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Salutations! I am Lady Geek Girl, the supreme emperor of this blog and soon the world! I started this blog and assembled my Scooby Gang to help fight the evils of inequality, intolerance, and people not realizing that the Vulcan death grip isn’t real! Kirk made it up! The real one is the Vulcan nerve pinch! Get with the program, people! In case you can’t tell from my user name, I am a lover of all things geek. I also have a Master’s in Theology and a Bachelor’s in English, and I enjoy taking my love of comics, video games, movies, and TV shows, and analyzing them from a religious, feminist, queer perspective. In my spare time, I plot my eventual world domination with my minions friends and attempt to somehow gain the rights to Jason Todd. Also, I collect unique hats.

I hope you enjoy and comment on the musings of this Geek Girl!

MadameAce Archivist


Hello, peeps of the world!

I am Lady Geek Girl’s minion—I mean, best friend. And I was coerced into joining this website as part of her evil master plan to take over the world and outlaw tetrahedral-wielding penguins (they’re dangerous, I tell you). All seriousness aside, I am just as much of a geek as Lady Geek Girl, and for those of you who couldn’t guess it from my user name, I am also asexual. No, in case you’re wondering, while I am a very talented person, sadly I cannot reproduce asexually. I am not an amoeba. Like Lady Geek Girl, I plan to talk about many things pertaining to geekdom, but I also have a vested interest in sexuality and how any orientation that differs from hetero is portrayed or reacted to. Sexuality fascinates me, and by God, I will talk about it. Additionally, I enjoy talking about religion (my religious upbringing was a bit all over the place), video games, movies, why Santa Claus is the scariest person on the planet, the works.

My thanks to anyone who took the time to read about me and I hope you enjoy and comment on my postings.

Lady Saika

Lady Saika

Hi, all! I’m Saika (Lady Saika if you’re feeling polite, but it’s really not necessary). I have a master’s degree in professional writing and a bachelor’s in Japanese, and work in publishing in my brickspace life. My current passion is for Marvel comics in all their incarnations, but there are few realms of geekiness I’m not engaged with. I’ve seen approximately one million anime, and have lots to say about them. I’ve also seen the entirety of the 1st and 8th–11th Doctors and tend to rhapsodize at length about each and every one. (I’m working my way through the other six.)

My other interests range from YA fantasy to Star Trek to musical theater to Homestuck to Welcome to Night Vale to (of course) Harry Potter, but nowadays I spend most of my time cosplaying. Consider yourself warned, dear reader: these topics can and probably will come up at any time.


Luce (porluciernagas)
Senior Editor
Public Relations/Press Inquiries

Hi! I’m Luce. I read a lot of YA and fantasy books, watch too many British television programs, and love fan-created works like fanfiction or fanart. Racial issues have always interested me (and as a racial minority, they’ve always affected me as well), so I’m going to be analyzing the minority and identity issues prevalent in these and other topics. It’s great to be here and hopefully some of my musings will be interesting to you! If you’d like to contact me on a blog-related matter, feel free to email me at porluciernagas [at] gmail [dot] com.

Tsunderin Associate Editor

Associate Editor

Greetings and salutations! Feel free to just call me Rin—we’re all friends here, or nemeses who just haven’t gotten to know each other well enough. I’m a video game lover from the womb to the tomb, and Bioware enthusiast until the day they stop making games with amazing characters that I cry over. And while I don’t partake as often as I used to, don’t be surprised to find me poking around an anime or manga every once in a while either. A personal interest for me is characterization in media and how women in particular have been portrayed, are being portrayed, and will be portrayed in the future. I’m not going to mince words about my opinion either.

Other fandoms of mine include Homestuck, Game of Thrones (keep spoilers 10,000 feet away from me, heathens), and Good Eats. You think Food Network can’t have a fandom? Get out of my face. I hope some of my posts catch your interest. Even if you end up not being a fan, hopefully it’ll get you thinking a little bit more.

Stinekey Associate Editor

Associate Editor

Hi, there! I’m Stinekey. Upon meeting Lady Geek Girl during grad school orientation, I thanked my lucky stars (and relevant saints) that I wasn’t doomed to be the only geekdom-loving kid in the class. I’m a Catholic with a Master’s in Theology and hopes of one day securing a position harvesting souls and teaching people that religion doesn’t have to suck. I have an obsession with good stories, and love nothing more than diving headfirst into a new fandom. After all… we’re all stories in the end, aren’t we?

