Web Crush Wednesdays: ASL Stew

web crush wednesdaysDeaf people and Deaf culture have been seen more and more in our pop culture, and with celebrities like Marlee Matlin and Nyle DiMarco (#RedefiningDance), more and more people are realizing the importance of Deaf representation. Even Doctor Who managed to skirt cultural appropriation in their last series—in the episodes “Under the Lake”/”Before the Flood”, writer Toby Whithouse had wanted to include a character who could lip-read, but rather than write a hearing character who knew how to lip-read, he decided to include an actual Deaf character after remembering a writing festival he’d attended where including roles for characters with disabilities had been emphasized.

However, many writers, unfortunately, don’t come to the same conclusion as Whithouse, and many, for a number of reasons, don’t know much about Deaf culture or Deaf people. Fortunately, today’s web crush is a great educational and entertaining resource on just that.

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Web Crush Wednesdays: carohoku and Welcome to Night Vale in ASL

webcrush picAs we are all no doubt aware by now, Night Vale of Welcome to Night Vale is a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and Cecil Gershwin Palmer is the radio host who narrates all the community goings-on to his lovely listenership. But what about the part of the community which wants to watch a podcast rather than listen to it? That’s where today’s web crush comes in.

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Fanfiction Fridays: The mixtape Series by verity

The floorboards are thudding with the vibration when Kate steps into Clint’s hallway. Okay, the floors are vinyl tile, who knows if there are boards under there, Kate doesn’t have a degree in construction, but—poetic license. “If the building’s rocking, don’t come knocking?” she says dubiously as she turns the doorknob.

As soon as she opens the door, booming vocals spill into like hallway like they’re surfing the crest of a pop-punk tsunami. “AND THAT’S ABOUT THE TIME SHE WALKED AWAY FROM ME, NOBODY LIKES YOU WHEN YOU’RE 23—

Clint Barton is standing in the middle of the living room in his boxers and a t-shirt, half-heartedly moshing while he feeds Lucky a slice of pizza. It’s 11AM, so that’s gotta be cold. Kate sighs and shuts the door behind her. It takes a minute for Clint to notice she’s there, which is exactly how Clint gets his ass 95% killed all of the time. “Hey,” he mouthes under the thudding bass, then does a head-tilt, finger-flick: What’s up?

You are embarrassing me, Kate signs back. What is this, your old man music?

Clint rolls his eyes. You want me to put on H-A-N-N-A-H Montana? He does the two-M mountain sign for the state instead of abbreviating to MT. Good thing Kate’s been working on her geography vocabulary.

I don’t know you, Kate says.

Lucky barks. Clint surrenders another slice of cold pizza.

B-W wants to party at noon, Kate says. You got pants for that?

But seriously, how can you not ship them after a parting shot like this?

But seriously, how can you not ship them after a parting shot like this?

Generally when I turn to fanfiction, I’m looking for my fix of a particular ship. In this case, I was looking for Marvel fanfic of the America Chavez/Kate Bishop variety, and while I found a small hoard of good stories, my personal favorite discovery turned out to only feature the pairing for a paragraph or two.

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