Tropes: Recent Fire Emblems and Fridging Women

3/04/2016        Rin Plays: Xenoblade Chronicles X

2/21/2016        Red Like Roses: Looking at RWBY Season 1

2/11/2016        The Witness Sparks Discussion on Games, Art, and Accessibility

2/04/2016        Defying Gravity: Checking in with Faith #1

1/28/2016        Rin Plays: Transistor (Finally)

1/15/2016        AGDQ, Female Speedrunners, and Reasons Why Their Visibility Is Nearing Supersonic

1/10/2016        Crawl Out Through the Fallout: How Fallout 4 Failed Their Female Characters

12/18/2015      The Good Dinosaur: A “Good” Movie, but Not a “Great” One

12/11/2015      A Lack of Femslash Fills You with Determination

12/03/2015      Keeping Faith Strong: Adulations for Faith

11/24/2015      Sugar Plum Problems: A Winterspell Review

11/16/2015      A Linkle in Time: Nintendo’s Recent Steps toward Inclusivity

11/05/2015      It’s Totally Not Objectification You Guys: More Bullshit in Video Games

10/29/2015      Ceci N’est Pas Un Jeu Vidéo: A The Beginner’s Guide Experience

10/19/2015      Rin Plays: “Trespasser” DLC

9/02/2015        A Triumphant “Return”?: Another Fairest Review

8/31/2015        Games for Girls: The Importance of Amnesia

8/27/2015        Rin Plays: “The Descent” DLC

8/20/2015        Note to Disney: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

8/12/2015        Born a Bamboo Cutter’s Daughter: A Kaguya Review

8/07/2015        Fangirls on Twitter: You Keep Doin’ Your Thing

7/30/2015        Exit Player Done: Pixels Is Just as Bad, If Not Worse, than You’ve Heard

7/24/2015        Not Getting the Full Combo: Gender and Agency in Mobile Idol Games

7/15/2015        “In My Heart, I Am A Gamer”: Memories of Satoru Iwata

7/06/2015        Dead In the Water: A Mermaid Review

7/02/2015        Does Fates Have a Cruel Future In Store For LGBTQ+ Fans?

6/22/2015        Cruelty and Class in Yu Yu Hakusho

5/28/2015        Mo’ Faeries, Mo’ Problems: A Song of the Sea Review

5/21/2015        Kickstarters, Gaming, and Diversity: Have We Really Come a Long Way?

5/07/2015        Rin Plays: Average Maria Individual

4/29/2015        Why Natalia Takes the Crown as My Favorite Female Tales Character

4/23/2015        Lady Mechanika: The Steampunk Heroine I Never Knew I Wanted

4/10/2015        Final Fantasy: Returning to First Grade With Its “Girls Have Cooties” Mentality

4/02/2015        Love Live: School Idol Festival and Trends That Should Not Be Trending In the Consumption of Cartoons

3/30/2015        What Players Need From Mass Effect 4

3/25/2015        Rin Plays: The Jaws of Hakkon DLC (First Impression)

3/16/2015        Dear Men, #DearMe Was Not For You

3/13/2015        Steven Universe and Grief

3/05/2015        Rin Plays: Gat Out of Hell DLC

2/23/2015        Who’s The Fairest One of All?: How Fairest Granted My Wishes and Destroyed Them All In One Go

1/30/2015        Seeking A Different Film: A Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker Review

1/26/2015        Not Quite a Fairy Tale: A The Secret of Kells Review

1/18/2015        Nozaki-kun and Bifauxnen In Shoujo

1/15/2015        Everything’s Coming Up Peachy

1/09/2015        Is Disney Out Of the Woods? An Into the Woods Review

12/12/2014      Putting the “Otome” In Otomen: Final Thoughts (For Real, This Time)

11/30/2014      Stealing My Heart?: Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne Review

11/24/2014      Rin Plays Dragon Age: Inquisition: Initial Thoughts

11/14/2014      Rin’s Most Wanted Mods for Dragon Age: Inquisition

11/07/2014      Sexism in Dragon Age: The Difference Between Intent and Negligence

10/27/2014      Bad Moon Rising: Wolf Girl is Less of a Horror, More of a Tearjerker

10/24/2014      FernGully: The Bodacious Review

10/16/2014      The Secret of Moonacre: A “Legend” Worth Remembering

10/10/2014      Are Some Legends Better Left Forgotten?: A Legend Review

9/29/2014        More To Love?: Revisiting Pochamani

9/26/2014        Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China: A Step in the Right Direction?

9/18/2014        Rin Plays: Destiny

9/11/2014        Why Animal Parade Outshines Other Harvest Moon Games

9/07/2014        Nobody Expects the… Straight White Dude?: Disappointment in Dragon Age: Inquisition

8/29/2014        Colette and Evaluating White Mages In Tales of Symphonia

8/22/2014        The Answer to My Teenage Prayers: Why Cry-Baby Should De-Throne Grease

8/11/2014        When is A Fridging Not a Fridging?

8/07/2014        Ubisoft Misses Their Target With Elise Reveal

7/21/2014        Esuna Rather Than Later: A Plea to End the “White Mage” and How Xillia Works at Dismantling the Trope

7/17/2014        Building Realistic Female Characters: What Fire Emblem: Awakening Does Right (and What It Doesn’t)

7/14/2014        Putting the “En(d)” in Otomen: Queerbaiting and the Loss of LGBTQ+ Stories

7/12/2014        Putting the “Oh (Shit)” In Otomen: How Not to Write Abuse and Its Effects On A Narrative

7/07/2014        Putting the “Meh” In Otomen: The Unbalanced Subversion of Gender Roles

7/04/2014        Gaming for Girls: Create-A-Character Is Not a Replacement for Female Protagonists

6/20/2014        Bows, Jails, and Prostitutes Who’re Impaled: The Worrying Trend of Misogyny in GoT’s Season 4 Finale

6/14/2014        Stark Contrast: Why Sansa Should Be Appreciated

6/12/2014        Devoting Their Conference to Games: E3 and How Microsoft Decided They Wanted to Play

6/09/2014        Her Whisper is the Lucifer: True Love or Abuse?

6/07/2014        Run and Tell That: Taking a Closer Look at Hairspray

5/19/2014        Moonies Rejoice! Sailor Moon Re-release Coming to a Computer Screen Near You

5/16/2014        Role Playing and Sexism

5/08/2014        Rin Plays: Child of Light

5/05/2014        5 Awesome Star Wars Ladies Who You Should Bow Down To

4/25/2014        When You Play the Game of Thrones, It Turns Out We All Lose

4/18/2014        Paradox Space: What Homestuck Should Have Been?

4/10/2014        Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken: Rin’s Hopes for Oberyn Martell

4/07/2014        Tales of Xillia and Overcoming Love Triangles

4/02/2014        What We Can Learn From the Ashes of Polaris’s GAME_JAM

3/30/2014        Muppets Most Wanted: Getting Us What We Want?

3/23/2014        A Cry for Action at GDC 2014: A New Dawn for Diversity in Gaming?

3/14/2014        Her Whisper is the Lucifer: Sensual Phrase and Its Forgotten Heroine

3/10/2014        Getting to the Sweet Stuff: A Closer Look at One of Nintendo’s Starlets

3/05/2014        Games for Girls: Nintendo’s Failed Grab for the Girl Gamer Crown

3/02/2014        Rin Plays: Star Wars: The Old Republic

2/23/2014        Ghibli Month: From Up on Poppy Hill

2/19/2014        Games for Girls: The Myth of the Gamer Girl

2/15/2014        Diversity Blooming In Future Game Title

2/07/2014        Bee and PuppyCat: Coming Soon to A (Comics) Store Near You

2/03/2014        The Triple Goddess in Dragon Age: Origins

1/24/2014        Her Whisper is the Lucifer: An Introductory Sensual Phrase Review

1/20/2014        Frozen’s Fan Art: A ‘Fixer Upper’?

