How Good Are these Female Characters? On a Numerical Scale, OVER 9,000!!

For a couple weeks, I’ve been watching my brother play Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 for the Xbox 360. Like most kids that grew up in the 90’s, my first exposure to anime was through DBZ and Sailor Moon, so when I say that I like DBZ it’s mainly because it holds a lot of nostalgia for me and I’m exceptionally pervious to the nostalgia goggles. The characters are likable enough and the scenery, while repetitive, is colorful. However, it does fall into the trap of taking way to many episodes to get one thing done. As my brother said, “I remember it taking like, six episodes to get past one battle.” Not a soul will debate this—in fact, one of the premises of the newer release of this beloved series is to shorten the unnecessary monologuing and powering up in the middle of battle. No one needs to hear Goku think to himself ‘wow, I don’t know if I can actually beat this guy. His power level is off the charts!’ more than three times per big bad.

dragonball+z+familyI always knew that there had to be some other reason that I liked this series: Bleach could arguably be said to have the same exact qualities, yet I can’t stand that show. In watching my brother play, I think I was finally able to figure it out. It was the representation of female characters the whole time.

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