Web Crush Wednesdays: Unboxing with Dylan Marron

These days we spend a lot of time talking about abstract concepts like toxic masculinity and rape culture, and whether discussing them in the realm of politics or in a more geeky way as we do on this site, we rarely spend any time defining these terms or arguing with people who say that these concepts aren’t real. Fortunately, for people who want to either understand these concepts a little better or who want real-world examples of how these concepts work, there’s the internet. Today’s web crush is for people who want to laugh and educate themselves on intangible concepts at the same time.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Critical Role

webcrush picThis is it, folks; this is the last Web Crush I will ever write, because I have found the best thing on the internet and possibly the world, and I shall never care about anything else ever again.

… Okay, okay, I’m joking. Just a little bit.

In all seriousness, though, this week I want to share my love for Critical Role, a weekly internet broadcast from Geek & Sundry, which basically shows how a bunch of nerdy voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. The series features some of the most compelling storytelling and some of the best acting I have ever seen, as well as some excellent queer characters. It’s really difficult to speak about this show—this phenomenon, really—without descending into an incoherent blubbering mess whose feelings boil down to “OMG OMG it’s amazing!”, but I shall try.

A couple vague spoilers below.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Vi Hart

jr9fangirls1111There is something you should know about me, dear viewers. I hate math. I mean I really hate math. MadameAce used to kick me repeatedly to try to get me to learn math faster. Math to me is the work of Satan!

Okay, it’s not. Not really. But I do really hate math. It seems really complicated and extremely hard so if someone gets me interested and liking math—you can take that to the bank.

This week’s Web Crush is Youtuber Vi Hart who combines math and art to make math, well… fun!

Since I know very little to nothing about math here’re some of her videos so you can see how awesome and informative she is.

I hope you enjoyed my latest Web Crush and make sure to check out more Vi Hart on youtube.