I go by Dom—pretty simple, right? I love humor and funny things. If people are laughing, I’m normally happy. Video games and cartoons keep me moving, as do music, comics, and many other things, really. Candy, too! I kind of have a tendency to rant about racism, but I’m not shy to rant about much. I also tend to go on spacey tangents, so the sky is the limit. Met all the lovely people here pretty much through random chance, but I’m here to help.

Hello! I’m Syng. I’m an American Greek, a geek, and an Orthodox Christian, so I’m going to be hitting this blog with lots of posts on issues of religion in media, feminism, and basically anything having to do with representation that I can think of. I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Creative Writing, and am currently working toward a doctorate in Learning Sciences, because I’m passionate about combating the crap children have to deal with in today’s cultural and educational system. This also means many of my fandoms are aimed toward a target audience younger than I am (e.g., some anime and manga, YA fantasy and sci-fi, Disney movies), though I also like some BBC shows, a few webcomics, and fantasy and sci-fi in general. Also, no one is allowed to bash unicorns in my presence. I’m so happy to be a part of this open and non-judgey community, and hope you’ll join us in our interesting conversations!

Greetings, friends! I’m Pan and my general areas of expertise are Marvel comics, television and film, old school high fantasy novels, and OUTER SPACE, though I dabble in more or less every area of geekdom. I devote an inordinate amount of my time and money to cosplay and other neat nerdcraft and I attend anime, sci-fi, and comic conventions fairly often. I am gender fluid and I tend toward masculinity, so you may notice me referring to myself as “guy” or “man” from time to time. Unsurprisingly, trans and nontraditional gender representation in media is something that interests me, so I will probably remark on gender roles and expectations fairly often. I have also studied a bit on eastern religions, and though I’m not part of a faith community I hope I can provide a little bit of insight on non-Christian perspectives. This is my first venture into semi-professional writing and I’m honored to be with the lovely and talented people of LGG&F.

I’m Noodle. I want to read everything, I watch a lot of things, I like to write, I make art occasionally. I started with Astrid Lindgred and Roald Dahl, moved to Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, and ended up here, a fan of more things than I would have thought humanly possible, including but not limited to In The Flesh, Welcome to Night Vale, Orphan Black, Jessica Jones, Person Of Interest, Lumberjanes, and Shadowhunters. Queer headcanons give me life.

I’m a lesbian. I only started figuring out that I like women in my twenties. My identity journey has taken me through quite a few labels. It was seeing and reading about LGBTQ+ people and characters that helped me realize all the possibilities and that I don’t have to deny any part of myself to be happy and that I’m not alone. As a result, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about media representation of LGBTQ+ characters. So, that’s probably what I’ll be writing about the most.

Mikely Whiplash is the evil alter-ego of a mild-mannered lawyer from Buffalo, NY. While I put on a suit every day and go act like a grown up, honestly, I spend most of my time thinking about Game of Thrones. I got diagnosed with ADHD at age 29, so, that might be some context  Also, Orphan Black, Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Joss Whedon, and various and sundry members of the Avengers (mostly Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and Captain America).

As a token cishet white guy, I also kind of like American football. But I won’t bring it up again.

Jolan Tru! I’m grigoriprime, Greg if you’re into brevity. I’m a geek for more fandoms than I can count (so I won’t hog this entire page listing them) but if it has time travel, aliens, dragons, magic, pirate ladies, spaceships, tentacled elder gods, or magic dragon powered time traveling spaceships crewed by tentacled alien pirates in it, I probably love it a bit too much. I’m also a video game freak. I’ve spent so much time in the Wasteland that I finally had to buy a place overlooking scenic Deathclaw Sanctuary (rents in Rivet City are ridiculous anyway). I call myself a “story gamer” and am obsessed with the potential of interactive choice based storytelling.

As a nonbinary queer person who spent decades passing as a straight cis dude, I’m the perfect double agent for a paradigm shifting world domination plot. I’m an atheist and an ordained minister (Jedi Church and ULC) who was raised in a mostly non-theistic Jewish household, so my religious perspective is… complicated but fun. When I’m not escaping into various fictional worlds and then writing about them, I’m either providing tech training and support, doing abstract and UrbEx photography, and making video game content.