1/17/2014        Generation Avex: GLAM’s Party (XXO)

11/19/2013      Five Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Steven Universe

11/16/2013      Games for Girls: Hanako Games and Why Long Live the Queen Is Important

11/03/2013      Generation Avex: G-Dragon’s Crooked

10/25/2013      Rin Plays: T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest

10/22/2013      Generation Avex: IU’s Between the Lips

10/16/2013      Riot May Be Getting Jinxed, but Their Character Design Isn’t

10/13/2013      Stop Digging That Grave, Frozen

10/06/2013      Ghibli Month: The Secret World of Arrietty

9/26/2013        Ambrov X and A Call for Help

9/17/2013        ZE Presents New Opportunities for Trans* Representation

9/12/2013        Ghibli Month: Ponyo

9/05/2013        Generation Avex: EXO’s Growl

8/27/2013        Nintendo’s Other Princess

8/20/2013        On Gamers and Entitlement

8/09/2013        Generation Avex: Ailee’s ‘U&I’

7/26/2013        All Fear the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: An ‘Equestria Girls’ Review

7/23/2013        Rin Plays: Magicka

7/20/2013        Ghibli Month: Tales from Earthsea

7/11/2013        Generation Avex: Girl’s Day’s ‘Female President’

7/08/2013        Hear the Call of the Free!dom or Why Free! Makes Male Otaku Cry

7/02/2013        Rin Plays: Scarlet Blade

6/21/2013        Zelda to Star in Her Own Game? It’s More Likely Than You Think

6/12/2013        The Good, The Bad, and Then There’s Sony: An E3 Summary

6/09/2013        E3 Has Me Shivering With Antici……Pation

6/05/2013        Ghibli Month: Howl’s Moving Castle (Part 2)

6/03/2013        Ghibli Month: Howl’s Moving Castle (Part 1)

5/25/2013        Ghibli Month: The Cat Returns

5/15/2013        Ghibli Month: An Aside

5/13/2013        Ghibli Month: Spirited Away

5/11/2013        Ghibli Month: My Neighbors the Yamadas

5/10/2013        Ghibli Month: Princess Mononoke

5/04/2013        Ghibli Month: Whisper of the Heart

5/02/2013        Ghibli Month: Pom Poko

4/23/2013        Ghibli Month: Porco Rosso

4/18/2013        Ghibli Month: Only Yesterday

4/16/2013        Ghibli Month: Kiki’s Delivery Service

4/12/2013        Ghibli Month: My Neighbor Totoro

4/08/2013        Ghibli Month: Castle in the Sky

4/05/2013        Ghibli Month: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

3/26/2013        Generation Avex: Hi Lee’s ‘It’s Over’

3/22/2013        Tsunderin’s Top 5 Side Characters of Mass Effect 3

3/10/2013        Equestria Girls: They’re Kind of… Terrible?

2/24/2013        In Defense of the Alicorn

2/18/2013        Generation Avex: Sistar19’s ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’

2/15/2013        How Good Are these Female Characters? On a Numerical Scale, OVER 9,000!!

2/03/2013        Idol Life Isn’t the High Life

2/01/2013        Pitch Perfect: More Than a Little Off-Key

1/25/2013        Calling All Writers and Artists!

1/23/2013        Rin Plays: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Disappointment

1/15/2013        Hammerlock: A Gentleman and a Scholar

1/12/2013        We All Live in A Pokémon World (Still)

1/04/2013        Words of Wisdom From a Nymphomaniac

12/29/2012      Generation Avex: ‘Return’ by Seung Gi Lee

12/15/2012      Ghibli in 2013: Returning to Their Roots

12/10/2012      Wanted: A New Generation of Heart-Breakers

12/08/2012      Rin Plays: Omega DLC

11/22/2012      New ‘Shortpacked’ Arc Hits Close to Home

11/15/2012      Nyreen: Mass Effect Godsend or Dealbreaker?

11/11/2012      Generation Avex: Hi Lee’s ‘1, 2, 3, 4’

11/08/2012      An ‘ElfQuest’ Movie? Be Still, My Beating Heart

11/01/2012      Gaming Company Leads Want Players to Think Before Raging

10/23/2012      The Problem With Let’s Plays

10/15/2012      Games for Girls: Why?

10/11/2012      Generation Avex: ‘Lipstick’ by Orange Caramel

10/05/2012      No, Seriously. Let Me Tell You

9/27/2012        Strong Female Characters: Gearbox, You’re Doing it Right

9/18/2012        Aint’ No Rest: A Borderlands Retrospective

9/15/2012        Rin Plays: Leviathan DLC

9/02/2012        Generation Avex: G Dragon’s ‘One of a Kind’

8/23/2012        Tsunderin’s Top 5 Side Characters of Mass Effect 2

8/13/2012        Generation Avex: PSY’s Got it Goin’ On

8/06/2012        Rin Plays ‘Grand Fantasia’

7/27/2012        Generation Avex: 2NE1’s ‘I Love You’

6/04/2012        Generation Avex: Big Bang’s ‘Monster’

5/20/2012        For World Builders and Character Lovers Alike

4/13/2012        Keep Calm and Do the Windy Thing: Happy 4/13, Homestucks!

3/29/2012        Tsunderin’s Top 5 Side Characters of Mass Effect 1

2/11/2012        I Used to Have A Life, Then I Took A Skyrim to the Face

10/17/2011      What People Want?: Bioware and the Downloadable Femme Fatale

9/29/2011        Not Just Your Problem Anymore

9/23/2011        DC Comics, What am I Going to do with You?

9/09/2011        GTFO of My Fandom: The Curious Case of the Hambeast

7/28/2011        When Skimpy Clothes Just Aren’t Enough

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11/15/2016      Story of Your Life: Arrival Movie Review

9/27/2016        Stay Pretty or Die: Gender Dynamics in Geekdom

8/25/2016        Lady Tropes in Stranger Things

7/16/2016        Where No Man Has Gone: Women in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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11/08/2015      “Get Off My Planet”: Doctor Who Season 9 Finale Review

11/03/2015      Checking in with the Doctor: Series 9 Midseason Review

10/08/2015      In Your Face, Neil Armstrong: The Martian Movie Review

9/19/2015        The Everyman vs Every Human: Why The Martian Is Worth Your Time

3/24/2015        One Pill, Two Pill, Red Pill, Blue Pill

2/26/2015        Perceptions of Poverty in Geek Culture: A Weasley Case Study

1/25/2015        Disney Princesses and Feminist Femininity

11/09/2014      Doctor Who: “Death in Heaven” Review

10/20/2014      Where Are All the Female Werewolves?

10/01/2014      Checking in with the Doctor: Doctor Who Season 8 Midseason Review

8/24/2014        Deep Breaths, Everyone: Doctor Who’s Series Eight Premiere

7/23/2014        Slytherin’s Problem: Hogwarts and the Cardinal Virtues

7/10/2014        Why Authentic Representation Matters: Black Women in Science Fiction

11/24/2013      The Day of the Doctor Review

11/17/2013      Why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Isn’t That Great… When It Should Be

10/28/2013      The Problem with Korra

8/29/2013        You Should Watch This: Orphan Black

7/30/2013        Something People Need to Remember About The Hunger Games

5/09/2013        Adventures in Geekdom or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Comics

4/11/2013        Are Doctor Who’s Companions Too Sexy?

3/31/2013        You Should Watch This: Call the Midwife

3/11/2013        Book Review: A Little Princess

2/27/2013        My Dream Oscar Host: Jennifer Lawrence

2/12/2013        Erstwhile—A Fairy Tale Webcomic

1/30/2013        In Defense of The Big Bang Theory

1/13/2013        Book Review: City of Dark Magic

12/31/2012      Book Review: Ready Player One

12/18/2012      Why You Should be Reading Girls With Slingshots

12/03/2012      Book Review: The Casual Vacancy

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5/26/2015        Good Behavior: How Riot Games is Using Psychology to Stop Online Harassment

5/08/2015        Joss Whedon, Driven Off Twitter by “Feminazis?” Um, No.

4/22/2015        On Privilege, Casting, and Loss

4/05/2015        Always a New Musical

3/28/2015        Ethnic Superhero Season, or What Michelle Rodriguez Can Teach Us About Believability

2/16/2015        On Spider-Man and Civil War

1/21/2015        Raising the Bar: Gamergate & CrashOverrideNetwork

1/12/2015        On (Not) Keeping the Faith in Five Armies

12/23/2014      Batman Fights Criminals, Not Crime

12/11/2014      A Fresh Swing: Uncharted 4’s New Gameplay Trailer

11/20/2014      An Ounce of Encouragement

10/29/2014      Why I Don’t Buy #Gamergate

10/06/2014      Is a Revolution Without Bending a Revolution Worth Having?

9/04/2014        Beyond Female Harassment: How Gaming Can Stop Eating Itself

4/16/2014        Dangerous Black Superheroes

3/26/2014        On Black Characters and the Cost of Diversity

3/19/2014        On Game Design and Departures, Briefly.

3/12/2014        Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville: A Better Re-vamp

2/20/2014        Left Behind: A Survival Story

2/12/2014        On Identity & Origin Stories: Ms. Marvel #1

1/26/2014        A New Ms. Marvel: Selling Out?

1/16/2014        A Little Movie Magic

12/23/2013      Penny Arcade Expo and “Zoo” Diversity

12/17/2013      Industry InJustice

12/14/2013      One More Post About The Last of Us. Muahaha!

11/20/2013      Disney Princesses and the Art of Originality

11/10/2013      On Games and Giving

11/04/2013      Why I Didn’t Go See Ender’s Game

11/01/2013      A Heavenly Sword Prophecy

10/29/2013      The One Thing That Uncharted Gets Wrong

10/21/2013      A New Shiny Pokémon World

10/14/2013      The Latest Casualty of the Government Shutdown?

