Bee and PuppyCat: Coming Soon to A (Comics) Store Near You

Almost half a year has passed since the popular Bee and PuppyCat showed up on YouTube and took the internet by storm. I mentioned the series very, very briefly in one of my Web Crush posts, but the series hasn’t exactly gotten the love it deserves from this blog. A brief summary: a young 20-something, Bee, has recently been fired from her job and is looking for a new one. During the search, she comes across a cat which she then adopts and spoils with love. It turns out that this cat is an intergalactic warrior/babysitter and also may be a dog rather than a cat? It’s a mystery. But, the good thing is now that Bee has a job fighting space baddies next to her puppycat.

Actually, my synopsis does the series no justice. Why don’t you just watch it? The episode is only ten minutes and it’s totally worth it. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

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