When I got picked to write for this site my head exploded with geeky joy. So as soon as I finish duct taping the pieces back together, I’m seriously looking forward to engaging with members and fans of our secret cabal community!

The Afictionado

The Afictionado

Hi all! I’m Alex, long-time writer, geek, and budding scholar. I’ve been coming up with stories since before I could write, and picking fiction apart (both fiction that I love and love to hate) as a hobby for years now, so I’m super excited to be joining LGG&F to do exactly that! My main targets for said picking are the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Fate franchise, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, various story-driven video games like Oxenfree and Life is Strange, YA fiction, and other anime and TV shows that capture my imagination and beady critical eye. I’m fascinated by the social impact of media, and how what we see in fiction reflects the world around us, especially when it comes to women and the LGBTQ+ community, and how a lot of the tropes we lean on today (good, bad, and ugly) date back thousands of years and are rooted in ancient storytelling. Don’t ask me about my mythological thesis, because I’ll talk your ear off. I hope you enjoy my articles!


Former Authors:

Hello, hola, shalom, ni hao! I’m PolyglotPisces and very pumped to be joining the ranks of Lady Geek Girl & Friends. I’m currently a freelance musician, my undergrad degree was in anthropology, and I’m looking to go to grad school for anthro sometime in the not too distant future. As a (presumably) human being, I’m very interested in a multitude of issues that we face in regards to our lived social, cultural, psychological, and biological experiences in these zany human societies/cultures and silly human bodies. As a gay/queer man, I’m interested in issues of sexuality and gender. As a person who is half-Latino, I’m interested in issues of race and ethnicity. As a pagan, I’m fascinated by religion in general, but especially intrigued by those of the pagan variety, both ancient and modern. As someone with my fair share of health issues, I’m very interested in issues about medical anthropology and anthropology of the body. I’ve also always been very into most things paranormal/supernatural/occult, which has led to countless hours of book reading, TV/movie watching, and web surfing. For funsies, I like to study languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Hebrew, and Chinese.

Salutations! You can call me Ink! Lady Saika has summoned me and the elder evils which accompany me from the murky depths, and I could not be more pleased (though it is a little dry up here, I must say). I consume too much anime, too much music, and way too many comics. You could call me a dirty hipster kid, a fashion geek, a big old nerd, whatever you want as long as you call me. There’s nothing I won’t pretend to know everything about, but I have a special place in my three hearts for feminism, comic books, A Song of Ice and Fire, The West Wing, and performance studies.

I’m into video games, particularly RPGs and shooters. I’m into poetry and interior design. When I’m not admitting to embarrassing things like that, I do research in the social sciences. I’m a bit of an indie rocker, and I dance a lot. I’m a part-time anthropologist, a full-time feminist, and an overtime baller. Whatever that means. I go off on feminism, nerd stuff, music and whatever over @izzyssw. Follow me? It’s good for your cardiovascular health, I’m told.

Hey everyone, I’m MarchHareMoe, or Moe for short! My interests always change, but I’m always checking out new music, indie games and anime. My prime pasttime is plowing through the Phoenix Wright series! I have a passion for strange and mysterious mediums like the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When the Cicadas Cry). Though I’m agnostic, I’ve been lucky enough to have a loving Wiccan as my god-mother, and have learned different New Age and Neo Paganism philosophies on my own. I’m not a writer by trade, but I’m ready to stretch my writing arm out and help the cause!

Hi, I’m Blackout. I’m here to bring a little culture and class to this website. Lady Geek Girl, please put down the brick. I’m kidding.

I’m gonna be covering a lot of disability studies concepts, basically because Aspergers gives me soooooo much street cred on the subject. However, I am up for requests. If there is something that you wish to ask me, please tell me. I’m all about communication.

Blackout is no longer an active writer for Lady Geek Girl and Friends.

Hello everyone, my name is Fiyero3305! I feel a bit out of my comfort zone with this commitment to blogging, but Lady Geek Girl has effectively twisted my arm and gotten me to agree to join her Scooby Gang. I think it was very unfair of her to ask while I was in NYC about to see Billy Elliot, and having just seen Rent. That’s a theatre high right there and I should not have been held responsible for my actions while under the influence of Broadway. I am in love with the Catholic faith and though my passion for it waxes and wanes, I don’t think I could ever stop loving the Church.

