lggadvertfinal imageWould you like to write for Lady Geek Girl and Friends? We’re always looking for new writers who are enthusiastic about intersectional feminism and geekdom!

Please click this link to see what we’re looking for from potential writers.

If you’re interested in applying and are over 18 years of age, please get in touch!

Please note: while we absolutely welcome applicants from all backgrounds, we do think it’s important to have a diverse staff who can write about topics of representation from marginalized perspectives. Because of this, we’re currently particularly looking for writers of color, writers who identify as trans or genderqueer, and writers who practice/study religions other than Christianity.

13 thoughts on “Careers

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  2. I like to write & rant with a quirky queer lesbian Wiccan Afrolicious Fat Black GeekGirl Slant. And I watch waaaay to much TV, anime and movies about mutants. How do I apply? You are welcome to check out MY BLOG- “Ebony Eyes” and see if you like my style, lol. Uh oh, didn’t think I’d ever say that! I stand by my posts, every freaky geeky fierce rebellious one of the them. Don’t get me wrong, I also post lots of GIFs about cute animals. I’m only human dammit. Love, Peace & Afro Grease

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  4. I would be glad to work for you guys as a writer, and I will get an application in pronto, but I wanted to ask… Being a line or note editor would be more in my wheelhouse. Do you need any of those?

    • Thank you so much for showing interest in our blog. Unfortunately, we don’t have any editing position open right now — though we would be willing to talk to you more about that — and we look forward to your application.

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