Fanfiction Fridays: A Mountain You Scale Without Thinking Of Size by annemari

Every year, I think about joining Yuletide, the fandom-organized fanfic exchange for rare fandoms. (If that didn’t make any sense, it’s basically an exchange where people write fanfic for each other—the fanfic can be from any fandom or pairing as long as it’s considered a rare or not fandom-popular one. What counts as rare has been a heated topic of debate for years.) Last year, way back in 2014, I didn’t even bother looking through the Yuletide fandoms, assuming that as usual, there wouldn’t be a fandom I was interested in writing for. Unfortunately for me, as it turns out, there were a ton of interesting fandoms and fanfics produced for Yuletide 2014. Today’s fanfic rec for Sleepy Hollow is just one of them.

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