Teen Wolf: “Creatures of the Night” Review

Teen-Wolf-Main-Title-SequenceAnother summer, another season of Teen Wolf for us to delight (or, more likely, despair) over! I wasn’t much looking forward to it coming back, and the episode wasn’t much to write home about, to be honest, but it was nice to revisit the pack (or, what of the pack is left) that I’ve come to love.

However, this episode wasted no time in jumping right into the most icky, disturbing Eichen House plotline possible, so consider this your trigger (for ableism, abuse, and general Eichen House terribleness) and spoiler warning right off the bat.

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Sexualized Saturdays: “Not Your Angel” or Gender and Morality in Teen Wolf

No AngelRecently I’ve been listening to a lot of Beyoncé, and while jamming to the song “No Angel”, I was struck by how some of the lyrics reminded me of a major trope female characters are often placed in.

Baby put your arms around me
Tell me I’m the problem
Know I’m not the girl you thought you knew and that you wanted
Underneath the pretty face is something complicated
I come with a side of trouble
But I know that’s why you’re staying

I think the reason these lyrics struck me is simply because it’s shocking that women have to explain things like this. We have to say, yeah, I’m not perfect, I’m complicated, I have my own issues I have to deal with. It seems weird that we should have to explain this at all, but with pervasive tropes telling people that women should be placed on a pedestal because they are inherently good, loving, nurturing, and moral, it is a huge problem. This may seem like one of those “not all stereotypes are bad” kind of things, but let’s make the point now that all stereotypes are bad—even the ones that seem “positive”. This stereotype in particular makes women less human and less complex. Even further, this kind of attitude makes women into nothing more than the moral compass for men, and worse still, makes them evil or less than human if they can’t fulfill that role.This is reflected in our storytelling, and female characters in geekdom often fulfill this trope.

Spoilers for all of Teen Wolf below the jump. Also trigger warning for some brief mentions of rape.

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Teen Wolf: “Insatiable” Review

7165044izdsoxmu1Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. I am so over this show.

Several Teen Wolf actors let hints drop on Twitter before “Insatiable” aired that there would be a major character death this episode, and they weren’t kidding. Let’s see if I can make it through a recap without ragequitting and then I’ll tell you how bogus and stupid said character death was.

Needless to say, spoilers below the jump.

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Teen Wolf Season 3A: This Might Hurt.

[Warning for Spoilers]

Lady Saika: Well, Lady Geek Girl has dragged me into this fandom as well, and I have to say: the season three tagline was a bit of an understatement. “Might” hurt? My ass.

But now we’re on hiatus (does the Teen Wolf fandom have a silly word for hiatuses like Supernatural‘s ‘hellatus’ and Hannibal‘s ‘he-ate-us’? Howlatus?) until January, and we can sit back, lick our wounds, and collect our thoughts about the first twelve episodes of season three.

Lady Geek Girl: Now, Madame Ace and I have delved into Teen Wolf before. We discussed both seasons one and two, as well as feminism in Teen Wolf and race issues in Teen Wolf. I have praised Teen Wolf before, because, while not perfect, it is a very feminist show. This season I had high hopes for the show to continue with its usual feminist themes. And while we still have many strong female characters and feminist themes, the ladies certainly took a hit this season.

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