In Brightest Day: Alice Isn’t Dead & How Disability Isn’t Only a Weakness or Superpower

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art by Margherita Barrera (x)

A couple moments ago, I was finally able to listen to the season finale of the podcast Alice Isn’t Dead. We have already discussed how much we love this podcast, but now, I want to specifically talk about how it portrays disability. Usually stories show someone’s disability as a weakness they need to overcome in order to be “real heroes”, or they are portrayed as gaining extra supernatural abilities that more than “makes up” for their disability. But Alice Isn’t Dead did something wholly different: the podcast showed how someone can use their disability to help them get through a situation.

Major spoilers for Alice Isn’t Dead and a trigger warning for anxiety & panic attacks after the jump.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Bad Bad Things

Web Cursh WednesdaysHere at Lady Geek Girl and Friends, we like recommending cool diverse webcomics, and I’ve come to add another one to our list as this week’s Web Crush. It’s called Bad Bad Things. I found it thanks to a recommendation reblogged by the queermediarepresentation Tumblr (which might be a Web Crush for another week), and I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous art, mysterious dystopian world, and diverse characters.

Let me tell you more about it below, with some spoilers.

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In Brightest Day: Post-Avengers Tony Stark

Hi there! You may notice that I am not Blackout. Nope, Saika here—I was arm-twisted into trying my hand at disability studies since someone still hasn’t seen Iron Man 3. Fake geek guys, amirite?

Anyway, Tony Stark. Even going from the trailers, you can tell that Tony is not the same following the events of The Avengers. He’s haunted by what happened—it was a paradigm-shifting, at the least, and he still hasn’t come to terms with it.

635x356_50_50_0Spoilers for IM3 after the cut.

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