The Kane Chronicles: The Surprising Awesomeness of Rick Riordan’s Other Mythology Series

Kane-ChroniclesI’ve been writing about Rick Riordan a lot recently, if you haven’t noticed, but I promise this is the last post for… a while. After all, Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer doesn’t come out until October. Anyway, I just finished The Kane Chronicles, Riordan’s Egyptian mythology-based trilogy, last weekend, and while I have high expectations from his books to begin with, I was still pleasantly surprised by this series.

Spoilers for the trilogy below the jump.

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Throwback Thursdays: Pharaoh + Cleopatra

Thanks to stories like Stargate SG-1 and The Prince of Egypt, I was obsessed with Ancient Egypt as a child. I loved the pharaohs, I loved the pyramids, and I loved getting my hands on anything that has to do with mummies or hieroglyphics. This obsession was also the main reason I first got into other shows like Yu-Gi-Oh. Ancient Egypt sparked my love for a lot of fandoms—and hey, it was also the only thing that made me even mildly look forward to history class as a child.

pharaoh-official-expansion-cleopatra-screenshot-1So when the PC game Pharaoh was released in 1999, I scooped it up as quickly as possible. I loved every moment of it—but sadly, being a 1999 game, it stopped working on my computer right around the time I got Windows Vista. Now that I’m on Windows 8, it had been years since Pharaoh graced my computer screen and I had no hope of playing it again. I became even more dejected after I visited the Chicago Field museum a few months ago and spent a couple hours in their Ancient Egypt exhibit. The experience left me wanting for more. I set out to find Pharaoh again, determined to make it work, and in my search, I discovered GOG—a gaming website I’m sure everyone in the world knew existed before I did.

But hey, it had both Pharaoh and its expansion Cleopatra on sale and compatible with Windows 8 for about ten dollars. I was set.

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