Trailer Tuesdays: Sleepy Hollow Season 2

It’s that time again, folks—Sleepy Hollow time. Last season finished with a bang, and early speculation about Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow got us some tidbits of new information, but now we have some trailers and scenes from the new season. Let the speculation begin!

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It’s Asian-American Heritage Month! So how is TV looking?

It’s May again! That means it’s Asian-American Heritage Month, and like last year, I want to take a look at how Asians and Asian-Americans are doing in my favorite medium of TV. Some of the following are from last year’s list because their shows have advanced and they are still on said shows; it’s always good to catch up with old friends!

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Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: Fallen Angels and Redeemed Demons

bth_Supern410aaaaaaaIf your supernatural book or TV show has any sort of religious bent, it’s likely that it has dealt with angels and demons in some way. And if your thing has angels and demons in it, it’s pretty much guaranteed that at some point the fallen angels and redeemed demons will come out to play. Pure good and pure evil are pretty boring when you come down to it, because we as humans are neither. We all have good and bad sides, and in order to relate more easily to beings who are totally good or totally evil, writers tend to pull them toward a more shades of grey personality instead. Continue reading

Sleepy Hollow: “Necromancer” Review

hollow1Sleepy Hollow’s last episode ended with Abbie, Ichabod, and Irving taking the Horseman into custody in a secret underground cell. I was not expecting that, since the Horseman is supposedly one of the big bads of the series. So I was really looking forward to this episode.

Spoilers after the jump!

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