Fanfiction Fridays: Break Me Open (Cut Out My Heart) by Astrild

One thing that I love about fanfics is that they don’t have to be epic chapter length fics to make their point and really convey a great story in a few short paragraphs. Another thing a love about fanfics is how the authors often remember the well loved characters that maybe even the writers of the show, book, or movie have forgotten.

Break Me Open by Astrild is one such fic from the Supernatural fandom.

Any of you that have frequented this blog know that I love Supernatural. That doesn’t mean that I don’t see the show’s flaws, though. One major flaw for me was Adam, Sam and Dean’s half brother, who is introduced and awesome but then gets possessed by the Archangel Michael and dragged into hell with Sam and Lucifer. In season six, Sam returns from hell and I think Adam is only mentioned one time after that, which always really bothered me. I always thought that Sam would follow his older brother Dean’s footsteps and protect Adam.

Well, the writers of Supernatural may have forgotten about Adam, but the fans sure didn’t.

Astrild wrote a short drabble about Adam and Sam’s time trapped in hell with Michael and Lucifer. The entire fic is from Adam’s perspective and describes his struggles as he watches Sam be beaten, broken, and tortured in exchanged for Adam’s continued well-being.

The fic keeps the characters perfectly in character. Adam is especially compelling here as you read his internal struggles of being grateful to Sam and wanting Sam not to get hurt. I also enjoyed the subtlety of Sam’s character in this. You can clearly see how everything Sam learned about family from Dean and his Dad is playing out in how he sacrifices everything for Adam. It’s a great read and one I highly recommend.


You can find it here, here, and here.