Sleepy Hollow: “Sins of the Father” Review

Sleepy Hollow Season 3

With a title like “Sins of the Father”, I expected this episode to be heavy on the Mills family angst. While it did get there in the end, it took the long way around, making stops at Villain Backstory Station and Scary Monster Rest Stop in the meantime, and leaving me wondering if the show is starting to run out of gas.

Spoilers after the jump!

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Sleepy Hollow: “Kindred Spirits” Review

sleepy-hollow-season-3I went into this week’s episode pretty much expecting not to like it (thanks, terrible preview), and while the main plot was just as bad as I thought it would be, there was still something very enjoyable about the characters. I’m not sure why Sleepy Hollow doesn’t want to advance its overarching plot at all, but it really, really doesn’t. Either way, let’s talk about our characters’ attempts at dealing with Frankenstein the Kindred and his search for a bride. Spoilers below the cut!

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Sleepy Hollow: “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Review

sleepy-hollow-season-3Full disclosure: I’ve never seen Bones before. I mean, generally speaking, I know that it’s been on the air for a long time, and I know Ace watches it occasionally, and that’s about all I know about it. But when FOX announced that it was doing a special Sleepy Hollow and Bones crossover event for Halloween (with a namesmush hashtag, #HollowBones), I was actually kind of excited. I wanted to see how other detective-ish folks would react to Sleepy Hollow’s particular brand of crazy, and I wanted to see how Ichabod worked with people who were not as attuned to him as Abbie is. Unfortunately, by the end of the dual episodes, I was left wondering what the point of it all was. Spoilers after the jump!

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