Manga Mondays: Trigun

TrigunComing off the high that is Anime Boston, I’ve gotten a refresher of sorts of why I enjoy anime—also why I dislike it and the culture that comes along with it, but mostly why I like it. Reminders of the anime that started this long-lived affair (it was Panda! Go Panda, by the way), and the anime and manga that have kept these fires stoked. One such anime/manga also started my adoration for complicated villains. I’m honestly surprised that no one has tackled this behemoth of a story yet. So, today let’s take this opportunity to look at my favorite swirling vortex of feels, The Humanoid Typhoon, and his life as told through Trigun.

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Manga Mondays: 3×3 Eyes

The further I look back at the start of my manga consumption, the more I realize that I didn’t exactly traverse a conventional path. Rather, I had pretty weird tastes, as is evident by this week’s pick: Yuzo Takada’s 3X3 Eyes.

3x3 EyesIf I remember correctly, this was the second manga series I ever read. It had action, humor, good characters, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a bit confusing—although in a good way, as opposed to the terrible storytelling of Seraphic Feather. And, well, I suppose it would have to be at least a little bit confusing. After all, Takada created an entirely new mythos for a story spanning across several countries and encompassing a political plot as well as an ancient cultural coup. There was a lot to cover, and not all of it fit within the confined spaces of the comic panels.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

*Sigh* It’s Trailer Tuesdays… and I guess we have to talk about Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

…I really don’t want to talk about this trailer. I’m sure you all can see that it sucks, right? Well, I guess in case some of you don’t, let me explain.

Ghost Rider, the first one, sucked. Oh, the trailer looked like it had promise, other than the questionable casting of Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider, everything else looked awesome! The explosions, the motorcycle, and the demons made many fans hop right into their local theatre to see Marvel’s latest superhero movie.

But what we got was a big steaming pile of crap!

The storyline was cliché and extremely predictable. The demons were hardly scary or menacing. Nicholas Cage played himself the whole movie. Seriously, if you compared his acting in Ghost Rider with his acting in City of Angels you wouldn’t be able to see a difference in his two characters at all. As for the “awesome” special effects, it looked like a cartoon! I’m sorry I thought a skeleton that was walking around on fire was suppose to at least be intimidating, if not scary. Ghost Rider is from Marvel’s line of horror comics after all.

So obviously this movie completely tanked. So what did Marvel decide to do? Well, make another Ghost Rider movie of course, but this time it would be better! They promised!

…Well, let’s look into the eyes of the trailer now. There are explosions, a cartoony looking skull on fire, another clichéd love interest that isn’t afraid of Ghost Rider but should be—maybe she and Bella Swan can start a support group—there is potty humor, and… that’s it! Wow! Looks like Marvel really tried with this one—again!

I mean, come on! There isn’t even a discernible villain in this trailer. All I know right now is that Ghost Rider is fighting evil, he’s the darkest superhero (Rorschach is laughing as we speak), and it burns when he pees. Maybe the title of this movie should be Ghost Rider and the Search for More Money.

But hey, I’ve been wrong before. Prove me wrong, Marvel. I dare you.