Trailer Tuesdays: Netflix’s Death Note

Good. God. I don’t know where to start with this. As soon as I heard about this I rushed to trade posts with Lady Geek Girl so that I could write about it. However, upon sitting down to do so, I realized that to write about it, I’d have to—ugh—actually watch the trailer.

If you know anything about me or this website, you can stand assured that I did not enjoy a second of it. This movie looks like it will be a disaster on every possible level, and on top of that, releasing it in the week after Iron Fist crashed and burned in no small part due to whitewashing complaints feels almost comically idiotic.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Shugs & Fats

web crush wednesdaysIn an attempt to watch more inclusive media, I eventually realized that TV was probably not going to be the best place to find interesting stories about diverse and well-realized characters. So I’ve been working my way through (my brother’s) Netflix and Amazon accounts for some better entertainment. However, there’s another source of online media that doesn’t involve being Parasite #4 on my brother’s internet, and that’s YouTube. Today’s web crush, Shugs & Fats, is one of those great YouTube webseries.

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