Theatre Thursdays: Movie Musical Do-Overs

One of the ways I often pass time is by thinking about film adaptations of my favorite musicals. Usually I’m imagining musicals that haven’t yet made it to the silver screen, but sometimes I think about those musicals which have been adapted for film but could use another go. With the much-anticipated Annie remake starring Quvenzhané Wallis only months away, this topic has moved to the forefront of my thoughts. Here are three of my top picks for movie musical remakes.

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Theatre Thursdays: Honoring Marvin Hamlisch

Marvin Hamlisch, renowned composer, has passed away at age 68.

I must be honest, I know little of Mr. Hamlisch other than he has worked consistently with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and has therefore become a familiar name to me. I was surprised and saddened to hear of his passing, which just seemed unexpected. He was still scheduled on the PSO’s 2012-2013 season, so the news of his death caught me especially off-guard. According to this source, his illness was brief and it seems many of his loved ones were also surprised by the sudden loss.

Through the news of his passing, I have learned more about the man than I ever knew while he was living, which is unfortunate. Marvin Hamlisch was and is a treasure not only to the theatre world, but to the entertainment industry as well, composing hits for Broadway, film, and recording artists, and earning entertainment awards throughout his illustrious career.

Marvin’s music can be heard in such films as The Way We Were, Sophie’s Choice, and more recently The Informant. One of his most notable contributions to musical theatre is the classic, A Chorus Line.

Thank you for your work, Mr. Hamlisch. You’ve left a beautiful mark on the world.

Music can make a difference. There is a global nature to music, which has the potential to bring all people together. Music is truly an international language, and I hope to contribute by widening communication as much as I can.

— Marvin Hamlisch