Let Saika Tell You About Homestuck: Act 6

fourkids1So you’ve finally read Acts 1–5 of Homestuck. You’ve successfully learned over a dozen main characters names, habits, and personalities, absorbed a new working vocabulary including terms like ‘capchalogue’ and ‘alchemiter’, come to terms with a polyamorous alien romance system, and finally got your brains to stop leaking out your ears after Cascade. What’s next?

Act 6, nooksniffer. Buckle up.

Actually, first, there’s Intermission 2, which is just one flash. Unbuckle. Go watch it. Come back. Buckle back up. Are you ready? Good.

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Let Saika Tell You About Homestuck: Act 5 Act 2

02627Oh, Act 5 Act 2. This, my friends, is where the shit goes down, the shit hits the fan, the shit gets real, and the shit takes various other idiomatic actions relating to rising action and dramatic tension. Act 5 Act 2, at nearly 1,500 pages, is by far the longest part of Homestuck, but it’s also by far the most exciting in my opinion, so let’s get down to it.

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