Serpentine, I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointed

I’m making a conscious effort this year to read books by authors of color, and so one of the first places I turned to find new ones was the Diversity in YA blog. I was excited to see that Cindy Pon, one of the co-founders of the site, had just published a new book called Serpentine. I’d read and enjoyed Pon’s Phoenix duology several years ago, and I was eager to read another installment set in Pon’s China-based fantasy land of Xia.


Unfortunately, Serpentine ended up being an object lesson in the idea that a book can be everything you hope for from a diversity standpoint and still remain unsatisfying.

Spoilers for Serpentine below the jump.

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Teen Wolf: “Anchors” Review


LOL! Stiles what are you doing in the center of this picture? You don’t go there silly.

Oh yes, Teen Wolf is back and this year I’m dedicating myself to reviewing it. So from now on we will be doing weekly reviews of Teen Wolf! Be prepared to lose your minds! 

The premiere of season 3B was actually pretty good. I have some complaints, but overall it was extremely enjoyable.

Spoilers below the cut!

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