10/07/2013      “We Need to Get Wonder Woman on the Big Screen”

10/03/2013      Tom Clancy, Combat Simulators, & Suicide Prevention

9/29/2013        The Last of These The Last of Us posts. Probably.

9/23/2013        Nerdcore Nostalgia

9/19/2013        Representation Roll Call: The Black List

9/19/2013        The Mighty Avengers #1

6/16/2013        More Adventures at My Local Comic Book Store

9/08/2013        This Week in Video Game Things That Are Pissing Me Off

9/01/2013        Big Damn Heroines

8/24/2013        On Old Hats and Orson Welles

8/21/2013        Dial “Tekken” for Feels.

8/18/2013        DC Nation: The Coolest Wonder Woman You’ve Seen in Years

8/15/2013        Not Cool

8/11/2013        Republic City Hustle

8/05/2013        My Friend’s Encounter with Felicia Day

8/02/2013        Chūshingura, or Why Keanu Reeves Worries Me.

7/29/2013        Fighting Sexual Assault and Teaching Empathy with Video Games

7/21/2013        Everything You Need to Drool About Book Two: Spirits

7/18/2013        A Thoughtful and Gentle Farewell

7/14/2013        X-Force

7/08/2013        Batman: Year One

7/06/2013        Happy Belated Birthday, America!

6/27/2013        Representation Roll Call #3: In Honor of Yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision.

6/24/2013        X-Men Vol 4. #1

6/18/2013        First Footage of Legend of Korra Book Two! Also, Related Comics and Zuko’s Mom!

6/14/2013        Why I Love Neil DeGrasse Tyson

6/10/2013        Pokémon: Black & Blue

6/07/2013        Representation Roll Call, vol. 2: Big in Japan

6/02/2013        Spiderman: Hero or Menace?

5/31/2013        Rome, part 2.

5/28/2013        Rome, part 1.

5/21/2013        It’s Been A Big Week

5/20/2013        Positive Representation: Beyond the Veil

5/16/2013        Marvel’s Mega Minds and Missing Women

5/14/2013        On Geek Gatekeeping and Inheriting The Earth

5/05/2013        Ink and Luce Talk About Racial Issues: “To J.K. Rowling, from Cho Chang”

5/04/2013        Robert Morales, Truth & Reconciliation

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12/11/2016      Entertained by Marginalized Characters, but Not Empathizing with Them

12/04/2016      The Hamilton Mixtape: Adding Female Stories and Stories of Color

11/18/2016      Dom Reads: Hyper Force Neo

11/10/2016      Dom Reads: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe

10/23/2016      Dom Reads: Space Battle Lunchtime

10/16/2016      Dom Reads: Welcome to Showside

9/23/2016        Tips for Having a Good Convention Experience

9/14/2016        Marginalized People Don’t Have Superpowers

8/21/2016        Aesthetic Reinforcement: Rick & Morty

8/11/2016        Mankind Divided on Using Real-World Controversy

7/27/2016        Internet Branding with a Nerdy Slant

5/29/2016        Dom Reviews: Overwatch

5/11/2016        There Are No Women of Color in the Galaxy?

4/25/2016        Dom Reviews B.R.U.H.: A Beautiful Artbook of Gender and Racebending

4/13/2016        The Day Is Saved: A Powerpuff Girls Reboot Review

3/23/2016        Can My Character Look Like Me?

3/08/2016        Speaking with a Creator: Game Dev Catt Small

2/29/2016        Solidarity and Diversity in Steven Universe and Hamilton

2/18/2016        Lack of Depression in Black Characters

2/07/2016        Using Black Hashtags to Change the Landscape

12/31/2016      Empathetic, Black, and Proud!

12/16/2015      Splatoon: An Important Model for the Future of Gaming

11/17/2015      Let’s Talk about Pandering and Nerdy Discourse

11/04/2015      So You Want to Buy Some Geeky Stuff?

10/13/2015      Offensive Costumes? Let’s Not

9/27/2015        Cosplay Is Expression

9/16/2015        Dear Nerd Culture: My Blackness Isn’t a Joke

8/05/2015        Aesthetic Enforcement: Togetherness in Steven Universe

6/18/2015        Transformation and Stagnation: E3’s Claim on the Future of Games

6/02/2015        Dom Reviews: Splatoon—Not Squidding Around

5/15/2015        Games Should Be Accessible

4/25/2015        Dom Reviews: Crypt Of the Necrodancer

3/17/2015        On Civility & Sexism Online

3/14/2015        Target Demographics Can Be Wrong

2/27/2015        The Need for Women and People of Color Coding

2/15/2015        Nerds Make Music Too, and That’s Cool

2/08/2015        Nintendo Has to Do Better With Race

12/30/2014      Dom’s Favorite Games of 2014

11/26/2014      Smash Bros. 4: Smashing a Typical Review

9/17/2014        Sonic Comics and Thoughts on Medium Choice

8/21/2014        Absurdity… But With a Purpose!

8/06/2014        Is Being Ambiguously Black A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

7/25/2014        Marvel’s Diversifying and It Feels So Good

7/03/2014        Continuity Needs Consistency

6/19/2014        Nintendo Subverts the Industry at E3 in a Good Way!

6/04/2014        The World Builds the Story

5/28/2014        Should We Enjoy Problematic Media?

5/15/2014        Nostalgia as a Driving Force

5/07/2014        Questioning Masculinity in Geek Culture

4/28/2014        Princess Bubblegum and Unclear Morality

4/13/2014        Samus’s Unequal Footing

4/01/2014        Using Subtlety to Teach

3/24/2014        I Want More Terrible Female Characters

2/02/2014        On the Powerpuff Girls Special and Rebooting Childhood Favorites

1/18/2014        In Defense of “Fionna and Cake”

1/05/2014        Not Dismissing Problems in Dumbing of Age

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3/06/2016        A Witch Talks The Witch Part 2

3/03/3016        A Witch Talks The Witch Part 1

12/13/2015      Scream Queens Part Deux: From Screams to Death Rattles

12/02/2015      Checking In to the Hotel Cortez—American Horror Story: Hotel So Far

10/31/2015      I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for/at Scream Queens

9/30/2015        Hispanic Heritage Month: Creating Communities of Color

9/15/2015        Hispanic Heritage Month: Creating Latin@ Identities in Pop Culture and IRL

6/29/2015        The Almighty Johnson[s]: This Is What Happens When We Let Boys Have a Show

4/30/2015        Vive la Révolution: Our Love/Hate Relationship with Violent Rebellion

4/14/2015        Faith in the Night: Review of Such a Dark Thing: Theology of the Vampire Narrative in Popular Culture

12/09/2014      A Tale of Two Herculeses

11/27/2014      The Rise and Fall of Witches of East End

11/02/2014      The Book of Life…The Día de los Muertos Fiesta We Didn’t Need

10/31/2014      So You Want To Watch American Horror Story

10/26/2014      Constantine Pilot: Give It a Try, I Guess?

10/03/2014      Looking For Some Horror This Halloween Season? Try Hemlock Grove!

7/26/2014        Show Some Skin! Or, When Will We Actually See Some Black Characters?

7/06/2014        Race Against Time: The Question of Race in Period Pieces

6/17/2014        Double the Fun, Half the Character? A Critical Look at Twins in Pop Culture

5/31/2014        Hex Appeal: Did Maleficent Deliver or Disappoint?

5/12/2014        Penny Dreadful? More like Penny Wonderful!

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8/17/2016        A Likely Story: M.T. Anderson’s Dystopia Feed and the Tyranny of Corporate Consumerism

6/13/2016        A Noble Obsession

5/18/2016        Let Saika and Syng Tell You About the End of Homestuck

1/07/2016        Yes, Kylo Ren Is Just Like Entitled Fanboys/MRAs, etc. Here’s Why That’s Important.

