Magical Mondays: What Makes a Retcon a Right… con?

Multiverse theory says that there’s an untold quantity of universes out there, and each one might be different based on a single choice that one person made. There’s a universe out there where, for example, I live in outer space, because the Library of Alexandria never burned down and the advancement of human knowledge wasn’t set back by centuries. If you had the opportunity to fix this, would you? That’s a pretty huge reset, so it’s hard to begin to imagine the ramifications of doing so. What about, say, going back three hours to create a timeline in which your friend’s pet isn’t murdered and your godfather doesn’t receive the Dementor’s Kiss? This presumably creates a better future, as it results in Sirius living, which gives Harry access to Grimmauld Place, which gives him access to Kreacher and the story of Regulus, etc. As an author, resetting the timeline is something you should only do in the worst possible circumstances, and even then, it’s hard to argue that retconning a given set of circumstances that are bad for your characters is worth retconning an entire universe for.

I learned while writing this post that 'retcon' is a portmanteau of 'retroactive continuity'.

I learned while writing this post that ‘retcon’ is a portmanteau of ‘retroactive continuity’.

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Spider-Gwen is Back and It’s Everything I Wanted

A while ago I wrote a post in which I complained about comic books. Well, specifically, I wrote a post complaining that, while alt-universe Gwen Stacy’s one-shot appearance as Spider-Woman in the Edge of Spider-Verse crossover event was cool as hell, there needed to be more comics with her in them, stat.

As Edge of Spider-Verse finally (finally) crept to a close, glorious news reached the starving masses: we would indeed be seeing more of alt-Gwen in her very own ongoing book, aptly titled Spider-Gwen. Spider-Gwen is kind of the greatest thing ever, and I will explain why in spoilery detail after the jump.

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Magical Mondays: Alternate Realities are Hard

buffy-doppelganglandAlternate realities are one of my favorite things in speculative fiction and fanfiction, but they’re often poorly written. These types of stories are extremely interesting and explore different concepts within the main narrative without necessarily destroying the original canon storyline. The problem is that many of these alternate realities are poorly done and don’t follow any sort of logic. So while alternate realities can be really creative, they are also really easy to screw up.

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