So You Want To Read Comic Books: Authors and Artists

By this point you have watched the comic book movies and TV shows, looked up characters that interest you, and started reading comic books. But wait, something terrible has happened! Maybe you started reading Runaways, but then the authors and/or artists left and went to a different comic and you just don’t like the  new writers and artists working on the comic. Does this mean that you, all of a sudden, find Superman’s character boring? Or, do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable because of Harley Quinn’s new outfit?

This does not mean that you suddenly don’t like comics, Harley Quinn, or Wolverine, or whatever you are currently reading; it means you don’t like the author/artist.

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RIP Anne McCaffrey

Awesome lady fantasy/sci-fi author (and all-around awesome lady) Anne McCaffrey passed away last night, according to Random House.  She was eighty-five.

Ms. McCaffrey’s books (especially her Dragonrider series) were a joy to read; they were one of the first more ‘grownup’ fantasy worlds I was introduced to by my mother, also an avid reader and fan.  Ms. McCaffrey’s books were also notable to me in that they seamlessly mixed aspects of hard sci-fi and hard fantasy, and that they displayed a superb grasp of both genres.  They featured badass women and men and often showed less than traditional relationships as gay, lesbian, and bisexual dragons/dragonriders were a part of everyday life, and a particular story focuses entirely on an asexual dragon. (Her society was by no means perfect in terms of equality, but it was new for me as a reader to find a book where non-heterosexual characters even existed.)

Her contributions to literature will be sorely missed, as will she.  As the Mary Sue said in their press release:

So long, Ms. McCaffrey, and thanks for all the dragons.