Anyway, as you have probably guessed, my main geeky area is musical theatre, has been since March 3, 2005 when I saw my first show on Broadway, Wicked (This is where my username comes from) but I have a few other obsessions, including Sailor Moon in all her incarnations, slasher flicks of the 80s and 90s, and the Nickelodeon show/band Big Time Rush. I look forward to over-analyzing these things and more for your entertainment!

Fiyero is no longer an active writer for Lady Geek Girl and Friends.

I’m nearly a nerd and tragically straight. My major is English. My expertise is in Futurama, literature (Jane Eyre fanatic), Neil Gaiman, and Christopher Moore novels, musicals, web comics, and shoujo manga (especially Skip Beat!). I also have a huge fan girl crush on the goth musician Voltaire. I have a lot of nerd things I haven’t seen yet that I am looking forward to obsessing over.

Futurefan is no longer an active writer for Lady Geek Girl and Friends.

Hello, everybody!

I am Lady Bacula (you can drop the “Lady” if you wish—all my buddies do), your resident hipster-cosplayer bagpiper and your video game aficionado.

I am a fan of all things anime. If I had to pick my three favorites, they would be (these are not ranked since I love them all dearly) Rurouni Kenshin, Black Butler, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I am a huge Nintendo fan; I was raised in a one-system household, so my video game knowledge beyond Nintendo is nonexistent. For that I am truly sorry. I do play the bagpipes and will be bringing up bagpiping things from time to time (so be on the lookout). I’ve got a ton of other geekery in my life, such as Doctor Who, Star Trek (specifically TNGN and Voyager), Harry Potter, Sherlock, all things Disney, and Supernatural (still under development). But most importantly, I’m your brony!

I’m really excited to hear from all of you and I hope you enjoy my posts!

Lady Bacula is no longer an active writer for Lady Geek Girl and Friends.

I am Alan Perigren. I believe suffering is the spice of life. I hate nearly everything and person ever to exist. I am a humorist. I have a relationship with God characterized mostly by us calling each other assholes. I have a keen interest in video games, music, and men’s rights. I am heterosexual, I love sports, I enjoy tobacco, and I guzzle alcohol. In other words, I’ll be the resident “asshole” liaison. I wear very plain clothing, and I hate that dressing in such an understated and normal fashion causes me to stick out. I hate hippies. I hate sugar and everything nice. Thus, if I were to be defined by a “fic pairing,” it would be Cartman and Buttercup. For the sake of hopefully ruining Blackout’s day as he reads this, I will say that I have graphic dreams of this pairing every night.

I hope that some people enjoy what I write. I believe that common dislikes bring people closer together than common likes, so for the sake of making myself more relatable, I will now list some of my greatest dislikes: I hate Kurt Cobain, social butterflies, people who are different for the sake of different, musicals, fanfiction, most anime/manga, and people who want a cookie because their lives are too hard. I also hate writing which lacks variation of sentence structure, which means I also hated writing this.

APerigren is no longer an active writer for Lady Geek Girl and Friends.


Thanks for reading! We look forward to comments and discussion from all of you in the future.

6 thoughts on “Authors

  1. It would appear I have found fellow travelers trying to, as Mr. Rogers-Nelson put it, “Get through this thing called life.” Now, I may be wrong, but I sense that this bunch is chaotic neutral to neutral good in alignment. I am solidly 100% chaotic good (depending on one’s definition of “good”). I give not a moment’s damn for convention, law and order (the concept, not the Pagg-damned tv show), or “the way we’ve always done it.” I’ll try to check y’all out and if you’re all welcomed to my nightmare. Just follow the White Rabbit to

    Hail and well met, goodly fellows and ladies 🙂

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  3. I was just brought to this website today by the March blog on Spirited Away (just watched it for the first time, yeah yeah I know I’m behind the times). I must say that I’m incredibly intrigued by the setup and will now be reading this on a regular basis. Thank you for giving me something to do in my spare time!

  4. Wow. This is an impressive list. And I have a print of that unicorn tapestry image hanging in my home office, which is a wonderful little coincidence.

    Discovered you because my friend Hannah of Things Matter recommended your blog to me, and I love it!

    I also have a few contributors, and our approach is different, but similar, to yours. We call ourselves a blog of pop culture and opinion, and when we write opinion, it’s nearly always about some for of inequality.

    My gravatar link goes to my writing blog because I’m doing the A to Z challenge with it, but I pinged your Captain America review with a roundup on the other blog today.


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