Fanfiction Fridays: What Spring Does by thrace

The Legend of Korra fandom has always been the unicorn of fandoms. Even before the finale confirmed that Korra and Asami were indeed in love, the Korrasami pairing had more fanworks than any other ship in the show. Few fandoms can claim a femslash pairing as their top commodity, and fewer still can give that honor to women of color.

never over it korrasami

If you wanna take time for yet another victory lap before hitting the jump, by all means do so. Hell, I’ll take one with you.

Far be it from me to assume I’ve ever hit the peak with these two, though. Finding this fanfic has taught me that Korrasami is the gift that keeps on giving.

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The Legend of Korra: Book 3 Premiere Review

Seemingly out of nowhere—the trailer for Book 3 only premiered a few weeks ago—Avatar: The Legend of Korra came back to Nickelodeon on Friday night. And although in the past I’ve been more of a fan of the idea of LoK than I was a fan of the actual series, I couldn’t be happier with the season so far.

book 3 changeSpoilers for the first three episodes below the jump.

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Fanfiction Fridays: all the choirs in my head sing, no

“Variety,” I muttered to myself as I dug through hundreds of bookmarks looking for a fanfic for today. “Not Star Trek, not Avengers… maybe femslash?” My bookmarks, unhelpfully, offered me Sherlock Holmes (BBC, RDJ, and ACD canon) and Destiel.

23501422Finally, I struck pay dirt with a Legend of Korra story: all the choirs in my head sing, no by sable_tyger. This is a short, bittersweet fic that deals much more delicately with the teen relationship drama of Korra and company than the show really ever did. The story which is from Korra’s point of view, addresses Bolin’s feelings for Korra, Korra’s feelings about Mako and Asami’s relationship, and, eventually, Korra’s feelings towards Asami. Continue reading