Rin Plays: Scarlet Blade

(Warning: the images in this post are NSFW)

I planned to write an article on this MMO while I was still playing it. Unfortunately, it seems as though the honeymoon period with this piece of work was shorter than I anticipated. As such, let’s consider this a postmortem judgment on our time together Scarlet Blade, and no, we are never ever getting back together.

Scarlet-BladeScarlet Blade takes place in the distant future where regular humans have all but been wiped from existence and instead we have Commanders, Arkana, and the baddies. Arkana are perfect beings forged by the one called ‘Mother’ to bring peace to the planet, but working for peace also means working only off the filtered information Mother gives you. Those that choose to fight under Mother’s militaristic rule and her protection become members of the Royal Guards, while the revolutionaries who value freedom and autonomy over all else fight under the name of Free Knights. However, there is corruption and betrayal on both sides of which the Arkana must unravel.

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Rin Plays ‘Grand Fantasia’

I’ve been trying to clean out my laptop recently, and while deleting programs I didn’t even know I had one thought remained ever-present in my mind: damn, I have a lot of MMOs. If I ever find myself surfing the same sites over and over in the same day, my solution is to look for an MMO to waste my time with. Luckily, this time I didn’t have to look at all. This game was… ‘recommended’ isn’t the right word. ‘Brought to my attention and strongly suggested that I should try it out’.

I’ve played some MMOs sponsored by Aeria before. In fact, I really enjoyed playing Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO), so looking at Grand Fantasia’s cute, anime style I figured it would be in the same vein and the same quality. I was mistaken. Ooooh, was I mistaken. But let’s go over the basics first.

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