‘Save the Daleks’? Check out this “Asylum of the Daleks” Teaser

The BBC still hasn’t given us an actual release date for the new series of Who (although signs point to September 1st), but in the meantime they have been releasing lots of promotional photos and, now, a teaser for the first episode of S7, “Asylum of the Daleks”. This episode has been touted as a return to the Daleks’ roots, making them truly scary again, and so I’m interested to see why exactly they’re pleading with/commanding the Doctor to save them.

My list of things that could frighten Daleks goes something like this:

  •     River Song
  •     The Doctor
  •     Rose Tyler
  •     Maybe Rory?
  •     Other Time Lords (and oooh, that could be interesting)
  •     Scary Time War things
  •     ???

If my predictions are right, we’ll find out in two weeks exactly! Anyone else have some speculation as to what has the Daleks running scared? Especially when there are what look to be thousands of them?