12/24/2015      Werewolf Soldiers as Allegory in The Lunar Chronicles

6/03/2015        Nightfall: Syng and Mikely Review The Sandman: Overture #5

12/25/2014      Stars in Our Eyes: Syng and Mikely Review The Sandman: Overture #4

8/01/2014        Syng Sings the Praises of The Sandman: Overture #1–3

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12/01/2016      Yet Another LARP Review: Dead Legends

11/23/2016      Pan Reviews: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

10/15/2016      Manifest Destiny: I Love You but I Know You’re Not Trying

7/19/2016        Pan Reviews: Ghostbusters! (The One with the Ladies)

5/22/2016        I Think Your Fave Is Trans and You Can’t Stop Me

4/27/2016        Knight Realms: A LARP that Doesn’t Suck

2/25/2016        The Trouble with Darkon

9/29/2015        Comic Review: Dragon Age, Now with Bonus Feels

8/17/2015        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #17

8/10/2015        Pan’s Review of Fantastic Four: I Watched It So You Don’t Have To

7/25/2015        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #15 & 16

5/27/2015        Mediocre! Why You Should Not Bother with the Mad Max: Fury Road Comics

5/22/2015        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #14

4/17/2015        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #13

3/20/2015        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #12

2/20/2015        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #11

1/23/2015        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #10

12/26/2014      No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #9

11/21/2014      No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #8

10/22/2014      No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #6 and #7

9/19/2014        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #4 and #5

8/14/2014        Why Otakon Gave Me Some Frowny Emotes: Unacknowledged Social Issues In Anime

8/08/2014        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #2 and #3

7/11/2014        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1

6/06/2014        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #5

5/26/2014        No, Really, I’m From the Future: A Review of X-Men: Days of Future Past

5/09/2014        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #4

4/04/2014        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard #3

3/13/2014        No Really, Trust Me: Pan’s Review of Loki: Agent of Asgard

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6/24/2015        Gaining Faith in Cartoon Network Again: An Over the Garden Wall Review

6/11/2015        Is Adventure Time Getting Too Reckless with Their Episodes?

5/13/2015        My Current Choice for Stimulating Brain Food: The Television Series iZombie

4/08/2015        A Bearhug To The Heart I Didn’t Expect: A Yurikuma Arashi Review

3/10/2015        Flirting With Danger in Undertale

2/06/2015        Objection, This is Not a Game! A Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review

1/29/2015        My Heart Falls to Pieces: A Review of Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart

1/16/2015        Friendship is… Unnerving? A My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks Review

12/16/2014      Angel Beats!: An Anime About The Afterlife Influenced By Different Religions

12/05/2014      Wading In Deeper: Thoughts About Life In Lost At Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley

11/19/2014      Is Once Upon A Time Repeating Disney Stories or Adding To Them?

11/10/2014      RWBY: A Gem In Progressive Character Development

10/30/2014      Is Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story About Admitting Your True Feelings?

10/15/2014      The Moth Diaries: a Sad Film Homage to the Gothic Tale, Carmilla

10/02/2014      Vampire Academy: The Movie’s Vain, but the Protagonists Aren’t…

9/10/2014        Are Disney’s Kid Shows More Progressive Than Their Movies?

8/26/2014        My Inner Child is Very Conflicted: A Review of Lady in the Water

8/15/2014        A Review of Seconds: A Second Helping of Scott Pilgrim

7/30/2014        Is Madotsuki in Limbo? A Review of Yume Nikki

7/18/2014        Such Potential…: A Review of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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12/18/2016      The Lunar Chronicles: Fairy Tale Heroines in the Future

10/12/2016      The Island of Excess Love: Disgusting and Disappointing

8/28/2016        Wynonna Earp: The Chosen One I’ve Always Wanted

4/19/2016        The Devil’s Intern: Mediocre White Boy Hell

1/14/2016        Afterworlds: YA about YA, Girls Falling in Love, and Growing Up

10/14/2015      Love in the Time of Global Warming Is the Queer Sci-Fi I’ve Been Waiting For

8/28/2015        Noodle’s Killjoys Season 1 Review: Bounty Hunters in Space!

6/28/2015        Book Review: Pantomime by Laura Lam

3/11/2015        Do You Believe in the Machine: Artificial Intelligence in Person of Interest

11/16/2014      Imagination Forced to Life: My Experience of the Welcome To Night Vale Live Show

8/20/2014        The Amazing Joan Watson: Discovering Her Vocation

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Mikely Whiplash

Mikely Whiplash

Mikely Whiplash

11/22/2016      Rambo and Rogers: Dueling Icons of American Might in the Time of Trump

10/26/2016      Winter Is Coming: Climate, Morality, and Whiteness

10/11/2016      Westworld, Sadism, and Humanity

9/25/2016        Post-Modern He-Man: Son of Zorn

9/12/2016        Kerbal Space Program: Every Game is a Role Playing Game

8/13/2016        Perfected Bodies: Superheroes and Gymnastics

7/10/2016        Stark Justice IV: Sansa is Not a Disney Princess

5/23/2016        Stark Justice III: Iron Man is a Stark, Too!

5/10/2016        Law and Justice in the Time of Civil War

4/11/2016        Dark Times in Pop Culture

3/17/2016        Well, This Was Never Going to Go Well: J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Leaves Britain

1/12/2016        The Emotional Labor of Winning the Game of Thrones

12/21/2015      So, They’re Messing with Star Trek. I Don’t Like It.

12/10/2015      Superheroes and Monsters in a Complex World

11/21/2015      What Would Steve Rogers Do?

10/20/2015      Oh Captain, My Captain: Sam Wilson Angers Rightists

9/24/2015        Wilson Fisk, Il Duce of Hell’s Kitchen

8/29/2015        The Nerdery of Things

7/27/2015        Tonal Inconsistency Leaves Secret Wars Less Than the Sum of its Parts

7/07/2015        The Big Bad: Superheroes without Supervillains

6/23/2015        The Past was Terrible, the Present is Terrible, and the Future will be Terrible

5/12/2015        Motherhood in Geekery

4/24/2015        Reconstruction for White Boys—Role Models in Comics

3/18/2015        All-New Hawkeye #1: Memory, Trauma, and Who Are These New People Writing My Hawkeyes?

3/06/2015        Under the Zee: 90 Hours into Failbetter Games’s Sunless Sea

2/19/2015        Stark Justice II: An Ode to Catelyn Tully

1/07/2015        The Superhero Period Drama: Marvel’s Agent Carter

12/17/2014      Stark Justice: An Apologia for Ol’ Neddy Stark

11/17/2014      The Chilling Familiarity of Gamergate

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12/08/2016      Peace Through Bureaucracy: Star Trek’s Federation as Utopian Fascism

11/21/2016      Gender Roles in The Fifth Element

10/17/2016      Find Someone to Carry You: The Importance of Platonic Friendship in Firefly

7/20/2016        Eldritch Terror and the White Man’s Burden: H.P. Lovecraft’s Xenophobia

6/22/2016        Discriminating against the Body Electric: Fallout’s Synths as a Metaphor for Institutionalized Racism

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1/25/2014        Gotham City’s Mental Health Situation

12/21/2013      A Eulogy for Eleven

11/23/2013      Three BOLD Predictions for “Day of the Doctor”

11/15/2013      BBC’s The Night of the Doctor: Head ‘Splode

11/13/2013      An Open Letter to Game Developers

11/09/2013      My Love/Hate Relationship With Animal Crossing

9/25/2013        The Tomorrow People: So Excited, So Scared

9/14/2013        What I Expect From Fantastic Beasts

8/31/2013        The Pokémon Problem

8/28/2013        On Nationalism in Comic Books

8/03/2013        What Can We Learn from The Cuckoo’s Calling?

7/24/2013        Post-San Diego Comic Con: Superman/Batman and its Implications

7/10/2013        No Voice: Where Do the Disabled Fit in the Pecking Order?

4/10/2013        Haters Gonna Hate

1/04/2013        The Walking Dead video game messed with me. Badly.

12/19/2012      Sandy Hook Massacre: This has to stop.

11/26/2012      It’s Christmas Time!

10/17/2012      The Walking Dead: Yep, Daryl is Still a Badass

10/09/2012      Can Sci-Fi/Fantasy Come Back to Mainstream Television?

10/01/2012      President Captain America?

9/13/2012        Why Comic Book Writers Are Destroying Comic Books

8/30/2012        Character Study: Fi Phillips

8/02/2012        A Plea for Internet Sanity

7/31/2012        Happy Birthday, J.K. Rowling/Harry Potter

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10/19/2016      Interview: Bonnie Walling and Steven Savage of Her Eternal Moonlight

12/31/2013      Top 10 Sailor Moon Songs

12/20/2013      DiC vs. Toei: Season One Finale

12/09/2013      Protip: Check out international musical theatre.

12/06/2013      Nicole Scherzinger needs to be in the next TV musical.

11/29/2013      New Sailor Moon Fansub Group!

11/22/2013      Review: Carrie 2013

11/11/2013      Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The RPG

11/07/2013      DiC vs. Toei: Raye vs. Rei

10/31/0213      Your Best Bets for Feminist Halloween Entertainment

10/30/2013      10 Reasons to Celebrate 10 Years of Wicked

10/26/2013      “Final Girl” vs. “Horror Heroine”

10/19/2013      The Women of Elm Street: Nancy Thompson

10/12/2013      Why I Don’t Love Friday the 13th

10/05/2013      Movie Recommendation: The Watcher in the Woods

10/01/2013      Fan Film: Scream Fan

9/27/2013        Review: La Reconquista

9/20/2013        The Final Girls: Potential ABC Family Series

9/10/2013        What about our other lady of Paris?

9/02/2013        First Performances from La Reconquista

8/31/2013        Who is ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ and what makes her so special?

8/22/2013        The Trinity of YouTube is Making a Movie!

