Star Wars: the Animated Series… Season 5?

cwsneakWell, it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about this cartoon, and the last time I left off, I was still in the middle of the third season, but I’m finally all caught up now. I take this time to now say that many of my criticisms for the show as a whole were given a little premature. Sure, I still don’t like the personifications of the Force and I maintain that the first two seasons were pretty mediocre, and I also maintain that being Star Wars, there is a little bit of sexism going on. Furthermore, characters like Asajj Ventress and Lux Bonteri have made reappearances. Despite my critiques of the third season, that’s where the show started to pick up. I was not a huge fan of the following season, but it had some amazing episodes, such as reintroducing Darth Maul into canon. The fifth season is possibly one of the best seasons of any cartoon. It’s not perfect, but it is enough to make me almost want to take back anything bad I ever said about the show.

Spoilers after the jump.

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Star Wars: the Animated Series… A Small Interruption in the Series?

Well, I was going to just go ahead and post Part 5 of The Force Personified, or the next segment of my interview with Dino Andrade, but you see, transcribing is still hard, so that will be for next week, and after giving post after post about reasons to hate The Clone Wars, I actually found something nice to say about it.

The fifth season aired nearly three weeks ago, but all of you may be shocked to hear that I was pleasantly surprised by how well done I thought the first episode was. For the most part, many of the episodes for just about the entire series could be interchanged with each other and nothing would change. The Clone Wars remains just a means to cash in money and document a war that it doesn’t even feel the need to discuss. It’s five seasons in and I’m still not sure exactly what the two different sides are even fighting for anymore, or why there can’t be peace.

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Star Wars: the Animated Series… Antagonists or People Who Are Evil For the Sake of Being Evil?

In my introduction Star Wars: the Animated Series… Wait, what? I made it no secret that I love Darth Vader. I kind of feel as though George Lucas works in a very limited spectrum when it comes to Star Wars, or anything, for that matter; he’s either amazing or he fails beyond belief. I didn’t feel this way about his antagonists until Revenge of the Sith. If there is one aspect in his work that he excels at, it would be villains.

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Star Wars: the Animated Series… Sexism?

Star Wars is such a broad universe that there’s just so much to talk about. A long-standing criticism of series is that it’s sexist. The sexism in Star Wars started in the original films, and George Lucas just brought it over to the prequels, but by then, he either ran out of ideas to hide it or gave up trying completely. Now, to be fair, I’m sure George Lucas doesn’t walk about thinking himself superior to women, and I’m sure he didn’t intentionally put sexism into his films, but what he intended or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that Star Wars has sexism all over the place, and unfortunately, it shows up in the animated series too.

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