Book Review: Journey to the River Sea

Journey to the River SeaI read a lot of books. I read fiction, nonfiction, books for adults, and books for children. I think that age in regards to reading is just a number. (And as I am not very good at numbers, this fits me quite well.) Lately I have been reading a lot of novels intended for children; however, to put an age limit on Eva Ibbotson’s Journey to the River Sea would be a crime. Eva Ibbotson has written many books with female protagonists. Some of the heroines were beautiful, but boring. Others were too often far too chipper for my taste. However, she is an excellent storyteller with many great novels to her name, and Journey to the River Sea is no exception.

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Manga Mondays: 3×3 Eyes

The further I look back at the start of my manga consumption, the more I realize that I didn’t exactly traverse a conventional path. Rather, I had pretty weird tastes, as is evident by this week’s pick: Yuzo Takada’s 3X3 Eyes.

3x3 EyesIf I remember correctly, this was the second manga series I ever read. It had action, humor, good characters, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a bit confusing—although in a good way, as opposed to the terrible storytelling of Seraphic Feather. And, well, I suppose it would have to be at least a little bit confusing. After all, Takada created an entirely new mythos for a story spanning across several countries and encompassing a political plot as well as an ancient cultural coup. There was a lot to cover, and not all of it fit within the confined spaces of the comic panels.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Adam The Woo

How to describe Adam The Woo? Well, allow me to utilize his theme song:

Adam The Woo goes on adventures for you!

He don’t even ask your mom!

If you wanna see his zany journeys

Go to!


Can I just mention how much I actually love the phrase “Aw shit, son”? It’s something my college roommate used to say and I always thought it was a funny phrase, so I like hearing it sung/screamed at the beginning of each video.

Adam the Woo is a fun YouTube adventurer who explores abandoned and haunted places in the US. There are many Tubers who do similar things and I enjoy them, but Adam is the most enjoyable one I’ve come across because he doesn’t try to make the places seem scary. Watching Adam’s videos is a fun experience that appeals to the explorer that I believe exists in all of us.

Adam goes on his adventures with his friends who are some pretty neat characters. Jinger, who appears in the video embedded above, is probably my favorite traveling companion of his. They just seem to have the most fun together.

Even when checking out legendarily haunted places Adam keeps his sense of humor. The places themselves may be creepy, and Adam embraces that, but he doesn’t try to make it “Oooooh so spooky…” by his behavior and I love it.

Adam also takes us on tours of filming locations for some great movies, very often horror movies. You can tell the love he has for these films by his knowledge of them and the effort he puts into the tours, documenting each noteworthy location and sharing them with fellow fans such as us.

Big Time Rush: The Show


The pilot episode of Big Time Rush premiered on Nickelodeon in November of 2009. It told the story of four best friends attending high school in a small town in Minnesota, getting into mischief, playing hockey, and caring for each other. These four friends are Kendall Knight, Logan Mitchell, Carlos Garcia, and James Diamond and their personalities are established fairly clearly in their first escapade: soaking the girls’ field hockey team with a sprinkler prank. Kendall is our leader, Logan is cautious, Carlos is reckless, and James is ambitious.

It is James’ ambition to be a popstar which eventually leads all four boys to an audition for former boyband manager Gustavo Rocque, who is looking for a new solo artist. Though Kendall, Logan, and Carlos only attend the audition to support James they all end up on the audition list thanks to an exasperated assistant by the name of Kelly Wainwright, who has already travelled the country with Rocque and found no one worth signing. After James, Logan, and Carlos are all berated by Gustavo for their auditions, Kendall takes the stage and mocks the record producer’s sappy pop ballads and cheesy dance routines which haven’t been popular in the last ten years.

It is in this show of contempt that Gustavo sees the necessary “fire” in Kendall and offers him the contract with Rocque Records. Kendall quickly and defiantly tells the man he can forget about it.

After his friends tell Kendall he would be stupid not to take this opportunity and assure him they each would if they were in his position, however, he accepts Gustavo’s offer on the condition that he take all four boys and make a singing group rather than a solo act. Faced with heading back to LA with either a group or nothing at all, Gustavo begrudgingly allows Kendall’s terms and he takes the four boys along with Kendall’s mother, Jennifer, and younger sister, Katie, to Los Angeles to work on the new pop group.

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