Trailer Tuesdays: Battleborn

Fresh off the Borderlands wagon, developers at Gearbox have put forth an entirely new IP which hopes to both retain their old audience and bring in new faces. This IP is Battleborn! The exclamation point seems necessary because it should be exciting. I should want to play this, but I’m just not… quite there yet. This could, of course, end up being similar to my reaction to the Borderlands pre-sequel; in which I start out unimpressed with the game, but slowly end up getting hyped for its release despite myself. Or this hype train could take a turn at “could have been better” station; only time can really tell.

For now, however, we have the facts. Most important of which is this: Battleborn is not a MOBA (“multiplayer online battle arena”—think League of Legends or DOTA).

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