8/19/2013        In the name of the Myu, I will educate you!

8/09/2013        Sailor Moon: Future Reunion

8/03/2013        Congratulations, you’re a Tribute!

8/01/2013        Female Archetypes as Explored by Norbert Leo Butz

7/19/2013        Let’s get DiC’s ‘Sailor Moon’ music released!

7/07/2013        Sailor Moon 2013 Updates #2

7/01/2013        DiC vs. Toei: Wicked or Black?

6/28/2013        The Fosters

6/25/2013        YouTube helps you become Sailor Moon!

6/16/2013        Sailor Moon Musicals Are Back!

5/30/2013        Sayonara, Smash

5/18/2013        Son of a Hundred Maniacs—A Fanfilm

5/06/2013        Book Review: Not Since Carrie

4/29/2013        Book Review: Broadway Nights

4/26/2013        Anyone else watching ‘Bates Motel’?

4/21/2013        Hannah Hart’s “Hello Harto” Tour

4/14/2013        The Women of Elm Street: Alice Johnson

4/07/2013        Sailor Moon 2013 Anime News Roundup

4/04/2013        The Women of Elm Street: Kristen Parker

3/31/2013        Come on, Rushers. Don’t be that fandom.

3/25/2013        Not cool, KCA’s. Not cool.

3/17/2013        The Women of Elm Street: The One-Offs

2/26/2013        The Women of Elm Street: The Apocryphal

2/23/2013        The Best Part of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Movies

2/10/2013        Thoughts on the ‘Smash’ Premiere

2/07/2013        Zoisite vs. Zoycite

1/26/2013        Color-Coded Power Rangers

1/19/2013        ‘Smash’ Season 2 Preview

1/16/2013        Nikki of ‘Switched at Birth’

1/08/2013        Switched at Birth

1/05/2013        Big Time Rush: The Show (Continued Some More)

12/25/2012      The Hobbit: An Unexpected Musical

12/21/2012      Sailor Moon Fan Film: Dead Moon Circus

12/05/2012      Life of Pi

12/01/2012      “In Defense of Big Time Rush”

11/24/2012      I Used to Be a Power Ranger

11/13/2012      Not new, but worth sharing

11/07/2012      Big Time Rush: The Show (Continued)

10/22/2012      A Nightmare on Elm Street

10/14/2012      Penpal

10/06/2012      The Shortcut

9/26/2012        My Babysitter’s a Vampire

9/09/2012        Big Time Rush: The Show

9/04/2012        (Brutal) Honesty in Advertising

8/27/2012        Mileena of Mortal Kombat

8/25/2012        Thoughts on Crystal Tokyo

8/18/2012        Antonique Smith Makes Her Debut Album…

8/05/2012        Big Time Rush: The Guys (Continued)

7/28/2012        Big Time Rush: The Guys

7/15/2012        Big Time Rush: The Introduction

7/06/2012        OMGOMGOMG

3/15/2012        Happy Birthday Takeuchi Naoko!

3/03/2012        Carrie: 2012 Off-Broadway Revival

2/19/2012        I love these people

2/11/2012        Carrie Updates

1/28/2012        A Few of my Favorite Flops: Carrie

1/21/2012        Sailor Stars Fandub

1/07/2012        Sailor Moon the Movie (Independent Short)

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12/03/2013      Why I Love Pochamani

10/08/2013      Book Review: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

9/24/2013        Book Review: John Dies at the End

9/10/2013        Book Review: The Song of the Quarkbeast

8/21/2013        Movie Review: Beautiful

8/16/2013        Book Review: Journey to the River Sea

7/22/2013        Book Review: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

7/15/2013        Book Review: Out of the Easy

6/24/2013        The Ocean at the End of the Lane

6/13/2013        Amateur Night at the Bubblegum Kittikat

5/26/2013        Father Ted

5/16/2013        The Winter Witch

4/29/2013        Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

4/18/2013        To This Day Project: Joining The Fight Against Bullying

3/22/2013        I Love Maria Bamford and So Should You!

3/05/2013        Downton Abbey

2/22/2013        Adventure Time: Fionna is Crushed

1/21/2013        Portlandia and The Feminist Bookstore

12/25/2012      The Wonderfully Weird Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials

12/12/2012      When A Boy Meets World

11/28/2012      So Many Dumb Ways to Die!

11/12/2012      Fforde Fun: The Last Dragonslayer

10/27/2012      Don’t Be a Meanie, Go See Frankenweenie!

10/10/2012      Rasputina: Cello Rock Stars

9/28/2012        The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

9/05/2012        Books vs. eBooks

8/21/2012        Pepperpots and Trouser Shocks: Cross-Dressing in Geek Culture

8/11/2012        American Gods

7/30/2012        The Mysterious Benedict Society

6/25/2012        Futurama: They’re Back, Baby!

5/09/2012        The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

4/29/2012        Sacré Bleu! A Christopher Moore Masterpiece

2/29/2012        Give Up The Ghost

2/01/2012        Aurelio Voltaire Goth Extraordinaire!

1/23/2012        Thursday Next: BAFM

1/20/2012        More Moore Please

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Lady Bacula

Lady Bacula

11/18/2013      Tales of Solaris: Pay to Win?

11/05/2013      Pony Fandom: A Bit Much?

10/17/2013      Op Ed: New York Comic Con Edition

9/27/2013        Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Review

9/25/2013        Art Appreciation: Khallion

9/21/2013        Why Are You Sad That There’s No Female Doctor?

9/13/2013        The Depiction of “Asia” in Pop Culture

9/09/2013        Boston Wanderings and Wii U

9/04/2013        Anti-Bullying @ Comic Con

9/03/2013        Comedy for Everyone

8/29/2013        The Downside of Growing Up Nerdy

8/01/2013        Spoilers: the Good, the Bad, or the Ugly?

7/28/2013        Disney Princess Wedding Dresses: Keep Livin’ the Dream?

7/25/2013        Sherlock @ Comic Con

7/20/2013        Fan Appreciation: Anime Music Videos

7/17/2013        Eleventh Doctor: The Rewatch

7/12/2013        Nonviolent Battle: Super or Not Very Effective?

7/05/2013        Movie Review: The Internship

6/29/2013        The Hobbit’s Newest Lady

6/26/2013        Video Game Review: Sonic Dash Addendum

6/17/2013        Nerd-ify Your Exercise

6/14/2013        Video Game Review: Tales of Solaris

6/09/2013        Doctor Who’s Disappearing Companions

5/27/2013        TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 2

5/27/2013        Book Review: Fool Moon

5/23/2013        Book Review: Storm Front

5/21/2013        Movie Review: 42

5/17/2013        Video Game Review: Sonic Dash

5/13/2013        Project Runway Season 11: Steam Punk for the Win

4/22/2013        General Feels on Disney Princess Perfume

4/20/2013        TV Review: Revenge

4/18/2013        Video Game Review: Temple Run 2

4/04/2013        Music Review: Flight of the Conchords

3/24/2013        Pottermore: A Closer Look

3/21/2013        SuperWhoLock: The Comic

3/18/2013        Why I Strongly Dislike Utilikilts

3/06/2013        My Little Pony Season 3 Review

3/04/2013        Movie Review: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

2/21/2013        Con Etiquette (Connecticut, if you will)

2/19/2013        My Little Pony Episode Review: Time to Make da Magics!

2/15/2013        My Little Pony Reviews: Fluttercord and… Spike and Whoevs that Mare is

2/13/2013        Movie Review: Warm Bodies

2/08/2013        Top 5 Reasons to Care about Awards Season

1/25/2013        Movie Review: The Adventures of Tintin

1/20/2013        God Gets to Play Matchmaker!

1/13/2013        So I Hear You Don’t Play Video Games: Wii Sports

1/12/2013        Is My Little Pony Sexist?

1/03/2013        One Piece: The Incredible Journey #2

1/01/2013        My Little Pony: Some Wonderbolts, Some Apples, and a Little Too Much Spike

12/20/2012      Superman is Changing Careers

12/14/2012      My Little Pony: Bad Seeds, Bad Magic, and Bad Dreams

12/14/2012      Cosplay Questions: Wigs

12/13/2012      Book Review: Rurouni Kenshin: Voyage to the Moon World

12/07/2012      NCIS with Alex Kingston

11/17/2012      TV Review: Upstairs Downstairs

11/10/2012      TV Review: Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

11/03/2012      The Lord of the Rings Family Tree

10/24/2012      Cosplay Questions: Why Goodwill is your BFF

10/19/2012      TV Review: The Neighbors

10/07/2012      Is There Such a Thing as a Fake Nerd?

10/03/2012      Nerds vs. Fans

9/17/2012        Cryptozoology 101

9/14/2012        Cosplay Questions: The Creative Cosplay

9/06/2012        Anime Music Review: Spirited Away Soundtrack

9/01/2012        One Piece: The Incredible Journey #1

8/24/2012        Fan Service: Too Much of a Good Thing?

