Is Supernatural: Sexist?

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to discuss whether or not Supernatural is sexist. I meant to have this written ages ago, but I have been having a hard time writing this particular post, because there are just so many … Continue reading

The Road So Far: Supernatural Season Eight Premiere

The boys are back in town and ready to hunt some monsters and save the day. Well, they might be. Dean’s got a new monster pal, Sam’s got a dog, and Cas is trapped in Purgatory. Hmmm… the way things … Continue reading

The Road So Far: Supernatural Before the Finale Review

I am of the opinion that a TV show’s season is only as good as its premiere episode and season finale. If the beginning doesn’t suck you in then you won’t watch the season anyway, and if the end isn’t … Continue reading

Sexualized Saturdays: The Angels of Supernatural

First, a history lesson: angels, biblically speaking, are horny bastards. The entirety of the Book of Enoch is all about angels sleeping with human women. Angels in the Bible even have genders. Most tend to be men but there are … Continue reading

The Road So Far: A Supernatural Midseason Review

A lot has happened to our merry band of heroes since we first took a look at season seven’s premiere episode. Now, before you all settle down to watch the show tonight, let’s take a look at how our boys … Continue reading

The Road So Far: A Supernatural Review; Meet the New Boss or In Defense of Sera Gamble

Season 7 of Supernatural is officially here and excited fans want to know: is the premiere of Season 7 any good?

Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: Fringe Got it Right

I’ve recently been binge-watching Fringe for the first time. It’s a series about the “Fringe” division of the FBI, where Agent Olivia Dunham and her team investigate strange and paranormal events, visit parallel universes, and save the day by being smart and … Continue reading