8/02/2012        The Hobbit Trilogy

7/30/2012        Paint all the things white! The Hetalia Movie Review

7/27/2012        Anime Review: Hetalia

7/17/2012        Fun Facts about Batman Begins

7/12/2012        Announcement: The Fun has Been Multiplied

7/09/2012        Anime Review: Tiger and Bunny

7/05/2012        Falling Skies Review

7/01/2012        Avatar: the Last Airbender Feels

6/28/2012        The Art of Video Games

6/19/2012        Anime Review: Black Butler Season 2

6/16/2012        First World Cosplay Problems

6/13/2012        The World is a Wonderful/Crazy Place

6/09/2012        Prometheus: A Review

6/08/2012        Where does nerd-dom become “main stream”?

6/06/2012        The Hobbit Premiere

6/05/2012        Green Blood Review

6/04/2012        D. Gray-Man: What is this? I don’t even…

6/03/2012        Men in Black III Review

5/10/2012        Pokémon in the Past

5/02/2012        Rurouni Kenshin… Again

4/30/2012        Public Music Announcement

4/22/2012        My Little Pony Finale: Does this friendship you speak of sneeze confetti?

4/14/2012        So I Hear You Don’t Play Video Games Part 2

4/07/2012        My Little Pony: Can this friendship you speak of drop the Bass?

4/04/2012        My Little Pony: Can this friendship you speak of dance?

2/31/2012        So I Hear You Don’t Play Video Games

3/28/2012        TV Review: Once Upon a Time

3/19/2012        My Little Pony Double Issue: Does this “friendship” you speak of have a Tardis?

3/05/2012        My Little Pony: Is this “friendship” you speak of edible?

3/01/2012        College + Christianity

2/23/2012        What’s the difference between an anime convention and a highland game?

2/21/2012        My Thirty Second World of Warcraft Experience

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5/08/2013        What the Puff: Pipes in Pop Culture

4/23/2013        Hope the Game vs Tropes in Games

4/07/2013        Maoyu: A Review, Confession, and Discussion

2/11/2013        Giants of Our World: Terry Cavanagh

2/02/2013        Masculinity in Games: Actualization through Violence

1/17/2013        White House Calls for Research on Links Between Video Games and Violence

1/02/1013        Sharing Games with Non-Gamers or: How I Stopped Worrying and Got Drunk

12/22/2012      Dark Souls 2: What to Worry About

12/04/2012      Tekken Tag 2: Fun, Sexy, and Deeply Confusing

11/20/2012      Pop Masculism: An Intro to Frasier

10/29/2012      Greatness in Games

10/16/2012      Holy Bundle of Books!

9/30/2012        Studio Ghibli + Level 5 = Profit

9/10/2012        Score One for the Little Guy: Super Hexagon Rocks

8/30/2012        Dark Souls: A Game You Should Care About

6/20/2012        Tomb Raider Reboot: The Sexual Assault Problem

5/24/2012        Captain, You’re Needed on the Bridge

4/20/2012        Why Final Fantasy Fans have a Hard Time Conversing…

4/05/2012        Skyrim: Ponies Special Edition

3/30/2012        Craving a Relationship, I Turned to a Game

3/03/2012        Video Game Buzz: Sim City 5

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Guest Authors

Guest Authors

Guest Authors

3/02/2015        Pumpkin Online: The MMO that the World Needs

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In Brightest Day

In Brightest Day

In Brightest Day

9/21/2016        In Brightest Day: Love Is No Cure in Mystic Messenger

9/07/2016        In Brightest Day: Alice Isn’t Dead & How Disability Isn’t Only a Weakness or Superpower

3/16/2016        In Brightest Day: Deadpool and Coping with Trauma

1/08/2016        In Brightest Day: Depression in The Babadook

9/18/2015        In Brightest Day: Disability in the Avatar Universe

7/22/2015        In Brightest Day: Struggling with Depression in Inside Out

5/29/2015        In Brightest Day: Big Hero 6 and Grief

4/18/2015        In Brightest Day: Batman, Winnie the Pooh, OCD, and a Lack of Representation

11/03/2014      In Brightest Day: Arrow and Ableist Excuses

10/12/2014      In Brightest Day: Lilo & Stitch and Childhood Abandonment Issues

9/08/2014        In Brightest Day: Teen Wolf’s Erica Reyes and Chronic Illness

7/24/2014        In Brightest Day: Malia Tate from Teen Wolf

6/30/2014        In Brightest Day: When It’s Not Even About People with Disorders

6/28/2014        In Brightest Day: Mental Hospitals and Abuse in Pop Culture

6/23/2014        In Brightest Day: Characters Are Never Born With Disabilities

6/14/2014        In Brightest Day: Characters Don’t Get to Stay Disabled

5/30/2014        In Brightest Day: Robert Arryn from A Song of Ice and Fire

5/29/2014        In Brightest Day: Batman and the Problem with Mental Illnesses in Comics

2/21/2014        In Brightest Day: Addiction in Geek Media

2/09/2014        In Brightest Day: Emotional Abuse in Frozen

2/01/2014        In Brightest Day: James Gordon, Jr.

1/11/2014        In Brightest Day: Loki

1/09/2014        In Brightest Day: Jennifer Blake, Vanity, and Identity

1/04/2014        In Brightest Day: Albus Dumbledore

12/07/2013      In Brightest Day: Amnesia in “Day of the Doctor”

11/02/2013      In Brightest Day: Looking Again at Sheldon

10/29/2013      In Brightest Day: The Emotional Abuse of Tangled

10/23/2013      In Brightest Day: Beaten to the Wicked Punch

10/20/2013      In Brightest Day: Papillon

10/17/2013      In Brightest Day: Buso Renkin’s School Massacre

10/09/2013      In Brightest Day: Chess’s Freddie Trumper

10/04/2013      In Brightest Day: Deucalion

10/02/2013      In Brightest Day: Chess’s Florence Vassy

9/28/2013        In Brightest Day: Chess’s Anatoly Sergievsky

9/18/2013        In Brightest Day: George Lucas Sucks at Emotions

9/11/2013        In Brightest Day: Tony Stark’s Other Disabilities

9/07/2013        In Brightest Day: My Problem With Thor

9/06/2013        In Brightest Day: Losing Control of Your ‘Power’

8/14/2013        In Brightest Day: Eragon (Again)

8/06/2013        In Brightest Day: Jaime Lannister

8/02/2013        In Brightest Day: Eragon

7/31/2013        In Brightest Day: Joffrey Baratheon

7/27/2013        In Brightest Day: Tyrion and the Lannisters

7/13/2013        In Brightest Day: Clara Oswald

7/03/2013        In Brightest Day: Tommy

6/26/2013        In Brightest Day(ish): Cripping and the Concept of Reappropriation

6/22/2013        In Brightest Day: A Nightmare on Elm Street

6/19/2013        In Brightest Day: Horror Movies

6/15/2013        In Brightest Day: Man of Steel

6/12/2013        In Brightest Day(ish): Disney Princesses—An Addendum

6/08/2013        In Brightest Day(ish): Suicide solution

6/05/2013        In Brightest Day: Homesickness

6/01/2013        In Brightest Day: Homestar Runner

5/29/2013        In Brightest Day: “The Name of the Doctor” and Its Implications

5/25/2013        In Brightest Day: Post-Avengers Tony Stark

5/22/2013        In Brightest Day: Tony Stark’s Alcoholism

5/18/2013        In Brightest Day: An Autistic Superhero

5/15/2013        In Brightest Day: Youngest Child Syndrome

5/11/2013        In Brightest Day: The Common Factor

5/08/2013        In Brightest Day: Bobby Singer

5/01/2013        In Brightest Day: the Eleventh Doctor

4/27/2013        In Brightest Day: the Tenth Doctor

4/25/2013        In Brightest Day(ish): Luke Skywalker

4/24/2013        In Brightest Day: Anakin Skywalker

4/17/2013        In Brightest Day: Becky and the Glee School Shooting

4/13/2013        In Brightest Day: Draco Malfoy

4/03/2013        In Brightest Day: Tim Drake and Torture

3/30/2013        In Brightest Day: Anger Management Issues

3/27/2013        In Brightest Day: Daleks

3/23/2013        In Brightest Day: Is Virtue a Disability?

3/20/2013        In Brightest Day: Mental Disabilities and Comedy

3/14/2013        In Brightest Day: Warcraft’s Old Gods

3/13/2013        In Brightest Day: Arthas Menethil

3/01/2013        In Brightest Day: Warcraft—An Introduction

2/25/2013        In Brightest Day: Disney Princes

2/22/2013        In Brightest Day: Disney Princess Syndrome and Other Things

2/19/2013        In Brightest Day: Ariel

2/07/2013        In Brightest Day: Belle

2/04/2013        In Brightest Day: Simba

2/01/2013        In Brightest Day: When disabled really doesn’t mean disabled

1/29/2013        In Brightest Day: Hermione Granger

1/28/2013        In Brightest Day: Questions About the Undead Disease

1/22/2013        In Brightest Day: Ableism in Harry Potter

1/18/2013        In Brightest Day: Calvin

1/11/2013        In Brightest Day: Sherlock Holmes

1/06/2013        In Brightest Day: Voldemort

12/17/2012      In Brightest Day: The Nightmare Before Christmas Part 2

12/16/2012      In Brightest Day: The Nightmare Before Christmas Part 1

12/06/2012      In Brightest Day: Charlie Brown

11/03/2012      In Brightest Day: The Grinch

11/14/2012      In Brightest Day: Wesley Crusher

11/09/2012      In Brightest Day: Ninth Doctor

11/06/2012      In Brightest Day Needs Some Help

7/29/2012        In Brightest Day: The Makings of a Batman

5/27/2012        In Brightest Day: Fracking Cylons

3/25/2012        In Brightest Day: Ronald B. Weasley

2/11/2012        In Brightest Day: Oracle-Schmoracle! Let’s make that woman walk.

1/20/2012        In Brightest Day: A Brief Introduction on Disability Studies

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“There You Go” with Dino Andrade

"There You Go" with Dino Andrade

“There You Go” with Dino Andrade

10/31/2012      “There You Go” with Dino Andrade: Part 3

10/26/2012      “There You Go” with Dino Andrade: Part 2

9/23/2012        “There You Go” with Dino Andrade: Part 1

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So You Want to Read Comic Books

So You Want to Read Comic Books

So You Want to Read Comic Books

8/13/2013        So You Want to Read Comic Books 2.0: The Movement

5/03/2013        So You Want To Read Comic Books 2.0: Go To Free Comic Book Day!

2/13/2013        So You Want to Read Comic Books 2.0: Fearless Defenders Review

12/13/2012      So You Want to Read Comic Books 2.0: Marceline Time—c’mon, grab your Scream Queens!

11/29/2012      So You Want To Read Comic Books 2.0: Captain Marvel

11/02/2012      So You Want to Read Comic Books 2.0: Superman is Cool

10/21/2012      So You Want to Read Comic Books 2.0: Hawkeye

9/11/2012        So You Want to Read Comic Books 2.0: The Essentials

9/08/2012        So You Want to Read Comic Books: Video Games and The Fandom

8/28/2012        So You Want To Read Comic Books: Authors and Artists

8/16/2012        So You Want To Read Comic Books: Go to Wikipedia!

8/07/2012        So You Want to Read Comic Books: Watch the Movies and TV Shows

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

6/15/2015        Return to Westeros: “Mother’s Mercy” Review

6/08/2015        Return to Westeros: “The Dance of Dragons” Review

6/01/2015        Return to Westeros: “Hardhome” Review

5/25/2015        Return to Westeros: “The Gift” Review

5/18/2015        Return to Westeros: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Review

5/11/2015        Return to Westeros: “Kill the Boy” Review

5/04/2015        Return to Westeros: “Sons of the Harpy” Review

4/27/2015        Return to Westeros: “High Sparrow” Review

4/20/2015        Return to Westeros: “The House of Black and White” Review

4/13/2015        Return to Westeros: “The Wars to Come” Review

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Marvel’s Agent Carter

Marvel's Agent Carter

Marvel’s Agent Carter

3/02/2016        Agent Carter: “Hollywood Ending” Review

2/24/2016        Agent Carter: “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance” Review

2/17/2016        Agent Carter: “Life of the Party” and “Monsters” Review

2/10/2016        Agent Carter: “The Atomic Job” Review

2/03/3016        Agent Carter: “Smoke and Mirrors” Review

1/29/2016        Agent Carter: “Better Angels” Review

1/20/2016        Agent Carter: Season 2 Premiere Review

2/25/2015        Agent Carter: “Valediction” Review

2/18/2015        Agent Carter: “Snafu” Review

2/11/2015        Agent Carter: “A Sin to Err” Review

2/04/2015        Agent Carter: “The Iron Ceiling” Review

1/28/2015        Agent Carter: “The Blitzkrieg Button” Review

1/14/2015        Agent Carter: “Time and Tide” Review

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Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra

8/23/2014        Legend of Korra: “Enter the Void”/“Venom of the Red Lotus” Review

8/17/2014        Legend of Korra: “The Ultimatum” Review

8/10/2014        Legend of Korra: “Long Live the Queen” Review

8/03/2014        Legend of Korra: “The Stakeout” Review

7/27/2014        Legend of Korra: “The Terror Within” Review

7/20/2014        Legend of Korra: “Old Wounds” and “Original Airbenders” Review

7/13/2014        The Legend of Korra: “In Harm’s Way” and “The Metal Clan” Review

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Orphan Black

Orphan Black

Orphan Black

6/18/2016        Orphan Black: “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths” Review

6/11/2016        Orphan Black: “The Mitigation of Competition” Review

6/03/2016        Orphan Black: “The Redesign of Natural Objects” Review

5/27/2016        Orphan Black: “The Antisocialism of Sex” Review

5/20/2016        Orphan Black: “The Scandal of Altruism” Review

5/13/2016        Orphan Black: “Human Raw Material” Review

5/07/2016        Orphan Black: “From Instinct to Rational Control” Review

4/29/2016        Orphan Black: “The Stigmata of Progress” Review

4/22/2016        Orphan Black: “Transgressive Border Crossing” Review

4/15/2016        Orphan Black: “The Collapse of Nature” Review

6/21/2015        Orphan Black: “History Yet to be Written” Review

6/14/2015        Orphan Black: “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow” Review

6/07/2015        Orphan Black: “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method” Review

5/31/2015        Orphan Black: “Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate” Review

5/24/2015        Orphan Black: “Certain Agony of the Battlefield” Review

5/17/2015        Orphan Black: “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations” Review

5/10/2015        Orphan Black: “Newer Elements of Our Defense” Review

5/03/2015        Orphan Black: “Formalized, Complex, and Costly” Review

4/26/2015        Orphan Black: “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” Review

4/19/2015        Orphan Black: “The Weight of This Combination” Review

6/22/2014        Orphan Black: “By Means Which Have Never Been Tried” Review

6/15/2014        Orphan Black: “Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done” Review

6/08/2014        Orphan Black: “Variable and Full of Perturbation” Review

6/01/2014        Orphan Black: “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things” Review

5/25/2014        Orphan Black: “To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings” Review

5/18/2014        Orphan Black: “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est” Review

5/11/2014        Orphan Black: “Governed as It Were by Chance” Review

5/04/2014        Orphan Black: “Mingling Its Own Nature With It” Review

4/27/2014        Orphan Black: “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion” Review

4/20/2014        Orphan Black: “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” Review

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8/30/2015        Hannibal: “The Wrath of the Lamb” Review

8/23/2015        Hannibal: “The Number of the Beast is 666” Review

8/16/2015        Hannibal: “…And the Beast from the Sea” Review

8/09/2015        Hannibal: “…And the Woman Clothed in Sun” Review

8/02/2015        Hannibal: “And the Woman Clothed with the Sun…” Review

7/26/2015        Hannibal: “The Great Red Dragon” Review

7/19/2015        Hannibal: “Digestivo” Review

7/10/2015        Hannibal: “Dolce” Review

7/03/2015        Hannibal: “Contorno” Review

6/26/2015        Hannibal: “Aperitivo” Review

6/19/2015        Hannibal: “Secondo” Review

6/12/2015        Hannibal: “Primavera” Review

6/05/2015        Hannibal: “Antipasto” Review

5/24/2014        Hannibal: “Mizumono” Review

5/17/2014        Hannibal: “Tome-Wan” Review

5/10/2014        Hannibal: “Ko No Mono” Review

5/03/2014        Hannibal: “Naka-Choko” Review

2/26/2014        Hannibal: “Shiizakana” Review

4/19/2014        Hannibal: “Su-zakana” Review

4/12/2014        Hannibal: “Yakimono” Review

4/05/2014        Hannibal: “Futamono” Review

3/29/2014        Hannibal: “Mukozuke” Review

3/22/2014        Hannibal: “Takiawase” Review

3/15/2014        Hannibal: “Hassun” Review

3/08/2014        Hannibal: “Sakizuke” Review

3/01/2014        Hannibal: “Kaiseki” Review

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Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

1/06/2016        Teen Wolf: “The Last Chimera” Review

8/25/2015        Teen Wolf: “Status Asthmaticus” Review

8/18/2015        Teen Wolf: “Lies of Omission” Review

8/11/2015        Teen Wolf: “Ouroboros” Review

8/04/2015        Teen Wolf: “Strange Frequencies” Review

7/28/2015        Teen Wolf: “Required Reading” Review

7/21/2015        Teen Wolf: “A Novel Approach” Review

7/14/2015        Teen Wolf: “Condition Terminal” Review

7/07/2015        Teen Wolf: “Dreamcatchers” Review

7/01/2015        Teen Wolf: “Parasomnia” Review

6/30/2015        Teen Wolf: “Creatures of the Night” Review

9/09/2014        Teen Wolf: “Smoke and Mirrors” Review

9/02/2014        Teen Wolf: “A Promise to the Dead” Review

8/25/2014        Teen Wolf: “Monstrous” Review

8/19/2014        Teen Wolf: “Perishable” Review

8/12/2014        Teen Wolf: “Time of Death” Review

8/05/2014        Teen Wolf: “Weaponized” Review

7/29/2014        Teen Wolf: “Orphaned” Review

7/22/2014        Teen Wolf: “I.E.D.” Review

7/15/2014        Teen Wolf: “The Benefactor” Review

7/08/2014        Teen Wolf: “Muted” Review

7/01/2014        Teen Wolf: “117” Review

6/24/2014        Teen Wolf: “The Dark Moon” Season Premiere Review

3/25/2014        Teen Wolf: “The Divine Move” Season Finale Review

3/18/2014        Teen Wolf: “Insatiable” Review

3/11/2014        Teen Wolf: “De-Void” Review

3/04/2014        Teen Wolf: “The Fox and the Wolf” Review

2/25/2014        Teen Wolf: “Echo House” Review

2/18/2014        Teen Wolf: “Letharia Vulpina” Review

2/11/2014        Teen Wolf: “Riddled” Review

2/04/2014        Teen Wolf: “Silverfinger” Review

1/28/2014        Teen Wolf: “Illuminated” Review

1/22/2014        Teen Wolf: “Galvanize” Review

1/14/2014        Teen Wolf: “More Bad Than Good” Review

1/07/2014        Teen Wolf: “Anchors” Review

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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

4/10/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Ragnarok” Review

4/02/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Delaware” Review

3/26/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Dawn’s Early Light” Review

3/19/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Incommunicado” Review

3/12/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Into the Wild” Review

3/05/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Dark Mirror” Review

2/27/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Sins of the Father” Review

2/20/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Kindred Spirits” Review

2/13/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “Incident at Stone Manor” Review

2/06/2016        Sleepy Hollow: “One Life” Review

11/20/2015      Sleepy Hollow: “Novus Ordo Seclorum” Review

11/13/2015      Sleepy Hollow: “The Art of War” Review

11/06/2015      Sleepy Hollow: “This Red Lady from Caribee” Review

10/31/2015      Sleepy Hollow: “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Review

10/23/2015      Sleepy Hollow: “The Sisters Mills” Review

10/16/2015      Sleepy Hollow: “Blood and Fear” Review

10/09/2015      Sleepy Hollow: “Whispers in the Dark” Review

10/02/2015      Sleepy Hollow: “I, Witness” Review

2/24/2015        Sleepy Hollow: “Tempus Fugit” Review

2/17/2015        Sleepy Hollow: “Awakening” Review

2/10/2015        Sleepy Hollow: “What Lies Beneath” Review

2/03/2015        Sleepy Hollow: “Spellcaster” Review

1/27/2015        Sleepy Hollow: “Kali Yuga” Review

1/20/2015        Sleepy Hollow: “Pittura Infamante” Review

1/06/2015        Sleepy Hollow: “Paradise Lost” Review

12/02/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “The Akeda” Review

11/25/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “Magnum Opus” Review

11/18/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “Mama” Review

11/11/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “Heartless” Review

11/04/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “Deliverance” Review

10/28/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “And the Abyss Gazes Back” Review

10/21/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “The Weeping Lady” Review

10/14/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “Go Where I Send Thee…” Review

10/07/2014      Sleepy Hollow: “Root of All Evil” Review

9/30/2014        Sleepy Hollow: “The Kindred” Review

9/23/2014        Sleepy Hollow: “This is War” Review

1/21/2014        Sleepy Hollow: Season Finale Review

1/14/2014        Sleepy Hollow: “The Vessel” Review

12/10/2013      Sleepy Hollow: “The Golem” Review

11/26/2013      Sleepy Hollow: “Sanctuary” Review

11/19/2013      Sleepy Hollow: “Necromancer” Review

11/12/2013      Sleepy Hollow: “The Midnight Ride” Review

11/05/2013      Sleepy Hollow: “The Sin Eater” Review

10/15/2013      Sleepy Hollow: “John Doe” Review

10/08/2013      Sleepy Hollow: “The Lesser Key of Solomon” Review

10/01/2013      Sleepy Hollow: “For the Triumph of Evil…” Review

9/24/2013        Sleepy Hollow: “Blood Moon” Review

9/21/2013        Sleepy Hollow: “Pilot” Review

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12/15/2014      The Road So Far: Season 10 Midseason Review

10/08/2014      The Road So Far: “Black” Review

5/21/2014        The Road So Far: “Do You Believe in Miracles” Review

4/30/2014        The Road So Far: “Bloodlines” Review

1/15/2014        The Road So Far: “Road Trip” Review

12/04/2013      The Road So Far: “Holy Terror” Review

11/27/2013      The Road So Far: “Rock and a Hard Place” Review

11/20/2013      The Road So Far: “Bad Boys” Review

11/13/2013      The Road So Far: “Heaven Can’t Wait” Review

11/08/2012      The Road So Far: “Southern Comfort” Review

11/06/2013      The Road So Far: “Dog Dean Afternoon” Review

10/30/2013      The Road So Far: “Slumber Party” Review

10/23/2013      The Road So Far: “I’m No Angel” Review

10/16/2013      The Road So Far: “Devil May Care” Review

10/09/2013      The Road So Far: “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” Review

5/16/2013        The Road So Far: “Sacrifice” Review

5/09/2013        The Road So Far: “Clip Show” Review

5/02/2013        The Road So Far: “The Great Escapist” Review

4/25/2013        The Road So Far: “Pac-Man Fever” Review

4/04/2013        The Road So Far: “Taxi Driver” Review

3/28/2013        The Road So Far: “Freaks and Geeks” Review

3/21/2013        The Road So Far: “Goodbye Stranger” Review

2/28/2013        The Road So Far: “Remember the Titans” Review

2/23/2013        The Road So Far: “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits” Review

2/15/2013        The Road So Far: “Trial and Error” Review

2/07/2013        The Road So Far: “Everybody Hates Hitler” Review

1/31/2013        The Road So Far: “As Time Goes By” Review

1/24/2013        The Road So Far: “LARP and the Real Girl” Review

1/17/2013        The Road So Far: “Torn and Frayed” Review

12/06/2012      The Road So Far: “Citizen Fang” Season 8 Midseason Review

11/29/2012      The Road So Far: “Hunteri Heroici” Review

11/15/2012      The Road So Far: “A Little Slice of Kevin” Review

11/01/2012      The Road So Far: “Blood Brothers” Review

10/25/2012      The Road So Far: “Bitten” Review

10/18/2012      The Road So Far: “Heartache” Review

10/11/2012      The Road So Far: “What’s Up Tiger Mommy” Review

10/04/2012      The Road So Far: Supernatural Season Eight Premiere

6/17/2012        The Road So Far: Supernatural Season Seven Finale

5/17/2012        The Road So Far: Supernatural Before the Finale Review

1/06/2012        The Road So Far: A Supernatural Midseason Review

9/26/2011        The Road So Far: A Supernatural Review; Meet the New Boss or In Defense of Sera Gamble

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1/13/2014        Sherlock: “His Last Vow” Review

1/06/2014        Sherlock: “The Sign of Three” Review

1/02/2014        Sherlock: “The Empty Hearse” Review

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

2/019/2016      The Walking Dead: “No Way Out” Review

12/04/2015      The Walking Dead: “Start to Finish” Midseason Finale Review

10/12/2015      The Walking Dead: “First Time Again” Review

3/31/2015        The Walking Dead: “Conquer” Review

2/09/2015        The Walking Dead: “What Happened and What’s Going On” Review

12/01/2014      The Walking Dead: “Coda” Midseason Review

10/13/2014      The Walking Dead: “No Sanctuary” Review

3/31/2014        The Walking Dead: “A” Review

2/10/2014        The Walking Dead: “After” Review

12/02/2013      The Walking Dead: “Too Far Gone” Midseason Review

10/15/2013      The Walking Dead: “30 Days Without an Accident” Review

3/26/2013        The Walking Dead: “This Sorrowful Life” Review

3/20/2013        The Walking Dead: “Prey” Review

3/15/2013        The Walking Dead: “Arrow on the Doorpost” Review

3/05/2013        The Walking Dead: Season 3 Review

12/07/2012      The Walking Dead: “Made to Suffer” Midseason Review

3/19/2012        The Walking Dead: Seasons 1 and 2 Review

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